Check Out This Stunning View of Provincetown Shot by a Drone: VIDEO


Videographer David Cox brought his DJI Phantom Vision drone to Provincetown, Massachusetts to document some of the resort town’s many appealing features including the Cape Cod National Seashore, the picturesque harbor, the Pilgrim Monument, the bustling tea dance, as well as last week’s costumed Comic Book Carnival Parade (see our photo gallery HERE), much of it from a great height and in glorious HD.

His clip will make those of you who love this place feel the urge to “come home.”

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP


And a bonus clip of Long Point!


  1. jim says

    Gorgeous, amazing footage from one of my favorite places on earth. And…on a separate note: Who’s the hottie in the beginning (who I assume is navigating this drone taking the footage)? GRRRRRR!

  2. Book says

    I love Provincetown, but I always stay on the bay in Truro, and never go during the summer, hate crowds and heat. Love the beaches when it’s chilly. Chowdah tastes better then, too.
    It’s a gorgeous place.

  3. Squeeeevo says

    Best to go there in October and beat the cold weather. No crowds and PLENTY of cheap rooms. Bars are full of friendly poeple and no wait at the restaurants

  4. Mike says

    I’ve traveled a lot in my day, and Ptown is one of my favorite places on Earth. There’s nowhere else like it. All gays should make at least one summer visit there in their lifetime.

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