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This Documentary Film Chronicling the Surreal Life of Celebrity Impersonators Will Have You Seeing Stars: VIDEO


With every celebrity comes hundreds of impersonators and look-a-likes. 

"There's a statistic somewhere in the world that says you have approximately two dozen to thirty-six doppelgangers in the world," states Bill Clinton impersonator Dale Leigh in the new film Just About Famous. The documentary, which recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign and is currently making its way through the film festival circuit, chronicles the surreal life of Leigh and other celebrity impersonators as they converge at the annual Sunburst Convention for Celebrity Tribute Artists in Orlando, Florida.  

The film features some spot on impersonations of Elvis, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Lady Gaga, KISS, Madonna, Hugh Hefner, Barack Obama, Whoopi Goldberg, Dame Enda Everage, Britney Spears, and other A-listers. 

Check out the trailer and a Towleroad exclusive clip featuring Lady Gaga impersonator Betty Atchison, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Hillary Clinton Makes Her Announcement...on SNL: VIDEO


Kate McKinnon opened SNL by imagining the behind-the-scenes preparation for Hillary Clinton's expected 2016 announcement today. After coming off a little hard, she channels her inner, more humble Hillary.

With Hillary in charge, it will be a brand new White House.



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'90s Political Sex Farce 'Clinton the Musical' Opens Off Broadway: REVIEW

Clinton The Musical _13. Photos by Russ Rowland


Hillary may have just set up campaign digs in Brooklyn, but Bill’s two terms are getting a bawdy send-up across the river in Clinton the Musical, which opened Off Broadway at New World Stages last night. The loose-limbed romp down memory lane offers a Mad TV meets Cliff’s Notes-style recap of the scandals that rocked Mr. Clinton’s reign, from Whitewater to Lewinsky. But, it’s also an origin story for the Clinton on everyone’s lips, and in the brilliantly zany hands of Kerry Butler (whose turn as Olivia Newton John’s character in Xanadu is the stuff of Broadway musical legends), the likely nominee for 2016 is a comedic force to be reckoned with.

Clinton The Musical _10. Photos by Russ RowlandFirst presented stateside at the 2014 New York Musical Theatre Festival (and previously in Edinburgh), the musical by Peter and Michael Hodge has plenty to delight, not least of all the kooky and charming Ms. Butler. While these may not be the first descriptors the former First Lady calls to mind, the scribes take (many) liberties in their behind-the-scenes peek at a national sex farce in era of dial-up modems and monochrome pantsuits. While Butler’s two rousing solo numbers are worth all that comes between, this is a story about Bill—or, rather, two dueling sides of him.

Clinton The Musical _02. Photos by Russ Rowland“In my whole life, I have only ever loved two men—and they happen to be the same man.” With her opening line, Hillary introduces two versions of the former president: one, “William Jefferson” (Tom Galantich), is upstanding and trustworthy, while the other, “Billy” (Duke Lafoon), likes French fries, sex, and thumbing his sax. The two are often on stage at once, meant to be just one person (at first, only Hillary can actually see Billy). But trying to wrap your head around the stage logic of this simple, two-sides-to-every-coin metaphor proves to be more trouble than it’s worth.

Shoehorning a (relatively) high-concept stage gag into what is otherwise a low satire proves to be an awkward endeavor. Quarrels between the two Bills, presumably meant as inner dialogue, offer little insight on the man’s thinking, and Hillary debating them both makes for an odd political threesome. It’s Billy (the id among the three), of course, who meets Monica (Veronica J. Kuehn), who the Hodges have written as a scheming, blow-up-doll of a character that makes for easy laughs but feels uncomfortably misogynistic.

Clinton The Musical _09. Photos by Russ RowlandThe musical’s score has its ups and downs (the opening number, entitled “Awful-Awesome,” is inadvertently and mostly accurate), and director Dan Knechtges (Tail! Spin!, Lysistrata Jones) makes fun use of a rotating set and recurring sight gags (including a life-sized cutout of Al Gore and a singing portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt). The show’s juiciest laughs come from its super villains, Newt Gingrich (a rotund and petulant John Treacy Egan), first seen scarfing marshmallow goo from the jar in the sub-sub-basement of Congress, and Kenneth Starr (a gleefully maniacal Kevin Zak), whose pursuit of Bill is as awesomely perverse as it is sinister.

With the real political stage about to light up, a silly escape to root for our heroes and vilify our opponents may be just what the 24-hour pundits ordered. And, focusing on Hillary (and the idiocy of her family's rivals) while allowing Bill to fade into the background may be perfect practice, too.

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Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) Says Activists Should Be Thankful Indiana Doesn't Execute Gays: VIDEO

Tom Cotton

Appearing on CNN Wednesday, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) said that critics of Indiana’s “right to discriminate” law should get “perspective” because the state doesn’t execute gay people, reports Think Progress.

Cotton also - incorrectly - suggested that Indiana’s law was the same as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) signed by President Clinton in 1993.

According to Indiana trial lawyer Matt Anderson, the Indiana law opens up “the path of least resistance among its species to have a court adjudicate it in a manner that could ultimately be used to discriminate.”

Yesterday, Dan Savage dismantled Cotton's argument in a segment over on MSNBC.

Watch both videos, AFTER THE JUMP...

Cotton has the dubious honor of support from the National Organization For Marriage.

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Bruce Springsteen, Chris Martin Step in for Bono at U2 'World AIDS Day' Concert in Times Square: FULL VIDEO


U2 played a surprise World AIDS Day concert for (RED) last night in Times Square but had some last minute substitutions.

Because Bono is still recovering from a November 16 bicycle accident in Central Park, the band announced via its Facebook page at 3 pm yesterday that Adam Clayton, The Edge and Larry Mullen Jr. would be joined by Chris Martin and Bruce Springsteen, who donated their time and talents.

Martin wore a t-shirt that read 'SUBSTITU2'.

Carrie Underwood and Kanye West performed as well. Former President Bill Clinton introduced the band.

Watch the full concert, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Judy Shepard Talks 'Incredible' LGBT Progress and Why She Thinks Bill Clinton Got 'Bad Advice' on DOMA - VIDEO


Judy and Dennis Shepard recently sat down with HuffPostLive to talk about the "incredible" LGBT progress made since Matthew's passing, as well as the new documentary film on their son - Matthew Shepard is a Friend of Mine

While there, Judy also shared her thoughts on Bill Clinton and why she think's "bad advice" played into him signing the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. 

Said Shepard:

I think in his heart he wanted to do the right thing and he knew what the right thing was, but the political advice was not right.  

Watch the full segment, which also includes Judy's thoughts on the GOP midterm election vicotry "setback" and whether she's planning on voting for Hillary in 2016, AFTER THE JUMP...

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