LGBT Ally Sean Avery Strips Down For The Ice Bucket Challenge: VIDEO


Former professional hockey player Sean Avery stripped down to his jock strap to take the ALS ice bucket challenge, sharing his take on the uber popular charity challenge on Instagram. Unfortunately, Sean’s video only provides a frontal view.

Watch Avery hit the ice, AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. Jon says

    This “ice bucket challenge” is SUCH a product of our “look at me! look at me!” age. And while it’s definitely nice to see his hot body in jock (that’s why I viewed the video, after all!), this whole ice bucket challenge thing is beyond ridiculous. Just donate the money, if you feel passionate about the cause of ALS, and stop wasting good clean water. There are folks in this world who would love to have nice clean buckets of water to drink. But instead we are wasting it with “look at me! look at me!” kind of videos.

  2. John says

    Jon, last year they tried it your way and barely raised any money. This year they did this “ridiculous” (as you put it) ice bucket challenge and raised over 15 million dollars. If I were you I’d concentrate on what you do best: flipping burgers at McDonalds.

  3. says

    do people think that the water “not being wasted” from these challenges gets to the people who need water in the third world?

    because that’s not really how it works.

    by that logic, why are so many of this site’s commenters still closeted, even though they’re adults in north america in 2014? don’t you know how so many people in other country’s would LOVE to be able to be Out, but can’t because their countries still have dangerous-violent criminal anti-gay laws in effect?

    this challenge has done what it set out to do – brought attention to the cause, and raised a LOT of money

    why carp? i haven’t done the challenge. but i did donate.

    did any of YOU donate?

  4. Will says

    “Just donate the money, if you feel passionate about the cause of ALS”

    That doesn’t do much to spread awareness now does it? The fact is, donations are up immensely over this time last year. Regardless of why some do the challenge, the fact is that it’s overall doing it’s job and people are donating.

  5. ratbastard says

    @Raymond Miller,

    Shut up you little moron. You don’t know the people you lecture at, which is as it should be, since you have serious psychological issues and probable personality disorder(s). NO ONE HAS TO ANSWER TO YOU,RAYMOND, YOU ARE NOT GOD, KING OF ALL GAYS, YOU ARE UNIMPORTANT IN THE SCHEME OF THINGS, AND INSIGNIFICANT.

    And instead of being a mega troll and shill, how about getting a real job instead of ‘acting’ and living off a trust fund.

  6. Hawthorne says

    Think about it from another angle. Most times we are asked to donate to a cause while a friend or family member does some sort of physical activity – run the Boston or NY City marathon, ride the PanMass Challenge as a fund raiser for cancer research, men grow mustaches in “Movember” to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer research, etc. The ice bucket challenge is really just another example of that sort of thing. And if you think about it, it’s very easy to participate in – no long training period, no expensive equipment to buy. Just pour water on your head and raise funds for ALS research! Everyone wins, even those celebrities who might be secretly working the “look at me” angle. In my view, everyone wins with the ice bucket challenge.There’s no need to be critical of it. Finally, don’t we ALL need something to smile about? There’s so much bad stuff going on these days, surely it’s nice to be able to laugh or enjoy something, right?

  7. says

    whatever you’re supposed to be on, Bastard, I suggest you double your dosage. i don’t have a trust fund, but i don’t see why i should have to apologize for my career. i’m sorry that i make a living in the arts? i’m sorry that you don’t? i’m sorry i’m not ashamed to be gay like you are? i’m sorry that i’m not an insecure coward?
    i’m sorry that you think about me a lot.

  8. Jordan says

    I’m gay and live with ALS. I’m happy that we have new attention and new funding for research. Until you walk in my shoes, please do not feel you can critique this effort. It is worthwhile.

  9. David From Canada says

    This ALS Challenge is all over the place. Local radio celebrities in the Canadian city I live in have just started to do it.
    Don’t knock it – it’s fun and for a good cause.

  10. Chris says

    The merits of the Ice Bucket challenge aside, I really just want to know what beach he’s at where it’s cool to just be in a jock strap! I really can’t tell in the video if it’s a clothing optional beach or not, but if it is, he literally got even more awesome!

  11. ermagherd says

    SMH at all the Negative Nellies who’d rather piss and moan about everything than simply enjoy a hot man doing something positive. Priorities, people!

  12. hugo says

    So many questions. He’s on a beach, wearing a jockstrap? As a tanning outfit? Or under some sort of shorts? If so, why do you wear a jockstrap on a beach under your shorts? Why not let the boys breathe for once? I will never get the straight ones – if that’s what he is.

  13. Macguffin54 says

    Quite frankly I disagree with those who complain people should stop pouring water over their heads and just donate. The problem is if people, famous, hot, political or friends you know weren’t pouring water over their heads no one would be paying attention and it wouldn’t have spread to this point. I say if watching people get wet is allowing the cause to spread and IF people are also donating, let the water keep flowing…

  14. crispy says

    “Ratbastard’s seething rage at Kiwi is as baffling as it is entertaining.”

    Not to mention terrifying. He seems to know so much about Kiwi, it’s obvious he was at some point scorned. I’d sleep with the lights on.

  15. Ruddigore says

    I’m glad they are raising money for a good cause, but:

    1. Many of these celebrity challenges are happening in L.A. where we are in the middle of a severe drought and there are mandatory water restrictions. Not the best use of water at this time.

    2. It is hot out so being doused in cool, refreshing water doesn’t seem like much of a challenge.

  16. randy says

    Be honest — who of us that viewed this on an iPad or iPhone didn’t spread two of their fingers and enlarge this video — specifically on his crotch? Guilty here as well…

  17. Ulysses3633 says

    It’s not whether he’s wasting water or not furthering knowledge of ALS. He’s standing on a fenced dune. Along the costs, these are the best protectors against storm surge and hurricane waves. In most localities, It is ILLEGAL to trespass on these. GET OFF THE DUNE, DUDE!

  18. Gigi says

    The challenge is raising a lot of money, and giving much needed exposure to, ALS. Why do you bitches have to go on and on about it being a “look at me!” thing? Aren’t you demanding attention by being such whiny little c#nts?

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