Tyler Oakley Gets in Bed with Joan Rivers, Asks if She Knows About Twinks, Bears, and Otters: VIDEO


Joan welcomed gay vlogger Tyler Oakley to her 'In Bed with Joan' web series. She begins by asking Oakley if he prefers being called a YouTuber, a blogger, or a power bottom; what it was like coming out of the closet at 14, how he did it, and how he had the nerve. Oakley says his parents wanted to send him to therapy. Joan asks if he has a significant other (he doesn't) and what kind of relationships he has had; how many followers he has, and what it was like to interview President Obama. Also discussed, when Oakley lost his virginity.

She continues the questioning by asking what kind of negative comments he gets, the wildest vlogs he has posted, which member of One Direction he would choose to sleep with, and other celebrities he has met.

Oakley then quizzes Joan about gay slang – what are twinks, bears, and otters?

Joan then allows Oakley to apologize to someone, and tell someone else to "sit on it and rotate".

Melissa Rivers then hops in bed for a game.



  1. Andy says

    I’m sure this is very entertaining but I’m going to delay watching because the thought of looking at Joan and listening to that voice is just too much right now. Former big fan, lost all respect for her in the past year or three.

  2. Paul says

    Not even going to bother looking at it. I used to be fan of Joan Rivers but have slowly come to the realisation that she’s really not a very nice person.

  3. will says

    Tyler is like a Baltimore housewife who sits on her front porch and gossips on the phone at night. He’s girlish and basically uninteresting. Joan is more interesting than he is. How are 4 and a half million people following him?

  4. Wavin' Dave says

    Watched it. And wondered how the camera crew survived in a room where all the intelligence and oxygen were sucked out? One of them is more empty-headed than the other.

  5. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Rivers has gotten away with a lot of awful comments by using the old, “comedians can say anything in the name of comedy” pass comedians are given, but the things she has been saying recently have not been jokes, and I’m not giving her a pass. I used to enjoy the In Bed with Joan videos, but they’re tainted now, and until she does one with Selena Gomez or Javier Bardem, I’m not watching.

  6. pablo says

    The lies and exaggerated stories are tiresome. I get people take some liberties when telling stories, but come on, at least have the lie make the story funnier or more interesting. Goes for both of them, bleh.

  7. R says

    If I had a kid and one was a teacher, the other a Youtube reality celebrity…

    I would not like, love or tweet about the youtuber more often. At all.

    I’d love that they had success and enjoy watching their stuff (hopefully), but you can bet I’d be tweeting about my other kid all the time, what’s going on in the classroom and so on and so forth.

    Maybe that’s the way his family is… but in mine, that’s not how we roll.

  8. BuckeyeWxGuy says

    Tyler has his moments, but overall, he’s funny, charming and believe it or not, good for our community. He’s allowed a generation of young people, both gay and straight, to become his “friend” and have a personal connection with a gay person they might not normally have. Hate is usually rooted in fear and unfamiliarity, and knowing Tyler has allowed a lot of kids to be more accepting. THAT, my friends, is a great thing.

  9. Trevor says

    Just finished reading her latest book and was left with no doubt that this hag Joan Rivers is a mean-spirited homophobic bigot. Every other page had a homophobic joke aimed at gay people. Apparently in Joan’s mind gay men are convenient objects for ridicule and derision. With “friends” like this……

  10. Kenny says

    I don’t mean this to sound cruel, but if they ever do a movie about Waylon Flowers they should definitely cast Joan to play his puppet “Madame”. Can I get an Amen?

  11. Topol says

    @Trevor: Now I really want to read her book.

    I’m certain that Joan Rivers, of all people, has no ill intent toward gays, so it’s up to you to have a sense of humor about yourself. And understand where the hurt comes from.

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