Elizabeth Warren Blasts Scott Walker: ‘It is Our Job to Make Sure You Aren’t President’ – VIDEO

Elizabeth Warren

Speaking at a Connecticut Democratic fundraiser on Monday night, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) took aim at several of the Republican presidential candidates, but saved a special ire for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his calls for a federal marriage amendment.

“Scott Walker also has a vision. Also has a vision of what it means to be President. After the Supreme Court said on Friday that equal means equal and loving couples can marry and raise families, he vowed to fight on, saying, ‘No one wants to live in a country where the government coerces people to act in opposition to their conscience. Well, Scott Walker, if you believe the next president’s job is to encourage bigotry and to treat some families better than others, then I believe it is our job to make sure you aren’t president.”


    • IP says

      She may actually be more effective in a position like this, rather than running for President. Right now she can speak her mind in a way that would probably be different than if she was campaigning.

  1. BJ McFrisky says

    2008: Youth (Obama) trumps age (McCain)!
    2012: Youth (Obama) trumps age (Romney)!
    2015: Age (Warren, Hillary) trumps youth (Walker, Rubio . . . in fact, all of the Republican candidates are younger)!

    • says

      Fun fact: BJ also posts on Queerty and is well known on that site to come to the defense of every single anti-gay politician, closeted figure and gay Republicans who support anti-gay candidates.

      He’s just a conservative troll trying to stir up trouble. Ignore him.

  2. The Real Rick says

    Although I agree with her on many issues of substance, particularly the abuses of Wall Street, she unfortunately comes across many times as a bit hysterical, someone who can let her emotions get the best of her……which is one reason I don’t think she is or will ever be Presidential material…..

  3. Ryan says

    BJ, it’s no surprise to me that someone who’s anti-liberal would boil the election results down to such a grossly simplistic view. Age has nothing to do with my pick. The reason people made such a huge issue about McCain’s age and health issues is because that put Sarah Palin next in line for the presidency, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who’s more ill-equipped for that job.

    Age versus youth means nothing to this latest crop of Republican candidates, considering they all have ignorance in spades. Even Rand Paul, who used to be more tolerable because of his libertarian leanings on social issues and the war, is now parroting what all the rest are saying because he knows it’s his only chance at snagging votes among that crowd.

  4. says

    You conveniently ignored Reagen who was the oldest president in history. I guess you must have an explanation for that. But don’t make up rules where there is none.

  5. says

    Real Rick:
    The reactions of people like Ted Cruz and Mike Huckerbee to SCOTUS gay marriage decision seems quite calm and rational.

  6. says

    Real Rick:
    If you go by stereotypes. a woman president is less likely to invade Iraq or any other places than a president like GW Bush. In general, a woman may be “hysterical”, they are less likely to resort to violence.