John Boehner And Nancy Pelosi Read Mean Tweets About Themselves: WATCH

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You know that look that John Boehner gets on his face from time to time? No, no, not the crying one, the other one. You know–that freshly tanned look where he just radiates a healthy orange glow? Well if you aren’t familiar with it already, Speaker Boehner’s here to describe it to you in the latest installment of "Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves."  He’s joined by Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi who’d like to kindly remind everyone that she’s not, in fact, a senator.

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Check out the video here AFTER THE JUMP

(h/t NBC News)



  1. Mike says

    Besides being ANYTHING but mean. I wonder if someone did not switch the tweets. Boehner is world famous for being super ORANGE and Pelosi has had such an overkill of plastic surgery that her face is in danger of breaking if she even tried to smile. Here they are both shown in their own PR photos with heavy Photo Shop.

  2. emjayay says

    Once again, here we go with the TR Debbie Downers.

    If Nancy Pelosi got a nip and tuck, who cares? She’s old. Lots of people do. If you have it done correctly it doesn’t do anything to facial mobility. It just removes the slack in facial skin and underlying muscles that has crept in over the years.

    Actually, knowing something about the subject, I once went through a lot of photos of her through the years and couldn’t spot it – not even around the eyes.

  3. emjayay says

    Oh, and Debbie #1: A person can spend a few minutes on PR and still do their job. For example, Nancy Pelosi is about the hardest working and most effective congressperson and house leader there is.

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