NOM Co-founder Questions the ‘Logical Stopping Place’ Between Pro-Gay and Pro-Murder Christians: AUDIO

GeorgeJeremy Hooper over at Good As You points out that during a discussion on Catholic radio last week about openly gay Christian singer Vicky Beeching, National Organization for Marriage co-founder Robert George admitted he coulnd't think of any "logical stopping place" between gay-affirming Christians and pedophile-affirming or serial killer-affirming Christians. 

George did, however, make a point to say that there would still be "psychological stopping places" between those different types of Christians…there's just no "logical" ones.

And if there's one thing George is concerned with, it's logic. 



  1. Jack M says

    One has to do with love, the other two have to do with hate. Why can’t these bozos get it?

  2. ben in oakland says

    Here’s a stopping place.


    Or is that just too Jesus-y for George?

  3. TheOtherOne says

    Sounds like he has a deeply serious problem not only understanding logic, but also ethical discernment. As if the world needed any more evidence that bigotry is closely related to stupidity.

  4. Chuck Mielke says

    I see an absurd degree of authoritarianism. Why be concerned with a “logical stopping place” when private citizens, even individual christians, will typically see a personal stopping place. Does this jerk realize that he’s just called all pro-gay christians potential murderers? He’s obviously a PR genius.

  5. Josh says

    The stopping place should be after the first sentence in Genesis. Anything more could be construed as child abuse.

  6. says

    you see….people like him frighten me as they’re pretty much saying “i have zero moral compass of my own! i’d be out raping and murdering children if the bible didn’t tell me not to!”

    well, uh, ok. you see, the rest of us who aren’t sociopaths don’t really *have* that problem…..

  7. Steve says

    People who say that the Bible is the only thing keeping them from raping and murdering are extremely scary.

  8. TomTallis says

    I see that George has given up any pretense of being a reasonable intellectual. It’s time for Princeton to show him the door.

  9. ToThePoint says

    The veiled comparo between us and pedophilia and serial killers is first, infuriating that these so-called christians would use god to damn us in that way. Second, this spread of lies should be considered libel, slander and defamation. If not criminally, certainly should be civilly actionable. They are making me want the worst possible outcome for all christians. If they truly believe in god’s word, then they are going straight to h*ll. Next stop for the judgmental? The pearly gates for St Peter to tell them where to go.

  10. UFFDA says

    JOSH – a great remark.

    Here’s a little story. My sister, who once had a lengthy lesbian “phase”, but then found Jesus, lost the lesbian, found a husband and is now happily married (pretty true, but she’s the boss) and opposed to gay life, i.e., my gay life.

    Still, we have always had a truly loving feeling about one another and, strange to tell, that has not changed. In fact I can’t make it change, I’ve tried. But I will no longer have them in my home nor will I go to theirs. I regard them as bigots, however benign. It’s intolerable, for instance, that they will not laugh at an amusing gay reference or joke, but go stone faced. Irritates the bejesus out of me.

    I do rant about all this in my head from time to time and have not made peace with it.

    What should I do? What should my attitude be? How should I handle it?

    And don’t bother saying “Go eff yourself.” I already know who wants to say that. LOL.

  11. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    the bible provides plenty of warranty for murder of children. Israel’s history of taking over the various city-states of Canaan feature plenty of pillaging, rape and murder of every man woman and child. And it isn’t just the narrative describing those events: the narrative alleges that the god commanded them to do all that murdering for the express purpose of being able to steal what others had cultivated, built and worked for.

    In short, Israel is portrayed unabashedly as a collection of genocidal barbarian tribes whose god is even more bloodthirsty than they are.

  12. bobbyjoe says

    The only stopping point I see is the train station at the Vatican, where NOM’s bosses have repeatedly made themselves accessories to rape and child abuse for at least the last half-century.

    Actually, I wish it was a stopping point, but there’s plenty of evidence it still goes on and on. So if you and NOM want to talk about “stopping points,” Robert George, how ’bout we start there?

  13. james street james says

    You know what I think happened? He just recycled his anti-abortion arguments into an anti-gay spiel.

    But who can blame him? It was after all just Catholic radio so he probably could have phoned it in because fewer people heard him there than here.

  14. johnny says

    I wonder how long this idiot sits around and tries to come up with this stuff on a daily basis.

    “Let’s see, it looks like the tide is turning and more Christians are actually doing what Jesus said to do, so I have to somehow tie murder into it so they’ll re-consider their position and then give me some more money!”

  15. says

    What a fool, and bordering on heretical to boot. There are light years of distance, logical, theological, philosophical, (you name it) between pro gay and pro murder christians. That’s always been the case, whether Christians have abided by it or not. FFS.

  16. woody says

    George is supposedly a very popular professor at Princeton.
    I don’t get that. Maybe it’s just that the right-wing debate club types want to be his disciples.
    Overall, he–through the founding and continued intellectual support of NOM–is tarnishing Princeton’s brand.
    True, Yale spawned Maggie. But her name isn’t paired with the school the way George’s, his disciples Gergis and Andersen, and NOM are with Princeton.

  17. Bernie says

    I have read this article 100 times and I am not getting it! I guess someone from NOM is trying to justify their ignorance and hate with logic??!?!?! Nothing NOM can say or do is logical or rational!1

  18. Brad says

    Cause the only logical reason to not murder people is because of a literal interpretation of an English translation of certain verses of the bible?

  19. woody says

    George is in the Princeton chapel as we speak, praying Pope Francis will meet a JP1-ish death.