Larry Kramer Joins Ryan Murphy and ‘The Normal Heart’ Cast for Outstanding TV Movie Emmy Win: WATCH


The Normal Heart took home the award for Outstanding Television Movie at the 66th Primetime Emmys tonight. 

Director Ryan Murphy accepted the award – joined on stage by Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Jim Parsons, Julia Roberts, and Larry Kramer (wearing his ACT UP hat no less!)

Said Murphy:

…We're going to use the rest of our time to ask young people watching to become Larry Kramers. To find a cause  you believe, that you will fight for, that you will die for. Go online and look up amfAR look up the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. This is for all of the hundreds of thousands of artists who have passed from HIV/AIDS since 1981. Your memory and your passion burns on in us. And this is for them. Thank you. 

Watch the full acceptance speech AFTER THE JUMP



  1. says

    Nice but not a one of the cast received an Emmy including Julia Roberts. I think the main reason the film won best movie was because it was directed by Ryan Murphy. Kramer is not well-liked and had a few shots with big stars to make his story into a feature movie but his demands and diva behavior lost him that chance, thus he had to turn to television.

    Thank GOD Matthew McConaughey was shut out. The only reason he was in attendance was because in his small mind he truly believed he would be the second actor in history to receive an Oscar and an Emmy – NOT!

    The tribute to Robin Williams was heartbreaking. I’ve only shed a tear for a few celebrities: Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana come to mind. I will miss Robin riding his bike around SF and his wonderful sense of humor.

    Jim Parsons won! Again! At a million an episode he better win!

  2. robroy says

    I think McConaughey showed up because he was nominated if you’ll notice almost all nominees show & logic would point to most going home without a trophy. I would also imagine filling most of the field with actors from one film lessened all of their chances.

    And while I like Parsons this is getting close to Murphy Brown territory where Candace Bergen to save Emmy voters from themselves by not submitting for the nomination any longer. Then again I’ve felt that about other actors.

  3. Tyler says

    Petey/Rick, if you hate flamboyant homosexuals go join the Westboro Baptist Church. They like your kind of hatred over there. And you’ll finally get all the attention you hope to get by posting on this site under a dozen different usernames (for example this Petey character you created).

  4. KC says

    Video disabled. Once again, apparently someone above our heads doesn’t think the public deserves to watch this. Without paying an exorbitant cable bill that is. Thanks… no.

  5. says

    The uploader didn’t take it offline, Google/YouTube did. Google has blocked two of my videos for copyright infringement. I filmed a public inline skating event where they used music off the radio and my video was promptly blocked by YouTube. I had the option of removing the background music but chose not to.

    This will raise your ire: I started receiving complaints from visitors that they were unable to view my videos as Google decided my channel did not fall under ‘safe’ settings. I questioned them and found that despite the fact that my videos were family-friendly the title of my channel “The Crazy Gay Guy” was not suitable for some towns/cities/states and the word “gay” was objectionable. Apparently Google was afraid some City entity would file suit for promoting adult or pornography to their children. Now to view my YouTube channel you must turn “safe” mode to Off. Slowly I’ve been losing subscribers (down from 1,600 to 1,169 tonight) and views. I’m over 100,000 views now but it should be closer to 200,000.

    In retaliation I forbid Google/YouTube from showing advertising on any of my videos.

  6. Mike says

    It was embarrassing hearing the announcer say “XXXX is winning his/her 14th Emmy….” Really, The Amazing Race has to win for 20 years in a row? The Television Critics gave Best Reality to RuPaul.
    I barely watch TV and caught some winners and it’s the same people every year. One might conclude and say it’s all a matter of $$$ for “votes”.

  7. robroy says

    I do not really understand the criticism of Murphy promoting effeminate homosexuals. He really has a had a full spectrum of homosexuals, straights, bisexuals, transgender, etc. I might find his work pretty uneven but he has presented the entire rainbow of the sexual spectrum. And I still love the middle of Nip/Tuck’s run when it basically revolved around two seemingly straight guys who could not resolve their deep affection and deep dysfunction with one another.

  8. crispy says

    “I do not really understand the criticism of Murphy promoting effeminate homosexuals. ”

    Petey doesn’t actually believe any of the stuff he posts. He’s just trolling to get a rise out of people.

    I’m not entirely convinced he’s a he.

  9. Nora Charles says

    @Mike Ryan, I agree that Jim Parsons should not have won for TBBT and I think he knew it too (and was embarassed by it), but he definitely *should* have won for The Normal Heart.

    Either way, 62 actors have won both Oscars and Emmys. McConnaghey would be far from the first in history.

  10. Nora Charles says

    @Mike Ryan, I agree that Jim Parsons should not have won for TBBT and I think he knew it too (and was embarassed by it), but he definitely *should* have won for The Normal Heart.

    Either way, 62 actors have won both Oscars and Emmys. McConnaghey would be far from the first in history.

  11. says

    @NORA – on the Red Carpet McConnaghey said if he won he would be tied with George C. Scott, the only other actor to cop an Oscar and an Emmy. I thought then that couldn’t be right. There were many other actors and actresses who had won both. McConnaghey is incredibly self-centered. The only good acting he has ever done (at least for me) was the breakdown behind the wheel in “Dallas Buyers Club”.

  12. says

    glad it won – it brought the story to millions of people who otherwise have not had the chance to see it performed live on stage. on stage, The Normal Heart is one of the most incendiary and important pieces of theatre one will ever see. i’m simply glad the story has now reached all of those who don’t live in places where those live performances are possible.
    thank you larry kramer, and HBO.

  13. STAN says

    Ty Burrell deserved his win and Julie Bowen had a great dress on. Sophia just makes me laugh. Glad Modern Family won even if they have won before it is the best comedy on TV.

    Cary your video isn’t blocked for me. You are lucky man with a hot husband.

  14. says

    @DAN E – totally possible. I just thought it presumptuous of him to make such a statement, especially after last year’s Oscar speech where he went on and on about himself and said nothing about the subject of the picture he was in (AIDs).

  15. Rowan says

    Matthew was a shoo in to win but pissed off the TV people when he insulted them after winning the critics by saying that ‘TV isn’t actually that bad and can take pride in itself’ or something like that.

    Woody H should’ve won. Those guys were v good in True Detective.

    And Julia R was appalling in The Normal Heart.

  16. BrokebackBob says

    I had no trouble watching the video, sound was great, perfect aspect ratio. Sounds to me like pilot error. Learn about your computer, then complain when it doesn’t work right.

  17. Sam says

    Congrats to Ryan Murphy and the Normal Heart win. It sucks that the wonderful cast was mostly overlooked…and robbed of the Emmy namely Matt Bomer and Mark Rufflao. Daniel Cumerbatch, an Emmy?…give me a break!

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