AFA Warns SCOTUS in Full Page ‘Washington Post’ Ad: Remember That God Invented Marriage

Anti-gay activist group American Family Association (AFA) yesterday took out a full-page ad in The Washington Post to remind the Supreme Court that god is solely responsible for the creation, management and administration of marriage

AFA ad

Anti-gay group American Family Association (AFA) yesterday took out a full-page ad in the Washington Post to remind the Supreme Court that God is solely responsible for the creation, management and administration of marriage, reports right wing Christian news website OneNewsNow.

The AFA admonishes the highest court of the law in the United States to "remember whose idea [marriage] was in the first place.”

6a00d8341c730253ef013488e2f88d970c-800wiAFA president Tim Wildmon (right) – who has something of an obsession with military men taking showers – said:

"First of all, the U.S. Constitution does not address marriage; so it's left to the states to decide definitions for marriage – and the states have spoken.

“[Marriage has] forever been one man/one woman and it forever will be one man/one woman – according to nature, according to God, according to the Bible, and according to most religious traditions.”

The ad itself is pure right-wing scaremongering at its best, suggesting that marriage equality will be harmful to children and could bring on Armageddon:

“Will you bend what God designed merely to suit the desires of man, knowing that you do so at the expense of children, perhaps even civilization itself?

“[Supporters of same-sex marriage] would say by such a decision that mothers and fathers together are no longer relevant in the lives of children, and that religious expression about the sanctity and purpose of marriage would now become illicit.”

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  1. Mike says

    So marriage has forever been and will always be one man one woman, according to the Bible?

    Did he forget about Jacob and his two wives, Leah and Rachel? And their handmaidens, Bilhah and Zipah, who also bore Jacob’s children?

    They should at least be honest: marriage is between one man and one woman because we think gays are icky, not because the bible says so.

  2. raybob says

    Yes, please also remember that in God’s version of marriage, Solomon had 900 wive and 600 concubines. And in God’s version of love, David and Jonathan had a “love surpassing the love for women.” (2 Kings)

  3. dancobbbd says

    Is it even possible that someone could be so utterly lacking in knowledge about the world around him to say the things this sadly ignorant man has said? Were these words to have been spoken by a 6 year old who attended some Baptist Sunday school, it would understandable. But a grown man, who apparently has accrued no knowledge of the world around him, other than what he can attempt to read in his religious book.

    If, as he contends, some heavenly being -that used to live in the clouds until planes were invented- “invented marraige”… Mr. Wildmon would have to conclude that his god did one lousy and pathetic job! Marriage does not keep people faithful, it is not required for reproduction, etc. If his god invented marriage and is all powerful, why did he not make male genitals impotent to achieve an erection with anyone other than his wife to whom god bound him in marriage? If marriage is for procreation, why does their god not keep women barren (non-menstrual) until such time as god bestows his marital blessing on them. Nature apparently has a very different agenda than their “all powerful” god.
    People like Wildmon are un-serious individuals. They are incapable of understanding much in the world around them. They are passionate, but they are little more than a bloviating sphere of irrationality and ignorance.

  4. says

    And don’t forget who invented god…oh wait, we are right back where we started, talking semantics and basing our decisions on a book of fairy tales MADE UP BY PEOPLE.

  5. Jack M says

    The AFA could have used the money is cost for that ad to feed the hungry or donate to childcare organizations, but I guess they have their priorities all sorted out.

  6. Richard Harney says

    The AFA should probably use a different photo, since Michaelangelo, who was gay, painted the Sistine Chapel

  7. Fire with fire says

    The sky fairy never said one word about ‘marriage’ but there sure was tons of mentions of ‘wives’ with a ‘s’ as in many multiples, along with the ever present concubines, and fathers having sex with their daughters or selling/trading their virgin daughters. But let’s not mention any of that. Any & all matter of hetero debauchery is A-OK with the sky fairy.

  8. mike/ says

    if god invented marriage where is the patent? and how do they account for marriage with people who either have no ‘god’ or a different god?

  9. Gerry says

    Oy Vey… They see their anti-gay revenue stream drying up, so they’re beating the bushes going after those last donations before people realize they’ve been fleeced. All of these anti-gay laws are going to backfire also. Businesses will start posting signs saying all people are welcome, spend your money here. Those that don’t will start losing business. People generally don’t like to associate with bigots.

  10. MiddleoftheRoader says

    In some respects, we should be thrilled about ads like this one. When the Supreme Court issues a ruling, the more that it perceives “marriage” as being limited to opposite sex couples due exclusively to religious reasons, the more likely a pro-marriage equality decision will result. The ad undermines the arguments of MI, TN, KY and OH that there are non-religious reasons for limiting marriage.

  11. Dawson says

    Do we have a list of people or company’s who are funding/donating to the AFA?

    Also why are we not asking the AFA and others who use a religious argument if they also believe that we should outlaw divorce? Should we stone people who commit adultery too?

    Is marriage clearly mentioned in the Bible?

  12. Jus sayin says

    What fools.
    They use a painting by a gay man in an anti-gay ad.
    Nothing is too stoopid for AFA.

  13. Despicable Me says

    In eight thousand years of recorded human history there are over 32,000 ‘gods’ invented by man in his ignorance as an explanation for everything from why men have boils to why the sun goes down.

    Pay attention kids. Ignorance will enslave you.

  14. Ted says

    ““[Marriage has] forever been one man/one woman and it forever will be one man/one woman – according to nature, according to God, according to the Bible, and according to most religious traditions.” — It would appear that Mr. Tim Wildmon has never actually read his bible. He’s not a good Christian.

  15. Chrislam says

    ….and God also knitted Jonathan’s soul with David’s. Scalia should remember that when he deliberates.

  16. Chrislam says

    ….and God also knitted Jonathan’s soul with David’s. Scalia should remember that when he deliberates.

  17. edude says

    Of course the irony of the AFA using a painting by Michelangelo – a renowned queer – as an illustration in their advert is completely lost on them.

    Of course things like this are the bellows of a dying beast, nevertheless it is all painful to hear.

  18. jamal49 says

    Hell! And all this time I thought God was a woman! Anyway, marriage is man-made all the way. And, those christian reprobates need to be reminded that their “god” raped a young maiden, forced her to bear “his” child and, most importantly, did NOT marry her. Not the kind of “god” I’d want running the marriage racket, ya know?

  19. Truth to lies says

    In what state of ignorance does a civilization based on law allow the premise that someone can claim absolutely anything they want and it will be given credence as long as it’s exclaimed as ‘god’s will’?

    Stop the ignorance.

  20. Dback says

    A marriage license is a government document basically saying two people shall now be regarded as one corporate entity (property, holdings, legal issues, etc.) in the eyes of the law. A marriage CEREMONY might be religious, or not, depending on one’s ideas about covenant, etc. But no one is forcing churches to marry gay people, that’s a violation of their 1st Amendment rights–repulsive though that may be. Still, these religious people think they have a right to turn the tables and interfere in government issues.

    What these people really want is a theocracy–as long as they get to dictate the terms of said theocracy. Muslims or Jews or pagans, no; liberal Christians, no; only evangelical or “Bible-believing” churches get to decide these things in their little world. They’re coming to the ugly realization that the U.S. may not be part of that world.

  21. Pink Panther says

    Fundamentalism requires blind obedience to belief. Sharia law requires adherence to fundamentalism.

    Science requires proof. A civil court of law requires proof.

    Which path do you want the leader of the free world to take going forward?

  22. SEan says

    wow, all this time the marriage debate has bee going on and these folks seem to have missed the obvious, Loving vs Virginia. Oh, and The separation of Church and state, in their beloved constitution, (which I realize only applies when it bolsters their argument, but still) sigh

  23. Bill says

    Funny that they would choose a picture suggesting that “God” is into polygamy, or at least orgies given the number of people clinging to him and their lack of clothes.

    Since Michelangelo was gay, we can assume he painted it that way to make fun of the Catholic Church but made sure it would go over their
    heads as a matter of self-preservation.

  24. ToThePoint says

    Actually marriage existed BEFORE christianity and god, so your imaginary friend did not design anything. And some of the marriages that existed BEFORE christianity were same-sex so your god plagiarized the design and modified (no royalties) it to be judgmental and exclusive to his/her needs to control you neanderthals.

  25. Gianni says

    Well, this nonsense does appeal to the faithful and, after all, they do send in the money that keeps these jokers flying high. I believe Adam and Eve were screwing long before God invented that marriage thing. Besides, man invented the wheel and God needed to do something with his time.

  26. jjose712 says

    Romans, Greeks and Egyptians all marry way before Jesus.

    They can shout their nonsense as much as they want but that doesn’t make it true

  27. Tarc says

    The AFA continues to show it’s insanity: the church (or God) didn’t invent marriage. Period. Full stop. And it had nothing to do with love, or commitment, children, religion, God, or anything other than the proper determination of the inheritance of property and goods. Nothing else.

  28. WALTER says

    how come these manage only to read the parts of the bible that suits their purpose remember slave owners that very book to help justify slavery. willing to bet 95% of the hypocrites eat pork , shellfish lobster , how many of the women were virgins at the time they got married and how many of the men have committed adultery

  29. Bill says

    @Walter: the New Testament (according to Christians) removed the prohibitions in the Old Testament, treating them as “dated” (and that was 2000 years ago). They’ll quote Mathew 15:11, which says, “It’s not what goes into your mouth that defiles you; you are defiled by the words that come out of your mouth.” That is used as a justification for Christians eating pork and shellfish. Of course, one can argue that this makes a oral sex OK as well, but let’s not go there (and the Fundamentalist Christians certainly won’t).

    Of course, it gets more complicated: the “gospels” are Christianity 1.0. Then Paul came along and added his own spin on it, creating Christianity 2.0. Then Constantine decided that Christianity would be an official Roman religion, and pulled all the prelates together and told them to hash it out and come up with a standard version that everyone in the empire could use. That gave us Christianity 3.0, with the “Nicene Creed” and doctrines such as “The Holy Trinity.” Then the Catholic Church realized that there was money that could be made by selling “indulgences,” so they made up “purgatory” with a fee to buy a “get out of jail” card for rakish, deceased relatives. This was a brilliant move – if you want to make people feel guilty about something so they’ll pay you, what better choice is there than sex? That, and some extensions, gave us Christianity 4.0. It’s pretty much what we have today, with some minor variations (e.g., the Fundamentalist thing about the “rapture”, which was made up by some preacher only a few hundred years ago).