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CNN To Air Political Quiz Show Hosted By Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper Jeopardy

Well this is different. According to TVNewser CNN has plans to create a politics-themed quiz show, blocking and testing of which took place this week at CNN's New York studios. The show will be a quiz-style show evidently in the theme of Jeopardy!, will focus on presidential politics, and be hosted by Anderson Cooper.

The first episode will air on Presidents' Day, February 16th, and will go into further production if it is well-received.

Stand by for Cooper's redheaded bestie Kathy Griffin to have a field day with this.

Anderson Cooper Schools Anti-Gay Pastor Larry Tomczak On 'The Gay Agenda' - VIDEO


Anderson Cooper addressed anti-gay pastor Larry Tomczak and his ridiculous allegations about media and the "gay agenda" yesterday in his "Ridiculist" segment. You'll recall that Tomczak accused Cooper of "boasting" about his sexuality, alleged that Ellen DeGeneres has Taylor Swift on her show to lure young girls, and suggested that kids watch classic television shows like "I Love Lucy" and "Leave It To Beaver" to avoid the gay brain-washing endemic in contemporary popular media.

Cooper snarked, "I’ve never actually been to the secret meeting where the gays plot their agenda, though I imagine the catering is quite amazing. But thanks to someone named Larry Tomczak, my eyes have been opened." Cooper then took Tomczak to task for his obsession with 'gay TV' and his belief in the deviance of "the gay lifestyle," saying that what gay people want is not to indoctrinate children but rather "to be able to live their lives with the same kinds of rights and responsibilities as everyone else."

Cooper goes on to suggest Tomczak watch TLC's "My Husband's Not Gay" to see homosexually-oriented men denying their impulses. Cooper skewers the more absurd suggestions put forth by some of the men on that show. For instance, that you can't be a father and have children and be called "Daddy" if you're gay: "If you’re a gay guy who wants to be called 'Daddy' you don’t necessarily have to be married to a woman. I’m just sayin’." And as for the suggestion made by one "not gay" Mormon husband that homosexuality is like having a perpetual craving for donuts? Cooper quipped, "Who’s the donut in that analogy by the way? I think he needs to throw something else in there, perhaps a bear claw."

Watch the spot on skewering, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Bigot Larry Tomczak Recommends 'I Love Lucy' To Deflect Anderson Cooper's Nasty Child-Focused Gay-Rays: VIDEO


File this one under batshit crazy: “Christian” author Larry Tomczak has warned parents against a television “tsunami” aimed at promoting homosexuality to the American public.

Last year, Larry claimed that God punishes gay people by making gay men more effeminate and lesbians more "mannish."

06d2d06d9dbafd844ef9604d469c74c7According to Gay Star News, in a column on the Christian Post Tomczak argued that shows like Glee and Modern Family “promote” homosexuality (Ellen DeGeneres and Anderson Cooper are also to blame) and LGBT rights groups “have multimillion-dollar budgets and work aggressively to convince Americans that homosexuality is a beautiful way of life – maybe for your child or grandchild?”

Not mentioned is the multimillion dollar anti-gay industry spearheaded by the likes of Scott Lively and Matt Barber.

However, parents worried that Anderson Cooper might send magic gay waves through the plasma screen needn’t worry because Tomczak has a solution - kids should only be allowed to watch shows from a bygone era before positive depictions of gay people:

“Purchasing wholesome DVD series and streaming selected programs are great alternatives.

The Fugitive, Gunsmoke, Little House on the Prairie, I Love Lucy and other award-winning shows are all available and cheap. My son has two adopted young boys who are growing up with Wally, Larry Mondello, Eddie Haskell and the Beaver and can't wait till the next episode!”

What are the boys watching when dad’s not around, Larry? 

Watch Larry's hilarious dystopian "Is Gay OK? 10 Things Everyone Needs to Know," AFTER THE JUMP...

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Kathy Griffin Dishes on Her New Year's Eve Three-Way Dinner With Anderson Cooper and Ryan Seacrest: VIDEO

Kathy Griffin and David Letterman

For the past several years Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper have hosted the New Year's Eve broadcast from Times Square, but last week she dished to David Letterman about her menage a trois dinner before the broadcast that also included Ryan Seacrest.

In her usual biting style Griffin discusses her confirmation that Seacrest is indeed a robot, the best way to embarrass Cooper at a restaurant, and what it's like to be in between high-minded discussions between an Emmy Award-winning news broadcaster and the host of American Idol.

It's shameless gossip and entertaining as hell, and you can watch it AFTER THE JUMP...

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Anderson Cooper Prepares To Ditch The Scruff For New Year's Eve: PHOTO


Anderson Cooper is getting ready for his annual gig hosting CNN's New Year's Eve coverage, preparations that include saying goodbye to his vacation scruff. 

Wrote Cooper on Instagram with the above pic, "Vacation over. Now I have to shave." Standards and practices apparently dictates a clean-shaven Cooper at all times. 

You'll recall that Cooper has hosted CNN's New Year's Eve programming alongside Kathy Griffin in recent years. Griffin has tried to get Cooper fired each time, usually offering up at least one outrageous moment per broadcast. She vows to continue her efforts to get Cooper sacked or, barring that, at the very least, "harm him...emotionally." 

Watch a re-cap of some of the duo's most memorable moments from their New Year's Eve duties, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gay Iconography: What You Said In 2014


When I started writing Gay Iconography in late 2013, I hoped to explore why some celebrities and artists held mass appeal — not to be confused with universal appeal, mind you — within the gay community. Over time, what began as a light-hearted feature celebrating these stars with a few YouTube clips became a lightning rod of conversation and, shall we say, spirited debate.

The original premise, as stated in the early posts, was to “present a proposed iconic figure or character and then ask you to weigh in with your thoughts.” The second half of the stated mission — asking you to weigh in with your thoughts — is what’s made it most interesting for me.

This year, the first full calendar year of the column, Gay Iconography has received more than 1,300 comments (and, yes, I read them all). I thought it would be interesting to look back at lessons learned from these conversations and see if we’re any closer to recognizing what draws some of us to these cultural cornerstones.

The conversation may not have always been nuanced (and, of course, it did occasionally devolve into name-calling and flamewars like any comments section on the Internet), but there have been some surprising revelations. For example, while I had expected some controversial choices like Queen Latifah and Donna Summer to be met with criticism, and I could have anticipated younger picks like Robyn or Frank Ocean to be easily dismissed, I was still surprised to see people deny the impact of, say, Cher, Madonna or Dolly Parton. There’s always room to debate the merits of any one individual, but it seemed at times as if some folks aimed to refute the existence of a unique LGBT culture to represent at all.

However, looking back over the comments from this year, some trends do start to emerge as to what some might consider a gay icon. See some of the most prevailing ideas perpetuated in the comments and let us know if you agree, AFTER THE JUMP

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