Matt Barber

Liberty Counsel Wingnut Matt Barber To Fight Gay Marriage With Civil Disobedience: AUDIO

Matt Barber

Matt Barber is at it again, using lies to whip up his base into a terrorized frenzy that the gays are here to destroy everything they hold dear. Things are so bad, evidently, that he's prognosticating an impending repeat of the 60's civil rights movement, complete with persecuted Christians engaging in unspecified civil disobedience.

Nevermind that the issues and stances Martin Luther King, Jr.'s civil rights movement held dear - pro labor, pro family planning, anti school prayer - are diametrically opposite to those of Barber and his ilk, Barber still feels like they're the new civil rights movement.

While this would normally be the standard eye-rolling tomfoolery, particularly when he draws the illogical connection of "counterfeit gay marriage" making modern day Christians parallel to Nazi-era Jews, Barber starts taking things in a dangerous direction. He soullessly and opportunistically capitalizes on the brutal torture and murders of Christians in Iraq, Syria, and Sudan to claim the "soft persecution" of Christians in the U.S. is just a "gateway drug" to similar impending violent persecution in the States. And of course no unhinged conspiracy theory is complete without holding Obama responsible in some way; in this case, claiming that Obama is actually aligned with the terrorist group ISIS.

One wonders how long any disobedience on the part of Barber's followers will remain civil when he's trying to convince them that the government will literally hunt them down and kill them, and how fast he will cravenly attempt to absolve himself of any responsibility.

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  1. Matt Barber is too much of a pu**sy to stand up for anything. He will always need others as a protective shield. What a putz.

    Posted by: ChrisQ | Aug 13, 2014 8:47:23 AM

  2. This is disgusting - if anyone would have been allowed to create civil disobedience it would have been us. But we let the courts decide.

    Posted by: Tigernan | Aug 13, 2014 8:52:21 AM

  3. It's time for Mr. Barber to stop hating himself and come out of the closet... such a pathetic waste of energy, can someone hit him with an obvious stick?

    Posted by: John Normile | Aug 13, 2014 8:59:12 AM

  4. If the SCOTUS goes all "right" on us and denies equality, I am ready to fight - literally. These *sses want to deny liberty to all but themselves (straight christians), but we want liberty for ALL. These *ssh*les will still be able to have all the straight-everything they want and will forever get all the straight-everything they want. We ain't trying to stop these wing nuts from being straight and, quite frankly, I don't want them to be a member or ally of our inclusive and exclusive community. The least these supposed "godly" beasts could do is "LIVE AND LET LIVE" and worry about their own *ss and their fairly-tale heaven.

    Posted by: ToThePoint | Aug 13, 2014 9:06:44 AM

  5. A little "hunger strike" wouldn't hurt Matt but I'm guessing he's got too much personal investment in Big Mac's to attempt that route.
    Maybe we'll see him flinging food at the gays from his perch atop the arches. Civil quaint.

    Posted by: Paul B. | Aug 13, 2014 10:34:55 AM

  6. The fact that he has to ratchet the rhetoric up so high only shows that marriage equality doesn't affect these haters enough on its own to stir them into action. It must drive the homo-obsessives like Barber ever crazier that they're screaming to the point of bursting and yet their influence is only evaporating.

    Posted by: JJ | Aug 13, 2014 11:10:26 AM

  7. Dear Staver, your Christian disease has taken over your mind. Fortunately for you, the disease is very shallow and you can be cured of it when you're ready to be. The Christian disease is so shallow you can literally blink your eyes and abandon your powerless belief system. There isn't anything you or your infected Christian colleagues can do to change the outcome of a federal court ruling. We're getting married, and you can't do a god-damn thing about it. Middle finger to you and everyone one of your puss-bag Christian diseased colleagues.

    Posted by: Twist | Aug 13, 2014 12:40:51 PM

  8. Matt Barber is a flabby, blabby wuss, a typical example of evangelical christian effluvia that continues to pollute public and social discourse in these United States. I yearn for the opportunity to have chance encounter with Matty-poo and have his face accidentally smash into my fist.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Aug 13, 2014 12:57:40 PM

  9. I'm going to assume he's equating this with protests at abortion clinics.

    Posted by: anon | Aug 13, 2014 1:12:43 PM

  10. Looks like it'll take a civil war to really address the issue of equality for gays.

    I sincerely hope American gays are ready to engage in at least as much disobedience as their oppressors.
    If not, I'm afraid as per the Prisoner's Dilemma, gays will get the Sucker's Payoff and their hetero-supremacist masters will continue to bask in the Free Rider's position.

    Posted by: Destintion | Aug 13, 2014 3:28:14 PM

  11. At least they realize they are losing the fight. The objective of his civil disobedience is unclear. What is he fighting for? It will never lead to the dissolution of the marriages of other people.

    Posted by: simon | Aug 13, 2014 3:45:34 PM

  12. at this point, it's very very clear that this man is hiding some truly intense secrets. there's no rational reason for a rational and comfortably-heterosexual man to dedicate his entire life to anti-gay prejudice.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Aug 13, 2014 3:50:00 PM

  13. I really hope that he and his followers do drop some violence on this world. Then they can be hunted down and put away where they belong...

    Posted by: Robert M. | Aug 13, 2014 6:06:11 PM

  14. Look, let these kooks call for civil, uncivil disobedience or whatever they want....keep in mind how few people show up for this nonsense..........and most of them are loony tunes! go back to some of the Washington DC right wing events and it is pathetic when 3 1/2 people show up!

    Posted by: Bernie | Aug 13, 2014 7:03:41 PM

  15. Ah, the myth of the oppressed Chris-chun in Amurrika. Civil disobedience over what, exactly?

    This type of white, Christianist, male a**hole enjoys all of the rights and privileges of full American citizenship and equality under the law. We do not. The only time so-called Christians are put upon is when they deny us our own civil rights. It's the most backward-ass, self-righteous, twisted thinking possible.

    Posted by: SoLeftImRight | Aug 13, 2014 8:17:53 PM

  16. So, in a nutshell so to speak, he wants to insight terrorism like the extreme Islamist groups tearing up the Middle East once again. Only a fool would follow him or any other so called "moral Christian" into a terror plot to prove their morality is the only morality.

    Posted by: Todd | Aug 14, 2014 3:02:20 AM

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