New Jersey Bear Strolls Through Neighborhood On Two Legs: VIDEO

Upright New Jersey bear

For a change of pace, this is a post about bears of the Stephen Colbert "godless eating machines" variety.

Ian Bohman of New Jersey stepped outside his suburban home only to find a local ursimorph out for a stroll. While a bear in your neighborhood is cause for concern, this particular bear tried to blend in with the locals by walking on its hind legs like your standard bipedal human. So either someone is very adept at costuming, or World of Warcraft's Pandaren race are less a flight of fancy and more a plausible evolutionary prediction.

You can watch Baloo saunter down the street AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. Shepherd says

    if you watch closely it is missing a paw

    It is probably hurt thus the need to walk on two leg,s and also why it appears to limp when on all fours

  2. Zlick says

    Apparently, the Planet of the Apes movies got it wrong. I think it’s pretty darn smart to walk on two legs and impersonate a homeless person rifling through our trash. Very clever. (And, ya know, freaky.)

  3. chrissypoo says

    Nothing to see here. I’m just a man, not a bear. No need to call animal control. Just one of you minding my own business. Can’t a bear er… human walk in this neighborhood without someone filming me?

  4. Walks Like A Duck says

    Hey, Zimmerman…..shoot your best shot. Good thing this bear’s pants weren’t saggin’.

  5. marco says

    Poor thing, probably injured or born with a deformity. I hope he can make it through the winter.

  6. Eric in Denver says

    Christian –

    News story aside, ursimorph is not the appropriate word to use. While “ursi” relates to bears (Ursus americanus is the scientific name for black bear, which is likely what this animal is), “-morph” means shape. Therefore you are saying the “bear-shaped thing”, implying it is not actually a bear. You could, however, suggest it was anthropomorphous, meaning “human-shaped or acting”.

  7. In Defense of Linguistic Playfulness says

    I understood ‘ursimorph’ to mean ‘bear form’, which is not inaccurate, and I think that is a reasonable, if playful, use of both morphemes.

  8. DRoseDARs says

    Fake. Right when the guy in the bear suit gets to the treeline and starts walking on all fours, his ass is way up in the air. Bear spines are parallel to the ground in that walking pose. Bears *can* walk bipedal, but this ain’t no bear.

  9. Jack M says

    This is a person, not a bear. The gait seems all wrong for a bear, not to mention the body itself.

    Plus, it’s New Jersey, so….

  10. Mike says

    The first thing I thought when I saw this was BIGFOOT explained as has been observed, the second was Chris Christie falls on hard times and will probably become a Democrat.

  11. Mike says

    Think that Christian Walters coining of the word ursimorph is GREAT and he should be congratulated for doing so!!!

    The pictures did not appear at first yet I readily understood EXACTLY what he meant.

  12. Michael W. says


    That’s a very astute observation. I think you’re right. He’s probably very hungry and in great pain.