Benham Brothers Claim They Saved a Man From Homosexuality By Buying Him Cubs Tickets


Wannabe HGTV stars Jason and David Benham, who've become the darling twins of the loony, anti-gay crowd, have found the cure for homosexuality: baseball tickets.

“We had so many people from the gay community reaching out to us and one man in particular from the city of Chicago reached out — and he said things to me that made me lose my appetite," said Said David Benham to a crowd at the National Religious Broadcasters convention recently. "But I simply responded in love."

“After a little conversation back and forth, I found out he loved baseball … and I got him tickets to a Cubs game,” Benham continued. “He shot me a Facebook post and said, ‘I was not expecting that — and I’ve been thinking a lot about this. I’ve chosen to walk away from my lifestyle.’”

The Blaze adds the story received a round of applause from the audience before the brothers went on to talk about how the nation has begun to "slowly turn our back on God."

Maybe they need to start buying everyone sports tickets?


  1. talibaptist says

    So let me get this “straight”: I can make the CHOICE to be heterosexual just from the gift of baseball tickets?! Where does god fit into THAT scenario,David?

  2. Alex Parrish says

    Ignorance — even well-meaning ignorance — is still ignorance. “I chose to walk away from that lifestyle” is a statement born and bred of ignorance about our lives. These men are basking in their ignorance and it is dangerous to the young and the weak among us. Part of me just wants to laugh about how ignorant they are and pass it off as silly, but part of me still worries about the young people who will take their ignorance to heart and what that will men for those young people. I have no doubt that there will be blood on their hands as a result of their ignorance.

  3. Morris says

    ….when the Empire crosses his arms and shouts out ” YOUR OUT ”

    Mind you I never understood Sports and it’s logic. Also “terrible” in Gym Classes.

    The “concept” of the games I did understand but the practice of most of them totally lost me.

    BUT it I love to Ski. That’s a one person personal sport.

  4. Geoff says

    Yup. Same thing happened to me! When I was 6 someone gave me tickets to see Donna Summer and I’ve been gay as a goose ever since! It’s all about the tickets. Be careful.

  5. Kevin P says

    Going to Cubs games never made me attracted to women. Sounds like a scam. Who knew you could just say Jesus and it’d get you tickets to sporting events?!

  6. Miguel Correa says

    Call them out on this! What was his name? Which game was this? Where’s the receipt for these tickets? Provide substantial proof.

    Call them out on this! The myth they are perpetuating about gay men not being into sports in the first place is bs. Many of us participate in sports, are sports fans, grew up on sports.

    Call them out on this! They are bearing false witness on their neighbors. They are spreading lies for monetary gain and pride.

  7. Jeremiah says

    So the Benhams can cure ‘Deh Gayz’ with a bribe?

    Okay. I’ll be straight for 2.5 Million dollars, Cauz Gawd wants it that way.

    Benhams: You can Make the check out to:

    Jeremiah Bullfrog
    666 Illuminati Way
    Gaygenda, Gaygorgia,

  8. Here's the thing says

    They cured his homosexuality by treating him to a game of baseball. Cheap theatrics. What more do you expect from boys raised on bad drama. Like the bad drama of their holy book, the bad drama of their chosen god.
    The one that murders children, burns entire cities to show favoritism, requires male babies to be circumcised so he can recognize them as sons of the demented Abraham, destroys all the people on Earth but makes a huge effort to save the animals. The one that creates universes with the a breath of his nostrils but has to physically wrestle with Moses. The one that sends diseases to inflict the minds of the elderly, the hearts of newborns. That allows his ‘chosen’ to be enslaved. The god of love.

    Hey, at the very least they didn’t claim to ‘cure’ him by laying on hands or raising someone from the dead like Jindal’s self-proclaimed charlatan.

  9. says

    Harry Caray, tabbed me the #1 Cubs Fan in 1987,and last year I received the Hilda Award,named after the famed fan of the Brooklyn Dodgers(known for her Cowbell)and in 2013 was inducted into the National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame and the year before that The Chicago Senior Citizen HoF and in 1998 to the Die-Hard Cubs Fan HoF and in 1991 to the S.F. Gay Softball HoF and I outed myself nationally in 1977 when I created the Anita Bryant’s Husband is a Homo Sapien! T-Shirt and I have been a Cubs fan since 1945! And the Cubs was the first team to have an OUT at the Ballpark Day back in 2001.So going to a Cubs game never cured me because there’s nothing to cure and hopefully I get a chance to meet that fan and I’ll prove he’s still gay today and always!

  10. Fire with fire says

    I could see tent revivals in their future and probably some of that laying on hands healing nonsense. Big money in that and it’s all tax free. Cause ‘religion’.

    Wake up America.

  11. dommyluc says

    Love the pic. Those are exactly the kind of braindead, inbred, needledicked tricks that Supreme Closet Case of Texas Rick Perry would pick up.

  12. Bernie says

    These brothers live in the world of denial, lies and minimization….I went to a football game and I am still gay! ! Can you imagine these brothers responding in the way they described!?!?! lol….roflmaof

  13. MickyFlip says

    Interesting. And not convinced either. But they got someone tix so I’m sure he was grateful and would lie to make them feel better as well. So all is good in the world again. Next

  14. Ugh says

    Well, I guess conversion therapy is a little easier to swallow if it’s just a Cubs game…

    If you are a Christian and you have homosexual tendencies, you should be allowed to waste your money and resources and sanity on these “therapies” or outlets to contain your desires. Seriously.

    You’d also be an idiot. So, get out of my community.

  15. me says

    Those Benham boys are about as real as reality tv.
    These CPAC/Tea Party Republicans, with their hatred and lies, are slowly but very surely bringing an end to the party.

  16. gregorybrownn says

    I recall the debates concerning allowing boys to take home ec classes and girls enrolling in shop classes. School boards across the country ha frequently rancorous debates. In one case, a coach was quoted saying that boys learning to cut sandwiches “girl style” i.e. diagonally instead of straight across the bread would lead to social disorder and perversions. He might have been right. This de-gendering of traditional classes happened in the Seventies, mostly, and the result is a big uptick in queerness, including the bewildering growth of Transism. So it makes sense that returning to traditional gender values in sport, work and entertainment could reverse the perceived rot. Life IS lifestyle.

  17. woodroad34 says

    The thing is, these idiots think that anyone who isn’t an adherent of their cult of moral baseness, hatred, backwardness and venality is turning their back on god. Sounds like they’ve already done it. Conservative 180 degree thinking and projecting.

  18. woodroad34 says

    Oh, and let’s find out who this “Cubs fan” is. I’m sure they got free tickets and then (if it happened at all) laughingly told them they had converted. Gay irony is lost on these fools.

  19. BillinSonoma says

    such an odd trio in such an interesting pseudo-homoerotic pose. Daddy issues ?? With all those Perry rumors over the years, it just makes you wonder ….

  20. Here's the thing says

    So if all it takes is tickets to a sporting event for gays to find Jeebus then Tony Perkins & all the rest of the haters surely won’t have any objections to banning ‘conversion’ therapy, eh?

    You do believe them right Tony? They wouldn’t ‘lie for Jeebus’ would they? And go on National TV and tell this story.

  21. DannyEastVillage says

    crap like this seems always to be driven by unsavory history or unreckoned-with desires – or both. Can’t help wondering what the Benham boys used to get up to – and maybe still do – with each other when they were teenagers. Okay I admit it: for me it’s a delicious fantasy. There. I’ve said it.

  22. DannyEastVillage says

    @ Patrick: a c’mon–can’t they both be gay? PLEEZE? I love thinking about them mounting and making out with each other well into the night after their wives have gone to bed.

  23. EchtKultig says

    Exactly Danny. You just know when these two experimented as teens, they liked it…a lot. As I’ve said before, the right-wing attacks on gay agency are becoming ever more farcical. We’re WAY beyond Onion territory now. At the rate we’re going, in 2-3 years we can expect headlines like “Catholic bishop determines that an early belief in unicorns can cause gay sexuality; suggests banning all books mentioning unicorns from Catholic schools”.

  24. JJ says

    I don’t think folks here get the story. It’s a Christian dog whistle full of theological symbolism. The detail about the baseball tickets is purely incidental. I’ll translate…

    “We had so many people from the gay community reaching out to us” – The wicked masses beckoned to them. Think Sodom and Gomorrah immersed shoulder deep in a roiling orgy of its depraved inhabitants writhing and reveling in wicked perversions.

    “he said things to me that made me lose my appetite” – A wicked man tried to tempt him from the path of Jesus, which made him suffer (as Jesus suffered).

    “But I simply responded in love.” – He channeled Jesus.

    “I got him tickets to a Cubs game” – He showed the man Christian kindness. Unlike ordinary kindness, _Christian_ kindness has magic powers that flow from Jesus.

    “I’ve been thinking a lot about this. I’ve chosen to walk away from my lifestyle.” – Christian hocus-pocus unleashed the Holy Spirit, which worked its magic on the sinful man. It freed him from the wickedness that blinded him so he could see the light of Jesus.

    His story sounds simple-minded and childish and ridiculous to reasonable people. But Christians like him really _believe_ the Jesus magic they were taught as children. They’ve never outgrown it, so—sadly—these stories seem perfectly reasonable to them.

  25. Bill says

    Can they save me from homosexuality by buying me opera tickets?

    I’m a difficult case. I’ll need a full season subscription with a box at the center of the
    opera house. OK – it’s pricey but surely they can send around that collection plate.

    After all, it doesn’t hurt to ask …

  26. jamal49 says

    One wonders what the gay man said to David Benham that made him lose his appetite. Sad assholes still don’t get it: one is born gay. You can’t change your “orientation”. It’s not a “lifestyle”. It’s not a “choice”. Period. End of discussion. The only choices people make in that crowd is to become a “born-again christian”. Speaking from experience, THAT is a VERY unhealthy lifestyle choice. Evangelicals are frauds. Deceptive, vindictive, devious frauds.

  27. Chapps says

    There is nothing about this story that has a single ring of truth about it. If a gay man did reach out to him, I’m sure there was a far different interaction involved. I can’t stand self-loathing closet cases.

  28. Icebloo says

    So will I turn straight if I buy myself Cubs tickets or do I have to receive them from someone who is as dumb as a rock, dishonest & looks uglier than a chimp ?

  29. Just_a_guy says

    I can’t unsee this. The Benhams Are creepy gross. I also like the Cubs less now. And Rick Perry is disgusting.

    They’re not just dumb: the Benhams, Rick Perry, the idiot dude supposedly “converted”–they’re all doing substantial harm. It’s not God. It’s definately the Devil the Benhams obey. Make no mistake.


  30. Drew says

    This is so funny. So the guy has a baseball fetish and one or both of these “straight” guys were talking to him about it. Come out, come out!

  31. Bill says

    @Icebloo : I’m holding out for season tickets at the opera with the best seats in the house! Why not ask for the moon?

    I’ll claim to be straight if they give me that, as there’s a precedent. At one point some fans were discussing a statue of Rossini, and when he heard what the price was, he said (more or less), “For that much, I’ll stand on the pedestal.”

  32. Joel says

    Jesus H. Christ….

    Should expect this kind of reaction to the story given the site and subject – also, internet – but that doesn’t mean it’s rational.

    Person savagely attacks Christian brothers for their stances on homosexuality and same sex marriage.

    Brothers respond with kindness, not defensiveness, personal attacks and insults.

    Story gets around that said response and interactions that followed, surprised the man who had attacked them, and that he was eventually persuaded by them to convert to their beliefs.

    Cries of derision, insults and person attacks against the brothers follow.

    This is rational?

    Who are you or I to judge the hearts of those brothers, or the man they supposedly converted? Who are we to say that their beliefs can only, conceivably, possibly arise from ignorance or hatred, especially given the actions of people overseas, often in the face of severe persecution, who share similar beliefs? Is there some magical filter that cleaves such beliefs from men of courage, principle, and sefl-sacrifice when they cross the borders of the ‘developed’ world? 😀

    For better and worse, if people had no control in the shaping of the core tendencies of their character, or of the state of their psyche, then the most hardened sadists would be guiltless, sufferers of obsessive compulsive disorders would be at the mercy of drugs alone, Leonardo Di Caprio would not have spent some time recovering from a case of real ocd resulting from his efforts to get in character for the role of Howard Hughes – one could go on.

    Ask Christopher Nolan about the impact of his efforts to do likewise for the role of the Joker. :-( Our actions and persistant thoughts constantly shape who we are becoming. The world shapes the consequences, but we are freer agents than many wish to claim.

    I see nothing prima face bizarre in the story as I understand it. For better or worse. Or obviously hateful or deceptive, site unseen, of the brothers at it’s center.

    Btw, if no ‘true’ Scotsman – er, that is, no true member of the LGBT community – has ever said they choose to walk away from those activities and outlook, can it also be claimed that ‘no true Christian’ is a hardened bigot, race-baiter, rumor-monger, scare-monger, purveyor of witch-hunts or willing pursuer of anything at root contrary to love, boldness and truth? 😀 The two claims would seem to be rather analogous. ;-P

  33. Craig S says

    Hey, I’ve had people buy me tickets to baseball games before. And hockey games too. But I was still gay the last time last I checked.

    Oh, wait, does it only make you straight if they’re bought for you by silly conservative Christian reality show hosts — and not if they’re bought for you by other gay men and/or your own dad?

  34. Daniel says

    Wow. That is so thoroughly stupid. I don’t believe it for a second but I want to hear from this idiot who “walked away from his lifelstyle” directly to verify this “story”.

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