U.S. Ambassador to the OSCE Daniel Baer Marries Partner Brian Walsh


Gay U.S. Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Daniel Baer married his partner Brian Walsh today.

Tweeted Baer: "So, I got married this morning. Thank you @BarackObama, @HillaryClinton, & @JohnKerry for your commitment to equality".

Congrats to them both!


  1. Jacob says

    What the hell has Hillary Clinton done for him to be able to marry his partner? So sick of the gratitude constantly going to the do nothing Clinton’s.

  2. John says

    @JACOB, I too, am sick unto death of the Clintons being associated positively with the fight for gay rights, when the facts diametrically contradict such an association. Sure, sure, they both came around, but not until after it was both politically safe as well as advantageous to announce that they had “evolved.” To me, it just proves that in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.

  3. Wisebear says

    Hillary Clinton changed policy to allow Brian Walsh to be treated as an official diplomats spouse. Kerry and Obama have continued that policy. I certainly think that’s worth a thank-you, considering the benefits that come with that official status.

  4. Vint says

    @Mike: it’s pretty much Daniel Baer’s tweet that turned his marriage into a partisan circus, not us!

    The idea that gay men owe politicians any gratitude because they didn’t stand in the way of gay marriage (at least, not much more than other politicians) is ludicrous. Gay men didn’t get the right to marry by being supplicants at the altar of the power-mad and power-hungry, we got it through our own efforts.

  5. Tom says

    I’m no fan of Clinton. Two of our major achievements in the last 5 years have been to undo DADT and DOMA, both of which he brought about. He deregulated the banks, setting the stage for the disasater of 2008. And it was under his administration that wealth inequality exploded, as executive stock options allowed managers to make themselves millionaires by awarding themselves ridiculous options packages and then manipulating the stock price.

    That having been said, Baer clearly is thanking the current and prior Secretary of State for policies relating to spousal recognition. And that is a legit thank you, IMO.

  6. tinhouston says

    would just like to say–Congratulations–
    (and wonder where they had their ceremony and who was able to attend?)

    I see in one of the pics, the guys have a greyhound in their family.
    Since our two greyhounds are our two “kids”, they were included in our wedding ceremony this past May in Iowa. We took the RV and drove from Houston all the way to Ia and back with our dogs. I know that Daniel and Brian have a greyhound and I bet their dog is well loved too.

  7. Derek snyder says

    Clinton and Kerry had nothing to do with his ability to get married. Obama was against it before he was for it. He became for it because it was beneficial for him to do so. I’m for gay rights but let’s not forget the facts and reality of it all.

  8. Matt27 says

    Lovely, all the best to these guys.
    (By the way, they have a right to thank whoever they like to thank.)

  9. Own up says

    The Baer’s live a life filled with politics. Thanking those is political power is nothing new there.

    Just curious. What Republicans would you have them thank for the right to marry?

    The Clintons deserve to be called out for a lot of stupidity but what they did pales in comparison to Republicans.

  10. Jim in TO says

    Why did the article have to start with “Gay US Ambassador”? Why not just “US Ambassador”? The article makes it clear this is a same-sex marriage!

  11. BobN says

    “What the hell has Hillary Clinton done for him to be able to marry his partner? So sick of the gratitude constantly going to the do nothing Clinton’s.”

    As Secty of State, Hillary raised the issue of gay rights on an international level and, closer to home, made the State Dept probably the best place to work in govt for gay people.

  12. Patrick says

    Politics is when you announce your marriage on Twitter and you mention your boss, your boss’s boss, and your boss’s predecessor, but not your husband.