Check out George Takei’s Witty Answers to Dumb Questions About Gay People


No one at this point should be questioning the comedic genius that is George Takei, but anyone in doubt (and everyone else, for that matter) should take a look at his most recent collaboration with BuzzFeed, wherein he answers burning questions from the straights about gays. Fielding such inquiries as, "Why do gay guys always hit on me please stop" [sic] and "Why can't gay guys have babies :'( they would make such beautiful babies" [sic], George replies with wit and aplomb…and occasionally a mimosa.

Check it out HERE.


  1. gregorybrown says

    George Takei has emerged and a surprising, wonderful, articulate, funny, fearless and marvelous representative of LGBT people. He is a treasure. And he’s still as hot as when he was on Star Trek.

  2. throwslikeagirl says

    Yes indeed, gregorybrown, he is a treasure. An intelligent, well-spoken and very funny treasure. The airline flight attendant line had me actually LOL’ing at my computer, all by myself.

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