Supercut Shows The Evolution of Texting on Film: VIDEO

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For exploring tropes, there's no better medium than supercut, and Buzzfeed has featured a new one that's particularly thoughtful. YouTube user Every Frame a Painting has uploaded the video in question, which is called "A Brief Look at Texting and the Internet in Film."

Unlike classic, more comprehensive supercuts, this one features a narration. The video walks us through the challenges of including numerous inserts of phones in film, and the new solution that has emerged: on-screen text to indicate messenging. Shows like House of Cards (pictured) and Sherlock have been noticable early adopters, but the YouTube video notes that unexpected, smaller programs like soap operas used the technique first.

The second half of the video questions the bigger, more complex challenges of showing the Internet on film — no larger consensus on this one yet.

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  1. Nate W. says

    WTF is messenging? Did you mean messaging? Is messenging sending via a messenger?

    That’s one of the issues over messaging and the Internet, the dumbing down of the media (especially as far as editing).

    And Supercuts is for hair, duh.

  2. Joseph says

    Even as Cinema-is-my-religion movie buff, that was a thoroughly unenlightening waste of 5 minutes of my life.

  3. Kipp says

    Andy, Jake, Whoever runs the blog:

    The “after the jump” links on posts (all the one’s I checked) are broken…

  4. BrokebackBob says

    This development in film-making makes my breakfast come up into my throat. It represents the end-time for cinema and thats because young film-makers are lazy and vulgar.
    Cheap does not equal innovative and good. That is what the 1% want you to think so that they get the other 99% of the money.