Obama Welcomes Ugandan President to the White House


President Obama and first Lady Michelle Obama welcomed Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni to the White House on Tuesday as part of the U.S.-Africa leaders summit this week.

Despite announcements in June from the State Department that it would "take measures to prevent entry into the United States by certain Ugandan officials involved in serious human rights abuses, including against LGBT individuals" the man responsible for signing Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Act (which this week was struck down by that nation's high court on a technicality) into law was not blocked from attending the summit in the nation's capital.

Human and gay rights activists have called on Obama to discuss anti-LGBT discrimination at this week's summit.

Ugandan media reports:

The business forum is part of an unprecedented three-day summit underway in Washington, with nearly 50 African heads of state in attendance including President Yoweri Museveni. Obama was hosting the leaders at a White House dinner Tuesday night.
At the meeting, U.S. companies announced $14 billion in investments for Africa. Among them: a $5 billion investment from Coca-Cola to fund manufacturing lines and production equipment; $2 billion investment from GE by 2018; $200 million in investments across Africa by Marriott, and a $66 million commitment by IBM to provide technology services to Ghana’s Fidelity Bank.
Obama said with the new financial commitments, he was boosting that goal to 60 million homes and businesses.
He also announced $7 billion in new government financing to promote U.S. exports to and investments in Africa. That includes $3 billion in financing from the U.S. Export-Import Bank aimed at supporting American exports to Africa over the next two years.


  1. j says

    imagine – if you can – this happening for an equally anti Semitic or racist government leader – there is simply no way any US president would appear in public with someone who has this track record and was racist or anti semitic the way this one is a homo-hater.
    Essentially, when it comes down to it, the LGBT community has very little political clout or influence. We take what little we are given – and put up not much squawk – that one dime of US tax dollars are still going to these regimes and that we are welcoming their leaders to the WH says it all
    this would not happen to american Jews or blacks – there would be a political price to pay – there would crowds in front of the white house –
    say what you want about BO – it is undeniable that he is a center right pragmatist who has always held the LGBT community in pretty low regard – witness this photo as one of many examples- cue the responses saying how great he is – save it.

  2. JackFknTwist says

    Our rights don’t count.
    The discrimination against us is not as bad as racism or anti-semitism.
    Being anti-gay is acceptable.
    Let’s hope Uganda will evolve.

    That’s the message from this pic.
    “Jam tomorrow !”
    “A chicken in every pot !”
    Go quietly to the camps, or it will be worse.

    We have had enough examples of this ‘diplomatic’ approach to know its falsity.
    Human rights are not something for diplomatic bargaining.
    Act up, Obama.

  3. Terry says

    the main course was under-seasoned! That will teach him.
    Obama won’t confront the GOP why would one think he would grow a pair when dealing with ANY foreign leader?

  4. jabber says

    @J – i hope there were crowds of us in front of the white house. if not, that’s our fault.

  5. crispy says

    “Obama won’t confront the GOP”

    LOL! This picture is unfortunate, but lawd the drama queens are in a tizzy today. We only need Michael Bedwell and Bill Perdue to complete the set.

  6. Vince says

    Really? Of course U.S. presidents have met with racist and anti-Semitic world leaders. How else are they going to negotiate with them?

    The stupidity here is immense. There’s this thing called diplomacy. Look it up.

  7. Vince says

    Really? Of course U.S. presidents have met with racist and anti-Semitic world leaders. How else are they going to negotiate with them?

    The stupidity here is immense. There’s this thing called diplomacy. Look it up.

  8. Oscar says

    Sigh. The hypocrisy. Very disappointing, Obama.

    I think the bigger travesty here though is Michelle’s dress…

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    And, of course, the main concern of the above Gay posters for criticizing the American President is the fate of African Gays.

    If a Gay Ugandan turned up at your front door would you invite him in for tea before or after you phoned the po’lice?

  10. Rolf says

    Eesh, that dress. I think it was meant as a kind of subtle torture for Yoweri. “Please, I’ll do anything, but change that dress!”

  11. pete n sfo says

    Mrs. O looks terrific, very stylish, I love it.

    Mr. O… well, it’s a disappointment but I’m going to hope that the in-person session allowed him to make clear the US’ position.

  12. HEN says

    You know, it was kind of funny how Uganda all of a sudden ‘tossed out’ their ‘kill the gays’ law on a mere technicality. Looks like those sanctions were hurting them after all. Funny when you dangle money in front of folk how religion and ‘culture’ take a back seat…

  13. Lalala says

    Yes. Let’s all be complete drama queens and act like the greatest presidential ally we have ever had is an enemy. Of course he’s an enemy now because….you know…. dinner.

    Let’s please try to consider that he might be trying to work with this man for the rights of gay Ugandans. They did toss out their brutal law and pressure from the U.S. might have had something to do with it.

  14. Josh says

    Unfortunately, there were more anti-gay leaders in attendance who support treating gays like criminals.

    It would defeat the purpose of having an African summit to leave half the leaders behind.

  15. walter says

    this homophobic bastard should never been invited into the white house , let alone served dinner unless it was arsenic

  16. MickyFlip says

    @LALALA My sentiments exactly. It wouldn’t surprise me if this visit was a result of that. Politics at work, as always. Kinda like hookups.. You scratch my back, yadda, yadda, yadda

  17. reader says

    Dozens of countries around the world criminalize homosexuality, persecute Jews and keep women second-class, including important strategic U.S. “allies” such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and India. Unfortunately the American president can’t afford to halt diplomacy among countries with whom we disagree.

  18. Mike says

    It is despicable the way that President and the First Lady greeted this anti-gay despot with open arms. We have allowed the Ugandan president and inconceivable human despot to trail LGBT blood into the white house.

    We can only hope that it was a typical state dinner on the surface and that NOW Obama will now do more that publicly call him out on his abysmal human rights record. The United States must now cut off all further aid to Uganda immediately and completely!

  19. Randy says

    Get a closeup of that Obama-Museveni picture and zoom it in.

    He will be remembered for this, as much as anything else.

  20. FindYourEdge says

    A promise should not have been made to block anti-gay demagogues and policy makers if they didn’t intend on acting on it.
    If this so called “diplomacy” was so important, leaders should have had the foresight not to declare publicly when LGBTs were of course listening that they weren’t going to let any of these people in.
    Had the declaration not been made, there wouldn’t have been an expectation from LGBTs in the first place.
    Anybody who doesn’t see how this could generate mistrust on the part of LGBTs is an idiot…

    Regardless, this is what I see. A black heterosexual President – the best presidential ally American LGBTs ever had (who’s not that ‘fierce’ after all), meeting with an extremely anti-gay black heterosexual President. Neither seem to care that much about the welfare of black LGBT Ugandans.

    They don’t care, I don’t care. If Obama wants people like me to believe he’s not a turncoat, he’s going to have to prove it.

    No one should have declared a block on anti-gay leaders, because not following through created well deserved mistrust.
    If there was really “diplomacy” in action at this meeting, I want to know about it. If the subject of LGBTs was brought up, I want to know the content of that discussion. If it remains a secret, I can only assume Obama didn’t have a word to say about the plight of black LGBT Ugandans, and that his administration was paying the CHEAPEST lip-service to LGBTs when saying that anti-gay leaders would not be let into the country.

  21. ny2.0 says

    I’m a strong supporter of this president and will remain so till his last days, but I do admit to being disappointed in this. Yes it is diplomacy but the least he could do is not smile for the camera.

    Aren’t the majority of African leaders anti-gay anyway? And the US is still mighty cozy with Saudi Arabia which executes gays people.

  22. L G. says

    and look what diplomacy has gained (i did look it up) the faux photo ops make me sick to my stomach
    PERIOD and the END
    The hate each other and shake hands and smile…OMG!