Senator Rand Paul Bolts As Anti-Gay Rep. Steve King Insults Immigration Activists: VIDEOS


In a video which has since gone viral, Erika Andiola and Cesar Vargas — two immigration activists advocating for the DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act — confronted Iowa Republican Representative Steve King about his anti-immigration racism.

The video has partly become viral because it also shows Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul choking down the first bite of his hotdog and then running away with his beer the instant he hears that Andiola and Vargas are immigration activists. Paul supports increasing fortifications along the U.S./Mexico border but does not “think any type of immigration reform will get out of Washington that includes a path to citizenship.”

In the video, Andiola hands her DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) card to King and offers him the chance to tear it up. The DACA card basically gives undocumented people like Andiola the ability to stay in the U.S. for two years at a time without the threat of deportation, something the Secretary of Homeland Security put into place on June 15, 2012. King voted to end the program barely a week ago.

KingIn response, King refuses, condescendingly compliments Andiola’s English-speaking ability as a way to insist that she’s distorting his words, and then offers the circular reasoning that undocumented people are “lawless” criminals who should not stay in the U.S. while trying to gain citizenship.

At 4:04 a man comes up and tries to tell the recorder that she’s not allowed to record their conversation. At 6:30 an onlooker starts repeatedly telling them to “go home.”

In 2013, King infamously said "For every [undocumented immigrant] who's a valedictorian, there's another 100 out there that weigh 130 pounds and they've got calves the size of cantaloupes because they're hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert." He also supported Arizona's failed "license to discriminate" bill that would have allowed religious business owners to refuse service or employment to LGBT people.

Both openly gay Colorado Democratic Representative Jared Polis and pop singer Ricky Martin called King out for his comments.

The Huffington Post provides some of Andiola and Vargas’ background:

Vargas and Andiola are prominent immigration activists and co-directors of DRM Action Coalition, a Dreamer-led group that advocates for reform. Andiola worked for bisexual Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) last year after receiving work authorization through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, but left her job in December to fight her mother's deportation proceedings. She has been in the U.S. since she was 11 years old. Vargas, who came to the U.S. at the age of 5, passed the New York bar examination but can't fulfill his goal of practicing law in the military because of his undocumented status.

Andiola and Vargas made a follow-up video during which Andiola said that King “really showed his ignorance and his hatred toward us.”

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  1. Bob R says

    Rand Paul is a liar. Rand Paul is a thief. Rand Paul is a coward. How long before he denies this incident evcer took place, or that he was set up?

    Rand Paul will never be POTUS. But he does provide ample entertainment along with the rest of the GOP clown circus. A libertarian weasel in a bad toupee.

  2. Jay says

    Sadly California is a model for the prospect future of the Nation. With Open borders we will go bankrupt. Open borders and amnesty are not the solution. Being a better neighbor and implementing trade and economical policies to strengthen our region should be our focus. We bury all our dollars in places like Africa and the middle east while we have this crisis next door. This just doesn’t make any sense to me.

  3. TonyJazz says

    The last post from ‘Jay’ was a sad comment indicating something that isn’t the least bit true. California has never been harmed by our immigrants (except for the harm that European ancestors caused, such as smallpox). What crisis next door?

    He’s listening to demagogues like Paul and King, who hate anyone who is not white and right-wing…

  4. stranded says

    These two young people offered to share their personal stories with two corrupt politicians who can only view others through the haze of their self-serving ideology. Neither politician could find a shred of humanity in themselves to speak with any authority about what citizenship means. This is a complex problem and the shriekers just want to grandstand without learning anything about the people they’re dismissing.

    When I see this kind of behavior and see these conservative pundits and politicians screaming about illegals I just wonder why they think they’re representing any kind of ideal I’d want to be a part of.

  5. Jay says

    @TONYJAZZ Please refrain from discrediting my comment if you aren’t even aware of reality. California public services are drained by the influx of illegal immigration in that state. The motivation for immigrating to cross the border is rooted in social and political instability in the region. Were they to have a shoot at security and prosperity in their countries, they wouldn’t risk their lives and hop atop a train to migrate to the US. There is a finite amount of resources in our Country, it is up to us what we do with those resources.

  6. Deport the King says

    Wow, Steve King is just a bald-face lying racist. These kids are smarter than he is, more educated than he is (King didn’t graduated from college), and have already accomplished more than he has in their young lives against much more difficult odds.

    Can we deport all the Steve Kings in Congress?

  7. Flip The Script says

    I like what they are doing, but I think they need a more effective script to confront these ignorant, redneck bigoted politicians with. Identify issues on which they’re weak, memorize a list of questions, and hammer on them to keep them on the offensive.

    King has been a politician long enough to’ve learned out to lie about his record and distort the damage that he has done to poor and working people’s lives, and he can evade the truth without blinking an eye. So you really have to be prepared to go after these liars, loaded for bear.

  8. GAY! says

    Rand’s multi-colored shirt looks like he’s been in Aaron Schock’s closet again. And of course, they’d catch him inhaling a weiner from between a pair of white buns.

  9. TonyJazz says

    Numbers have indicated a drop in Mexicans crossing the California border for the last 5 years.

    No one has heard Governor Brown screaming about any crisis….(and he hasn’t suggested putting the National Guard on the border, like the backward Texan governor….)

    Cut the racist silliness, and face the facts…

  10. Jay says

    @TONYJAZZ The crisis I’m referring to, is that in Central America. How often do you hear the President or anyone for that matter taking an interest on the social instability in those countries? All I’m saying is that the cure is in the cause.

  11. DAVIDRYTYT says

    @JAY: and what, pray tell, have Rand Paul and Pete King done for stability in Central America? Paul doesn’t believe in foreign intervention.

    California’s financial problems are from the Republican’s Prop 13 fiasco which decimated the tax base. Immigrants will be needed here as the baby boomers retire then die and young’ns are needed to keep the economy going and take care of the oldsters. And, BTW, we DON’T HAVE OPEN BORDERS. That’s just republican propaganda. Putin would be proud.

  12. says

    I don’t see why gays support more Latino immigration. Some of the biggest homophobes are from the Latino community. Gays are just cutting their own throats. I live in San Francisco, so don’t preach to me about who the bigoted are!

  13. Unicorn says


    1) Who’s asking for *more* immigration? What we keep asking for is comprehensive immigration reform that makes sense so that the people who are trying to immigrate aren’t waiting in line for DECADES, forcing them to cross illegally/overstay out of desperation. We’re asking for a system that makes sense so that immigrants brought here as children and spend 90% of their lives in the U.S. don’t live their entire life in legal limbo.

    2) You are conveniently ignoring queer Latinos and queer immigrants (and there’s a lot more of us than you think). In fact, queer immigrants are some of the biggest and loudest voices pushing for comprehensive immigration reform (Jose Vargas comes to mind). We shouldn’t have to pick sides, gay rights and immigration reform are both important to us.

    3) There are homophobes everywhere, in every culture. To single Latinos out is xenophobic. Here in Los Angeles, I’m out to all my straight Latino friends and they’re super accepting. The gender and sexuality courses I take in school are probably filled with 70% Latino students as well.

  14. Bernie says

    It is hard to imagine that these 2 Mr. Paul and Mr. King are actually legislators for the USA….they both act like asses with no sense…..Mr. King’s ignorance and racism are unbelievable and to think, it is men like him that make policy and immigration policy is comparable to a kindergarten class making policy…….and Mr. Paul, besides being a liar shows no presidential attributions….if he cannot stand up to scrutiny even before announcing a presidential run, how in the world will he be able to handle a campaign or god forbid being president?!

  15. ADS says

    Rand Paul is awesome. He is helping guide the Republicans back to their live and let live foundations. It’s about time the libertarians got a chance to run things for a change.

  16. doug105 says

    Thumbs up GIGI

    There are two worlds: the one that is and the one that should be.
    We live in one and must create the other.
    This is why libertarianism fails. It refuses to take into account both the failures of individuals and societies to do the right thing nor the successes of governments in righting societal wrongs.
    It was big government, not free individuals, that finally ended slavery in America.
    It was big government that killed Jim Crow, gave women the right to vote and made homosexuality legal.
    Big government is fraught with problems but when it comes to fighting against mans inhumanity to man it has, in America at least, done more than the vaunted power of individuals.

  17. jamal49 says

    @JAY You refer to “that state”, which means you don’t live in California. Therefore, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Before you spout off about California’s problems, make sure you’ve got the stats and facts to back up your assertions. You sound like you’ve been listening to FOX and shout radio just a little bit too much. Turn the channel, switch off the radio. Get out. Get some air. Then, hush.

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