Study: LGBT Youth Report Online Harassment Three Times More Often Than Heterosexual Peers

A recent study by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network shows that nearly three times the amount of LGBT youth respondents reported bullying and harassment online, as compared to their non-LGBT peers

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A recent study by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network shows that nearly three times the amount of LGBT youth respondents reported bullying and harassment online as compared to their non-LGBT peers, reports The Advocate.

Additionally, the report demonstrates that LGBT youth were twice as likely to report being harassed via text message.

Based on a national survey of 5,680 students in middle and high school, effects of bullying reported included lowered self-esteem, higher likelihood of depression, and lowered grade point averages.

However, noting that respondents reported increased peer support, access to health information, and opportunities for civic engagement, Michelle Ybarra, the president and research director of the Center for Innovative Health Research said that the Internet “does not serve to simply reinforce the negative dynamics found offline regarding bullying” but “also offers LGBT youth critical tools for coping with these negative experiences."

The study found LGBT youth nearly twice as likely to research medical information online, with transgender youth proving particularly proactive in that area.

In April, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed an anti-bullying bill into law strengthening protections for LGBT students and students with disabilities.

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  1. says

    it’s to be expected – as bullying online is the official domain of complete cowards. look how even this site attracts homophobic, transphobic racist and utterly indefensible comments from either very sad and confused heteorsexuals, or the worst of the community’s gay conservative: those who exist to anonymously throw hateful comments and ideologies into cyberspace.

    i can’t imagine what my childhood and adolescence would have been like – the bullying and harassment – had the internet been around. we didn’t get the internet in my home will i was in the 10th grade. at even then, we were one of the first family’s to do so. kids today have to deal with “everyone on Facebook just heard ______ say ___ about _______” – and word spreads. it’s gotta be rough.

    if you’re a gay youtube-er, you’ll get a flurry of obsessive, utterly insane anti-gay folks swarming you with bigoted comments.

    young brave LGBT kids, putting themselves out there, only to become targets for deranged cowards with keyboards.

    and it’s so bad online because of the anonymity – simply put, there are things only anonymous bigoted cowards can say. and while rational adults can dismiss those comments as the pathetic impotent ramblings of a troll whose life has passed them by, to youth – it’s real, and it hurts.

  2. snowisfun says

    When I read about a gay (transexuals are mutilated gays/lesbians and they should abolish sex change mutilations) case in the news, I wonder what the view is of the journalist reporting this on homosexuality/lesbianism. I also wonder if the journalist is a homosexual or lesbian and if so, are they setting aside their bias and reporting the news with no problems. I do not trust news that I get from Daily Kos or the Huffington Post on their coverage of gay bashing cases because they predictably make the homosexual look like an innocent victim whether or not that is the case.

    Eg. in 2007, former MSNBC host Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson (Tucker Carlson) was condemned by lesbian columnist Pamela F. Spaulding, Huffington Post & Daily Kos after Tucker Carlson talked of how as a teenager he had bashed a gay who was harassing him in a public restroom for sex. Though the homosexual committed criminal indecent exposure (public restroom is the place to use toilet and wash up not a place for sex) by harassing Tucker Carlson and though Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson defended himself by bashing the gay & after knocking the gay unconscious, he called the cops who arrested the homosexual for indecent exposure-Huffington Post, Daily Kos & lesbian columnist Pamela F. Spaulding all condemned him. That homosexual gets no sympathy because that homosexual committed a crime by harassing an underage teenage boy for sex in a public bathroom and the teenage boy defended himself. Since Daily Kos, Huffington Post and lesbian columnist Pamela F. Spaulding among others see nothing wrong with homosexuals committing crimes such as indecent exposure in public restrooms and condemn men who defend themselves against these crimes, I don’t trust media on the gay bashing topic, because too many make homosexuals look innocent victims no matter what wrong the gay does.

    If a defense lawyer in a gay bashing case wants to raise a crime the gay did such as harassment, indecent exposure, etc. before man reacted violently, then that must be regarded in deciding verdict. As known with murder cases, there is Murder 1, Murder 2 and Manslaughter which is a jury topic. A jury can acquit or if they convict, they can convict a person on lesser charge. Jury decides if it’s justified or excess force. A rebuttal people make is that gay bashers will sometimes say things to justify their deeds such as saying the homosexual committed indecent exposure, harassment, stalking and so on and that it’s the gay basher’s side of story. Yes-but just as gay basher’s have interest to justify their deeds, gay bashing victims have interest to make themselves look like innocent victims. We don’t always know the other side of story and that is usually different from what homosexual says happened. Again if it’s true homosexual committed indecent exposure, harassment, stalking, etc. before men reacted violently, then the fact the homosexual committed a crime before he was bashed must be decided by jury in deciding if gay basher(s) used reasonable or excess force. I would rather have a case where a jury decides if a man’s reaction to bashing or killing a homosexual is justified or excess vs. the man doesn’t do enough and the gay does something worse.

  3. says

    ignore Snowisfun. This sad troll copies and pastes the same things every day. Why? Because it has nobody in its life that loves it, that’s why.

  4. ratbastard says

    Jesus H. Christ. Will some nice folks up in Toronto perform an intervention with Raymond? His family can well aford the good, private psych care.