1. hugo says

    Nothing is going to make me watch that but her studio decor is priceless. She really doesn’t have any gay friends.

  2. JOE 2 says

    I can no longer discern whether it’s Sarah Palin, or Tina Fey impersonating Sarah Palin.

  3. Smuggy says

    love the Dr. Pepper.. Doesn’t Sheldon Cooper’s Christian mother have a “mild Dr. Pepper addiction”?

  4. Tom Cardellino says

    Why is Towleroad even shining the dimmest of favorable spotlights on this ardent homophobe and just plain grifter?

  5. james street james says

    Why doesn’t someone tell her that the challenge is to soak her head in a bucket of ice water? And the longer the better.

    It would be fun to watch the bubbles come up.

  6. Tom Cardellino says

    Sarah Palin & her band of hateful fear-mongering homophobic grifters is akin to the Westboro Baptist Church: The less seen in media, the better!

  7. David C. says

    JEFFG166 that is hilarious and true! How much did that howling a**hole get for the Dr. Pepper product placement? Probably covered the donation. B*tch.

  8. bandanajack says

    it could only have been made better if she had cried out “i’m melting, i’m melting”…

  9. Matt27 says

    The woman is pathetic, but her reaction is good and 10 points, if Hillary will do it and give a genuine natural reaction.

  10. thom says

    Oh wait, this is too funny in a pathetic way. Here I was wishing that she would vanish from any form of social media, I am alarmed to admit I want her to keep her little”show” alive. What fun!….I mean fiming in the garage of her home is brillz!…So REAL…tech quality so low it is astonishing. Perfect! Rock on, dumbelle! rock on!

  11. thom says

    …OH AND I WOULD IMAGINE WHOEVER LOBBED THAT BUCKET OF ICE ON HER GOT A HELL OF A BEATDOWN!…Pay back is hell (especially from her, gosh darnit!

  12. acorlando says

    I’d like to see the copy of the actual cashed check. I don’t trust this lying POS for a minute.

  13. Tarc says

    Huh. I literally didn’t believe she had enough cooperating brain cells to react to cold. What an embarrassment to her species.

  14. Chadd says

    If SP knew anything about politics, she would know that an elected official cannot do the ice bucket challenge because it violates some ethics rule about using your public office for self promotion, or something like that. So Sen. McCain cannot accept. Hillary probably could since she is not currently in public office. But we have never looked to SP as an authority on government, so it makes sense that she would make that mistake.

  15. Quicksilver says

    If only it were holy water, boiling oil, or molten silver. True evil is super hard to dispatch.

  16. R says

    Not going to watch this clip since we don’t need to give that women attention — unless, of course, she shares the same aversion to water as the Wicked Witch.

  17. andrew says

    I’m not a fan of Sarah and wouldn’t vote for her or those with similar far right views, but that was fun to watch.

  18. neil says

    I don’t give a rat’sass how funny or humiliating this vid is. No way do I waste one second on this scrut (except of course to make this comment :))

  19. Gerry says

    I’m soooooo over the Ice Bucket challenges. Sarah Palin just provides further evidence that it has definitely jumped the shark.