St. Louis Officer Suspended After Racist, Sexist, Anti-gay Rant Surfaces: VIDEO

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Dan Page, a St. Louis police officer who’s been “helping” the on-the-ground situation in Ferguson, has been suspending after video surfaced of the military veteran giving an hour-long rant stuffed with racist, sexist, and homophobic language.

CNN reports:

In his rambling remarks on the video, he talks about what he describes as a draft replacement for the U.S. Constitution, the “four sodomites on the Supreme Court,” and a visit to Kenya “to our undocumented President’s home.” He refers to Barack Obama as “that illegal alien who claims to be our President.” Page frequently references violence, including nine combat tours in the Army, during which he did “my fair share of killing.” Speaking about Muslims, he says pointedly: “They will kill you.” On domestic disputes, he opines: “You don’t like each other that much, just kill each other and get it over with. Problem solved. Get it done.” On urban violence, he predicts that “when the inner cities start to ignite, people are going to start killing people they don’t like.”

And lastly, Page says, “I personally believe the Lord Jesus Christ is my savior, but I’m also a killer. I’ve killed a lot and, if I need to, I will kill a whole bunch more. If you don’t want to get killed, don’t show up in front of me.”

Watch the full rant, AFTER THE JUMP

One of Page’s more inflammatory anti-gay segments in the rant came when he discussed the persecution and prosecution that Christians face in the country today.

There are three phases that a society goes through. One is persecution. That means your faith is being challenged, everybody mocks you, everybody ridicules you. They stand for nothing. If you stand against sodomy and abortion – you are a terrorist ladies and gentlemen. The next phase is prosecution. There’s a couple out there in New Mexico that are being prosecuted and put out of business and were arrested because they refused to take pictures of sodomites. What about my freedom of religion from that? And the military right now – you have open sodomy. People holding hands, swapping spit together. It’s sick. It’s pitiful.

St. Louis police chief Jon Belmar has issued an apology for Page’s remarks, which you can also check out AFTER THE JUMP


Anti-gay excerpt:


Here’s video of Page confronting CNN’s Don Lemon a few days ago on the streets of Ferguson:


St. Louis police chief Jon Belmar’s response to Page’s video:



  1. says

    well, it’s a good thing that unhinged netback doesn’t have access to any guns! oh, wait……

    sensitivity and diversity training – this is why these things are so sorely needed in the police forces. what a pig. suspended? the man should not be allowed to own a firearm. plain and simple. he doesn’t pass the “mentally competent” test. at all.

  2. Steve says

    No amount of training will help with nutcases like this. He needs to be fired. People like him shouldn’t be hired in the first place, but in the US almost everyone can become a police officer.

  3. says

    Has anyone looked into the background of Darren Wilson, the cop who shot and killed Michael Brown? Just his look alone is enough for me to wonder if he too isn’t a fanatical right-wing religious nutcase but keeping very quiet about it. The right-wing press is making him out to be a hero, loading him up with thousands and thousands of defense dollars which is obviously his reward for killing another one of those young liberal Black men. In my book it doesn’t nor should it take 6 bullets, two to the head, to pull a man over for questioning. Why didn’t Wilson simply auto-trail Brown until back-up arrived? And the civil grand jury is dominated by white Ferguson residents. How stacked can you get? I’ll bet a bippy Wilson is cleared of any and all wrong-doing here. I hope the Brown family files a major lawsuit against the City of Ferguson and Wilson and a Federal lawsuit against the state of Missouri.

  4. Bernie says

    omg! This guy sounds like a religious right wing nut job and he is a police officer with a gun! It sounds like this man is unable to make rational decisions in protecting the public….How would he handle a gay person that was assaulted? This is one of a 1000 questions about the competency and trust of a man like this.. and, of course, he will become the new “darling” of the right wing!!! and, he will use a religious defense and first amendment right when he is fired!!

  5. HIS says


    not surprised

    christian is synonymous with hateful racists

    for example “christian” kevin sorbo aka hercules, recently called the people of ferguson animals and loosers and obama “their president”

  6. Scott says

    The type of people he’s rob peaking to are very conservative, older, middle-aged white people who get so exercised about younger generations, go on and on about “the welfare state”- who, while retiring at about 60, are going to be the biggest drain on government resources for years to come. And my generation will probably have to work til our 80s to pay for these peoples’ retirement years AND the conservative politicians’ empire-building in the Middle-East.

    The irony gets me every time. Cuz they’re the actual entitled slackers.

    BTW, this isn’t an ageist rant. Just a rant against those who are the biggest hypocrites.

  7. Louis says

    Lets also comment on the Chief….

    Standing strong!

    Chief Belmar is part of the Police that “protects and serves”.

    Thanks Chief.

    I hope I can stand for you someday.

  8. ny2.0 says

    Could you imagine how many more of these types are in America’s law enforcement establishment? I’m sure they’ve killed thousands of minorities over the decades and gotten away with it.

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