Towletech v.117: Game of Thrones, NASA, Robot Olympics, Ghostbusters 3, Bill Murray



A weekly round-up of the best tech, science, and geek-related news from around the web.

Road George R. R. Martin is writing a Game of Thrones novel for children titled The Ice Dragon

Road UK to start allowing driverless cars on roads starting in January. 

Road  A Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers crossover film is in the works. To help refresh your memory on all the Marvel films that have come before, check out the video below:


Road Martha Stewart pens TIME piece on her love of drones. "The shots of my farm were breathtaking and showed not only a very good landscape design — thanks to the surveyors and landscapers who worked with me on the overall vision, much as le Notre worked with Louis XIV — they also showed me what more I can do in the future, and revealed unexpected beauty."

LucyRoad Movies like Scarlett Johansson's Lucy toy with the idea of the average human using only 10% of their brain's capacity. Wired breaks down this longstanding myth in 60 seconds. 

Road The lifespan of every Doctor Who Doctor based on episode duration in one handy infographic. 

Road With Gamestop's new credit card, you could buy a new $60 game each month and spend the next eight years paying off  the extra $914 in interest fees

Road King Kong prequel 'Skull Island' movie announced

Road Nintendo still struggling with sales of Wii U console despite decent sales numbers this quarter. 

Road NASA's Mars rover Opportunity breaks off-world driving record.

Road The space agency also recently tested "impossible" no-fuel quantum space engine – and it ended up actually working. 

Road A supercut of Tom Haverford's craziest (greatest) inventions and business ideas on Parks and Recreation.


Road Japan is planning a "Robot Olympics" for 2020.

Road The Internet's latest wacky pet project – the Kickstarter-backed potato salad – has just concluded its fundraiser with a whopping $55,492 raised from an initial goal of just $10. 

Road The long-awaited Ghostbusters 3 film might be getting an all-female lead cast with Bridesmaids director Paul Feig at the helm.  

MurrayRoad So while Bill Murray might not be getting involved with Ghostbusters 3, he will be providing the voice of Baloo the bear in Disney's live-action/animated remake of The Jungle Book

Road The so-called "internet of everything" where everyday objects like our fridge, washer and dryer, and thermostat are "on-line" will open up fantastic technological possibilities in the future. It may also unintentionally become a hacker's paradise

Road Walmart is snatching up faltering tech start-ups at everyday low prices. 

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  1. Jeremy says

    George R.R. Martin wrote “The Ice Dragon” over 30 years ago, it’s a short story not a novel, and it has nothing to do with Westeros or Game of Thrones. Please don’t post blatant lies and misinformation.

  2. edude says

    Yep, when I hear the name “Martha Stewart” and think of all she’s done (bar that little stint in the slammer) I immediately make an association with some of the great French kings. The word “pretentious” does not even cross my mind.

    I haven’t looked at her drone pictures yet, but I hope they are better than her food pics.

    Beauty truly IS in the eye of the beholder.

  3. steve talbert says

    Martha loves her flying photo drone because it allows her to finally see her into neighbors’ back yards. What I also think is funny is that she says her biggest joy is being able to take pictures of herself from high above… Can’t live with her… can’t live without her..

  4. bernard says

    The Surface Pro 3 i3 and i7 models were released this Friday. Surely that qualifies as tech news.