New HRC Report Exposes the Dangerous Anti-gay Agenda of the World Congress of Families: READ


A new report by the Human Rights Campaign dives into the World Congress of Families' dangerous agenda of exporting anti-gay hate across the globe. 

WcfLabeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and active in several nations across five continents, the Rockford, IL-based Christian organization and its affiliates (like Scott Lively) have played a significant role in Uganda and Russia's passage of anti-gay laws this past year. The group is also planning to hold its annual convention in Salt Lake City, Utah next year.

"This organization and their affiliates' global advocacy have corresponded with a dangerous rise in anti-LGBT laws, discrimination, and even violence around the world," said Cobb. "Their harmful impact is being felt in nearly every corner of the globe, and we urge all fair-minded Americans to reject the World Congress of Families and their exportation of anti-LGBT hate."

The report, which you can read AFTER THE JUMP, also documents WCF's origin and founding members, a timeline of its major international events, affiliations with prominent American officials and organizations, and lobbying efforts.

You may recall WCF being the same organization that was barred last November from Senate meeting rooms by Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) because of it's history of virulently anti-gay activism. House Speaker John Boehner later secured a congressional meeting room for the group – proving that bigotry in even its most insidious forms still has strong allies in Congress.


  1. Warg says

    The US and UK government doesn’t seem to like it if the WBC wants to spread muslim hate internationally, but when the WCF does it against gays, the US and UK governments don’t have a peep to contribute.

    I guess if gays were using bombs and such like muslims, maybe spreading anti-gay lies would be taken more seriously.

  2. Bernie says

    Even though John Boehner cannot pull it together to get the real business of the country done or prioritized, he certainly found time to find a meeting place for these rabid anti-gay right wingers…..Maybe, this proves that John Boehner cannot and does not stand up to the right wing of his party like Ted Cruz because he IS one of them…….

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