Franklin Graham Urges Bigot Conference To ‘Not Shut Up’ In War On Gay Rights: VIDEO

Held in Orlando, Florida last weekend, the Awakening Conference was a veritable who’s who of hate groups and anti-gay bigots coming together because they are “united by love for our country’s freedom and our faith in Christ”


Held in Orlando, Florida last weekend, the Awakening Conference was a veritable who’s who of hate groups and anti-gay bigots coming together because they are “united by love for our country’s freedom and our faith in Christ.”

This year’s theme was “Rebuilding The Wall.” It’s not clear what the wall represents but given that speakers included Mat Staver, the frankly ridiculous Benham Brothers and Janet Boynes we can safely assume it’s a giant fence of ignorant bigotry holding back a growing tide of common sense and acceptance.

Right Wing Watch reports that the best received speaker was Franklin Graham (above), son of hate speaker Billy.

Demonstrating that this small group of vicious homophobe Christians just hate gay people, Graham Junior railed against pastors and churches for giving up on condemning homosexuality:

“Let me tell you something. A lot of pastors have quit preaching against homosexuality. You know why? I’ll tell you why. Because they are afraid that there may be some man or woman in the congregation whose son or daughter is gay.

“Don’t shut up, guys. You don’t shut up. If the people that are coming after you, ‘yak, yak, yak,’ and they want to run you out of church, then let them run you out of church. Go to another church, let them have that church. I’ll tell you what, God will bless you and he’ll honor you if you speak up and you tell the truth.

“There’s a battle to fight. And the battle, listen, it’s not against flesh and blood, all right? This is a spiritual battle. We’re fighting Satan and his demons and let me tell you something, they have got their way into government, they have got their way into every level of our government.”

Last year, old charmer Graham praised Vladimir Putin for his moral treatment of homosexuals as pedophiles and said that gay people don't "adopt" children so much as "recruit" them.

Watch Graham spew his vicious hate in the guise of religion, AFTER THE JUMP

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  1. says

    Question: Is this site a news site or personal blog? Let the facts speak for themselves. Using descriptive like “bigots” “spew” and “vicious” take away from the important information you’re trying to convey. It comes off as histrionic and sensational. We know these guys are assholes. They’re showing us that with their actions. We don’t need you to jump and and down and point at it.

    I feel like I’m reading a Fox News article describing a gay pride rally. This makes us look no better than them. We’re better than that. Let’s try harder next time, shall we?

  2. The milkman says

    I don’t think “shutting up” is something these fools have been concerned about. Let them say their hateful crap. They’re just having trouble getting their heads around the fact that their homophobia is now socially unacceptable.

  3. pete n sfo says

    The Grahams and their ‘brand’ are so damaged, let’s hope we never have to see him again on any national platform.

    His father hated Jews and said so. It came out on the Nixon White House tapes.

    The son is a d-bag workin’ his best angle.

    It’s not unlike some of MLK’s kids. Sometimes nepotism is a biyatch.

  4. Jon says

    The use of words like “hate” and “bigot” and “vicious hate” are getting really old. Just report the news, please. I stopped reading other Gay “News” Blogs because their incessant negativity and attempts at Yellow Journalism got too much to bear. I’m down to this one site. I can just as easily stop reading this site, too…then I’ll be down to zero.

    I guess if the writers here at Towleroad would rather drive people away who are open to listening to what you have to say so that they don’t listen anymore, then so be it. But that doesn’t help your long-term goals, it seems to me.

  5. Jus sayin says

    The usual cast of Dominionist Neocons. Their most fervent hope is to somehow bind the US in their willful delusion. Laws that younger and future generations could easily disagree with and change are now constitutional amendments. Cause no one ever should disagree with their infallible views.

  6. jamal49 says

    So, Franklin, it’s “not about flesh and blood”, it’s about “fighting Satan and his demons”? So glad you cleared that up. However, I’m pretty certain that if your Tea Batty Republican cohorts were to take control of the federal government at least via the ballot box in the beginning, you’d turn it into a “flesh and blood” war pretty quickly. I think you did too much coke back in the day, Franklin, and Jesus forgot to heal your ass.

    @JON I agree with you. Please TW, just the facts. I can do without the biased comments about our enemies. Simple identification will do. The hyperbole takes away from your reporting.

  7. Is this your Christianity says

    ‘You’re not a true Christian’
    Smacks of desperation. When you resort to condemning your fellow believers for doing exactly what Jesus would do it’s pretty telling.

  8. RonCharles says

    I bet that he was a Happy Camper when he heard that the Presbyterian Church USA voted for full gay marriage and showed him, in contrast to his own beliefs, what true, loving Christianity is all about.

  9. Jim says

    Franklin Graham is the no-talent, grifter son of a famous father. He’s spent his entire life trying to cash-in on his father’s fame. He stirs up anti-Muslim hate for fun and profit; he does the same thing against gays; if racism was still popular, he’d be drumming up anti-black hate–provided he could earn bucks doing so. As long as Bible-thumping yokels have a dollar in their pocket, Franklin Graham will be right there trying to pick that pocket. Franklin Graham will do and say anything to make a buck because he believes in nothing but himself–and money.

  10. Shlomo says

    If they really want to tell the truth, they should stop preaching the false messiah. The real messiah will usher in the messianic age (without a 2000 year delay), be a descendant of the Davidic kings (not possible with an alleged virgin birth), have offspring, and will even repent for his own personal sins (which is contrary to what Christians teach).

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