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Ben Affleck and Bill Maher Spar Over Radical Islam: VIDEO

Real time

Fireworks erupted on last night's Real Time, as Bill Maher - joined on the dais by Ben Affleck, journalist Nicholas Kristof, former RNC chairman Michael Steele, and religious critic/author Sam Harris - continued last week's discussion about the political correctness of "western liberals" when it comes to ignoring human rights abuses in the Muslim world. 

Maher and Harris voiced their belief that the problems with Islam are systemic, while Affleck (with occasional input from Kristol and Steele) pointed out rather forcibly that that kind of mentality paints all Muslims as radicals and ignores the work of moderates and reformers.

Watch the fiery debate, AFTER THE JUMP... 

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Bill Maher Attacks Political Correctness of 'Western Liberals' on Human Rights: VIDEO

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On Real Time, Bill Maher delivered a rant aimed at PC 'Western Liberals.' Maher complains that in terms of human rights, we tend to give small, domestic issues precedent over bigger, global ones.

The rant begins with the recent news of a teenager who is being targeted for "desecrating" a statue of Jesus — by posing with it so it looks like it's giving him fellatio (pictured). Maher says this news item makes his "heart swell with patriotism." Because this happened in America, Maher says, this kid is not going to be killed or jailed for his action.

Maher then addresses liberals who ignore human rights issues oversees under grounds of "multiculturalism":

To count yourself as a liberal, you have to stand up for liberal principals: free speech, separation of church and state...respect for minorities including homosexuals, rights for women... In America, we go nuts over the tiniest violations of these values, while gross atrocities are ignored across the world.

Maher points out that we complain about Jonah Hill saying "Suck my dick, faggot," but in other countries, actually sucking a dick can get you stoned to death.

Said Maher: "It all seems like a bigger issue than an evangelical bakery refusing to make gay wedding cakes." 

Ayaan Hirsi AliMaher ends the segment with the news that an ex-Muslim woman who'd gone through genital mutilation had been scheduled to speak at Yale last week, but was ultimately cancelled on. The reason: Yale Athiests, Humanists, and Agnostics protested this guest speaker, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, saying she "did not represent the totality of the ex-Muslim experience." Mahler responds to the claim, saying:

Meaning what? There are women who like mutilation? You're atheists, you should be attacking religion, not siding with people who hold women down and violate them, which apparently you defend in the name of 'multi-culturalism,' and then lose your shit when someone refers to Chaz Bono by the wrong pronoun.

What do you think of Maher's provocative comments? Want to watch the entire segment? Check it out AFTER THE JUMP... (strong language ahead)

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Minnesota's First Openly Transgender Candidate Paula Overby Releases Campaign Video - WATCH

Paula Overby

Paula Overby, who is believed to be the first openly transgender person to run for Congress from Minnesota, has released a Western-themed campaign video “This Is Paula Country.”

A quality assurance analyst from Eagan, Minnesota, Overby ran uncontested for the Independence nomination in the primary on August 12, 2014.

Pulling no punches, Overby, who is running for 2nd District Minnesota, says:

“People are fed up….We need to bring back freedom, individual liberties and individual responsibilities. We need representation that represents the people.  We have one of those representatives who really is not doing very much in Washington. [Republican incumbent John Kline has] forgotten what its like to live in our district.  I think it’s time to send that Representative back to Texas.”

According to, Kline has voted against gay employment protections, was twice in favor of amending the constitution with a gay marriage ban and has a 0 percent rating on gay issues from the Human Rights Campaign.

Earlier this month, Bill Maher announced that he will personally target Kline for defeat this November because he has voted to repeal Obamacare fifty-four times and is against - among other things - raising the minimum wage, stem cell research, same-sex marriage and funding for climate change studies.

Watch Overby’s campaign video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Colin Powell: The GOP Needs to Start Appealing to Minorities or Risks 'Running into a Brick Wall' - VIDEO


On the latest episode of Real Time, General Colin Powell sat down with Bill Maher for a frank discussion on GOP politics and how the Republican Party has alienated large segments of the general public in its bid to appeal to the far right-wing. 

When asked by Maher, "What happened to your party?" Powell responded:

"The party's taken a sharp turn to the right...and I've found increasingly over the past ten or fifteen years, the party has moved further away from somebody like me. And my lecturing to the party, and I've talked to senior officials with the party that if we are really going to be a successful party, particularly in presidential elections, you have got to start appealing to more than the base. And you definitely have to start appealing to minorities. Because the minorities are going to be the majority in about twenty years. Hello? Hello!"

Watch the full clip, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Bill Maher Announces Anti-gay Rep. John Kline (R-MN) As His 'Flip a District' Midterm Target: VIDEO


On a live taping of Real Time last night, Bill Maher announced Rep. John Kline (R-MN) as the “winner” of “Flip a District” - a mid-term election themed campaign segment that will see Maher personally target Kline for defeat this November.

As reasoning behind Kline’s pick, Maher noted Kline’s votes to repeal Obamacare fifty-four times, against raising the minimum wage, for shutting down he government, against stem cell research, against gay marriage, against funding climate change studies, and his role as the Chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce in perpetuating student debt (a subject that fellow HBO host John Oliver has also tackled in the past)

Watch the announcement, AFTER THE JUMP...

Kline, who has served as Representative for the southern suburbs of the Twin Cities since 2003, has received a 0% on every Human Rights Campaign Congressional Scorecard since coming into office.

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Bill Maher has a New Rule for the Dude Planning Ohio's Upcoming 'Straight White Guy' Festival - VIDEO

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 2.30.22 PM

A series of fliers advertising a "Straight White Guy Festival" have been popping up in Columbus, Ohio, but local residents and authorities are still unclear if it's real or a joke.

Regardless, Bill Maher wants people to realize that every day is 'Straight White Guy' festival in Columbus. And the Republican Party is hoping to tap into this oppressed community come 2016.

On Friday, RNC members cast a unanimous vote to make Cleveland the host of its 2016 national convention.


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