Nick Jonas And His Abs Make Appearance At NYC Gay Club: VIDEO


Nick Jonas, who's been serving up the beefcake as of late ahead of his new show Kingdom being released, made a stop at New York City gay night club BPM last night. According to The Daily Mail, he played his solo track "Jealous" for the crowd and then performed a mini-strip tease atop a podium, revealing the abs that have gained quite a following:

Sandwiched between nearly-naked men with dollar bills wedged in their Y-fronts, Nick ripped open his white shirt, after shedding his suit jacket.

And, while he danced provocatively for the crowd and treated them to the 'Gun Show', he left his trousers on and his shirt around his shoulders encouraging the crowd to use their imaginations for the rest.

Watch videos of Jonas dancing, meeting fans, and baring his abs, AFTER THE JUMP…



  1. Cd in DC says

    for anyone who wants to give him grief about not coming out or what not, i’d say he’s done more for us than most already. Hey, if Judge Posner qualifies as a hottie, then our brother Nick Jonas is a supernova.

  2. Tyler says

    Shaun is Rick. This troll uses the same link for boyline and other past aliases. Don’t fall for it. The only troll here is him.

    And he’s repeating the same “gay men prefer underage or underage-looking” meme that his other alias Bruno has been spewing on a bunch of different stories in the past week or so.

  3. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Anything that makes gay even more mainstream works for me. Can you imagine Lance Bass doing something similar even ten years ago?

    Nick seems like a nice guy and I’m glad he’s on our side, whether he’s one of us or not.

  4. Hot Dumb Italian Mike! says

    my brother was there for this event and said Nick was really into having a good time, if hes gay or straight its his biz. But, he did say he thought hewas flirting with him…..delusional!

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