Justin Bieber Gets Egged Before He Gets Roasted: VIDEO


Ahead of his March 30 roast on Comedy Central, Justin Bieber is getting a sampler of what he can expect from his panel of roasters. In a new promo, Bieber gets egged repeatedly while shirtless (his seemingly de-facto state). As The Hollywood Reporter notes, the egging nods to one of Bieber’s more childish misadventures:

The eggs are in reference to Bieber’s 2014 egg-throwing incident, where the pop singer threw at least a dozen eggs at his neighbor’s house that resulted in $20,000 in damages.

“I think it’s just cool to be able to laugh at yourself — I’ve done some things that might not have been the greatest,” Bieber told Ellen on his daytime talk show appearance at the end of January.

“I just want to be able to … just kind own up to some of the things,” he said about being roasted.

Comedy Central’s Facebook post of the promo also made reference to the incident, reading, “Watch Justin Bieber learn how poor, defenseless houses feel. The #BieberRoast premieres March 30.”

Watch Bieber take a slice of comeuppance, AFTER THE JUMP…



  1. Kieran says

    Isn’t this the same website that had all those stories recently about how WRONG and UNCOOL bullying is? And particularly bullying kids?

    Somebody look up the word hypocrisy.

  2. Randy says

    Yes, I could watch this for a while.

    Still, I’m waiting for the video tribute to his urinating in a mop pail. With the right studio, it would be a top seller, and fits right in with the 50 Shades kink moment that straight people are having.

  3. Merv says

    I’ll give him a bit of grudging respect for subjecting himself to a roast. If there’s any justice in the world, the comics will eviscerate him.

  4. D.R.H. says

    I’d like to understand the perfect symmetry between Justin Bieber and lesbian hair trends. Someone should look into that.

  5. edude says

    I just noticed the roman numerals tattoo.

    “I.IX.VII.V” is presumably supposed to mean 1975.

    That would be MCMLXXV.

    Is he innumerate as well as illiterate?

    Please deal with him, Pervy McPerv!

  6. Toto says

    I thought Roasts were for people who were admired by comics??? I didnt think they roasted people for just being bratty, spoiled punks.

  7. andrew says

    Self deprecating humor is a sign of maturity. There is hope that Justin may yet develop into a responsible young guy. It must be very difficult to develop into a mature responsible man when your father is not a good role model, when you become a multimillionaire as a young teenager, when all your paid handlers are kissing your ass and when millions of teens scream at the mention of your name. If he indeed matures into a responsible adult, he will have accomplished the almost impossible.

  8. Arkansassy says

    Why is this story on a gay news website? How is this relevant to anything related to the gay community or the issues we face? If I wanted celebrity gossip, I would go to one of the many blogs out there dedicated to the topic. I would appreciate not seeing it here.

  9. Frank says

    Haters gonna hate. Haters hate themselves and they hate others. What else do they have to live for in their sorry lives? Meanwhile, Justin makes more money in a month then the haters will make over their lifetime.

  10. iban4yesu says

    Frank darling,
    “Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn”* about why you had to say..

    People have problem with him because he does indeed set a bad example for the generation of impressionable age.

    How would you like a 12 year old girl thinking… “When I grow up I want to work in a brothel, because someday justin might cum** and f$ck me!”

    * sorry, I couldn’t resist that.

    ** sorry again, listening to Beaver, I mean, you know who, doesn’t necessarily help you with spelling, when you skip the school or homework to camp outside the hotel and scream your ears off ….