Louis Virtel Verbally Vogues His Way Through ‘Jeopardy!’ – WATCH

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Every so often a Jeopardy! contestant comes along who embodies all that is well and good with deep trivia knowledge and pop culture awareness. There was IBM’s Watson who proved that there was basically no use in trying to compete with a super computer. Then there was Kat Deabill who introduced your Jeopardy! loving grandparents what shade was all about. Thankfully, the trend of badass Jeopardy! contestants lives on with one Louis Virtel, a popular web writer and YouTube personality known for his series Verbal Vogueing.

You’re doing yourself a huge disservice if you aren’t checking out his work, but for those unfamiliar with him, his recent appearance on Jeopardy is the perfect introduction.

Watch Louis Virtel slay the Jeopardy! game (and the American public) AFTER THE JUMP



  1. says

    Virtel is a national treasure, and he single-snappedly inspired and gave hope, visibility and courage to millions of young folks out there who saw a bright, funny, quick and PROUD man. Being himself. And being loved for it.

    I can’t imagine how thrilled I’d have been to have seen this episode of Jeopardy when i was a young’un.

    kudos, brother!

    and it was already huge news on reddit, so if any trolls think that they can throw shade his way, you’re too late and Virtel’s already got your number: the only haters are permanent basement-dwelling cowards.

  2. coolbearinmd says

    I’d just like to say that I was on Jeopardy in 1992, and I was plenty gay. Really, really gay. So gay my friends said, “Wow, you were really gay on that show.” I insisted that television adds ten pounds of gayness.
    On the little blue card they give you, I put down as my #1 thing for Alex to ask me about that I volunteered at an HIV/AIDS clinic. But Alex asked me about something else, something less gay.

  3. Graphicjack says

    He missed an opportunity to do the Vogue rap with the Marilyn Monroe question. “What is Monroe… Dietrich and DiMaggio.. Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean, on the cover of a magazine…”

  4. says

    CoolBearInMD – Did you ever wonder why so many Jeopardy champions are white? Success in the game is very much tied to IQ and white people enjoy a significant IQ advantage over people of color, aka colored people, in IQ. I challenge anyone to name a Jeopardy champ who is Mex.

  5. Devon says

    Charles Pulliam Moore, you are more than welcome to claim this pseudo-male as “queer.”