Seattle Gay Bar Arsonist Gets 10 Years In Prison, Blames Alcoholism


Musab Mohammed Masmari — the 30-year-old suspect who plead guilty to the New Year’s Eve arson of Seattle's Neighbours gay nightclub — has been sentenced to ten years in prison, more than double the time requested by the court’s prosecutors and defense.

Though prosecutors alleged that Masmari set the blaze out of anti-gay hatred and intolerance, the Seattle PI says Masmari’s defense ascribed a different reason — alcoholism:

In a letter to the court, Masmari, 31, explained he’d consumed a bottle of cheap whiskey in the hours before he set the fire. He claims not to remember setting it, though he recognized himself on a surveillance video.

“I do not believe that I am a bad man but when I get drunk I have done bad things,” Masmari said in a letter to the court. “I swear that it is my intent to never drink again.”

…“I am sorry for the damage I caused, and I am grateful that no one was hurt,” Masmari said in a letter to the court. “I should have gotten alcohol counseling. … I wish I had.

Masmari will remain in jail until his eventual transfer to a federal prison.


  1. atomic says

    Good for the judge, doubling the sentence to 10 years. He should’ve gotten more, though. I don’t buy his excuse of alcoholism. Was he also drunk when he found out about the surveillance video, gathered his belongings, and booked a one-way flight to Turkey? That alone proves that he wished to avoid taking responsibility for his actions. The testimony of his close acquaintances also suggests he was merely making excuses. He should’ve gotten at least 20 years for what he did. Instead, he’ll probably be paroled in two.

  2. bcarter3 says

    Alcoholism. Ah, that explains it.

    It’s well known that the warning signs for alcoholism are:

    1) Drinking alone.
    2) Drinking in the morning.
    3) Setting fire to a bar in hopes of killing 700 people.

    If you have any 2 of these symptoms, please seek help.

  3. Deth says

    Lying piece of s*** monster.

    He should be kidnapped Russian Vigilante style. I’d like to see a large funnel shoved down his throat and 99 proof alcohol poured down it until he’s nice and loaded. Then pour more 99 proof over him, and finally set him on fire.

    That would resolve his debt to gays I think.

  4. JJ says

    “I do not believe that I am a bad man but when I get drunk I have done bad things,”

    That’s okay. The judge didn’t put you in prison for being a bad man. He put you in prison because you’re a danger to society, no matter whether your impulse to burn people alive is voluntary or automatic.

  5. ratbastard says

    I’ve been shytfaced many times since my teenage years, I’ve never attempted nor have wanted to burn anyplace to the ground, nor have I assaulted anyone. But whenever I have been intoxicated, I’ve always been in a good mood. I don’t believe alcohol will get you to do stuff you wouldn’t be capable of doing sober. Now some drugs will indeed eff you up, including when jonesing, and you’ll do judt about anything.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    A few months ago Andy posted a news story about a Russian who was a Gay-basher. The Russian had a thick body build and sort of Mongol facial features…built like a prize fighter.

    I mentioned that he (the Gay-basher) was good-looking. Well, Rick gave me a pasionate criticism of “oh, and here comes Derrick praising the good looks of a Gay basher again).

    That was first time I’d done that to my memory. But I felt so bad that I apologized to Towleroad visitors for two days.

    But I’ll be damned if here today Rick is saying that a Gay-basher who wanted to kill hundred of Gays is “CUTE.”

    Do I have to say anything more?

  7. Wilberforce says

    Go over to queerty, where they’re using alcohol as an excuse for barebacking. It’s excuse # 389 for the self-destructive crowd. And the game has gotten very tiresome.

  8. UFFDA says

    Cute? Why would anyone even mention something that immaterial. Besides he looks like a dirty shoe and is made even filthier by his mind and actions. Hang him immediately.

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