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Bill Maher has a New Rule for the Dude Planning Ohio's Upcoming 'Straight White Guy' Festival - VIDEO

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A series of fliers advertising a "Straight White Guy Festival" have been popping up in Columbus, Ohio, but local residents and authorities are still unclear if it's real or a joke.

Regardless, Bill Maher wants people to realize that every day is 'Straight White Guy' festival in Columbus. And the Republican Party is hoping to tap into this oppressed community come 2016.

On Friday, RNC members cast a unanimous vote to make Cleveland the host of its 2016 national convention.


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George Takei: Star Trek's Gene Roddenberry Wasn't Ready For a Gay Storyline

Screenshot 2014-07-23 13.36.27George Takei took some time out of his busy schedule of being generally awesome to stop by Bill Maher’s Real Time hot seat last Friday to talk about the gay-themed episode of Star Trek that never was. Takei, who was not publically out as a gay may while he was playing the role of Hikaru Sulu, claims that the cast and crew of the hit series were very well aware of his sexuality.

“But they were cool about it,” Takei explained. “Because they [knew] that if they made a public statement about it or made it very obvious then my career would be destroyed.”

Star Trek, known for pushing the conversation about a number of social issues forward through the use of allegory, wasn’t quite ready for a plotline dealing with homosexuality, Takei said. Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, to whom Takei pitched the idea, feared that in pushing the envelope too far, the show might run the risk of being cancelled and losing its ability to make any kind of social commentary.

Check out a clip for Takei's new documentary To Be Takei about his life on Star Trek and a gay cultural icon AFTER THE JUMP...

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Bill Maher Talks About Karl Rove’s ‘Murdered Gay Lover’ On ‘The View’: VIDEO


On ABC’s morning talk show The View, comedian and activist Bill Maher addressed the allegation thrown out last month by Republican strategist and mastermind Karl Rove that Hillary Clinton suffered brain damage during a hospital visit in 2012. On the topic of Hillary, Maher first said that he believes Clinton is definitely running for President in 2016 — “she wants to run like a tick wants blood” — and then turned to Rove’s incendiary statement and his quasi recantation: 

I mean look what Karl Rove did to her a couple weeks ago, bringing up brain damage and just saying, ‘well, I’m not saying she does, I’m just putting it out there.’ I wonder if Karl Rove’s gay lover that he murdered,” Maher said. “Oh, I’m not saying that’s definitely true, I’m just putting it out there.”

Watch the interview (which turns towards Hillary and Rove around the 2:27 mark), AFTER THE JUMP…

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Bill Maher on the Michael Sam ESPN Kiss: ‘The Culture War Is Over And We Won!’ - VIDEO

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During “New Rules” on Friday’s Real Time, Bill Maher spoke at length about his belief that liberals have won the culture war and should therefore ease off their apparent over-reliance on ‘political correctness’

DonjonesIn his speech, Maher singled out Miami Dolphins defensive back Don Jones, who was suspended and fined after tweeting “OMG” and “Horrible” in reaction to Michael Sam’s kiss with his boyfriend on ESPN.

Said Maher:

Folks, we had a televised, celebrated interracial gay kiss during the NFL draft. The culture war is over and we won…Which is why it was so unnecessary for so many to type what a jerk Don Jones was…give this kid a minute to get enlightened. He's 24. Think how stupid you were at 24. Okay now add football.

He added:

“A few weeks ago the CEO of Mozilla was forced to resign because it was revealed that in 2008 he supported Proposition 8 - California's ban on gay marriage. A bad law yes, but 52% of Californians supported it. Do they all have to resign? Obama was against gay marriage in 2008. Does he have to resign? Hillary came around just last year. Can she be president? You can’t purge everybody who doesn’t’ evolve exactly on the timetable you did”

Watch the segment, AFTER THE JUMP...

[via The New Civil Rights Movement]

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Bill Maher Tells Pussy Riot: Vladimir Putin Might Be Gay — VIDEO


Masha Alyokhina and Nadya Tolokonnikova of  Russian protest group Pussy Riot sat down with Bill Maher last night, Mediaite reports:

The extended conversation, with translation help from Tolokonnikova’s husband Petr Verzilov, touched on a lot of issues, but one particularly funny moment call when Maher asked the group, “What is with the gay hate over there?”

“Vladimir Putin talks a lot about, ‘we’ve got to check the gays,’” Maher continued. “And in my experience, any time somebody talks a lot about how we have to get the gays in line, I mean, it turns out that they’re really gay themselves. I mean, every time I see a picture of Putin, he’s got his shirt off.”

“People think that that might be the case,” Alyokhina said to Maher’s genuine surprise. “So far we haven’t seen his active side of that, in that area.”


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Bill Maher on Mozillagate: 'There is a Gay Mafia...If You Cross Them, You Do Get Whacked' — VIDEO


Bill Maher touched on the resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich last night on the "Overtime" portion of Real Time with Bill Maher. It's unclear how long the discussion went on about it but in a brief segment that appeared online a couple of Maher's guests, former Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA) weighed in, as well as Forbes magazine's Carrie Sheffield, who used one of the nonsensical responses being used by some in the right-wing - that Obama was still against gay marriage when Eich made his donation.

Maher nods his head, adding: "Good point. Also, I think there is a gay mafia. I think if you cross them, you do get whacked."


As far as the Obama point goes, Jeremy Hooper refuted that talking point the other day:

...look, President Obama was certainly wrong on marriage, something he himself now realizes...But the fact of the matter is that the Democratic candidates (and most Dems in general) opposed the abject and unconstituional nastiness that was and is Proposition 8 because, even when they had yet to come to their current places of support, they knew that altering governing documents for the sole purpose of limiting rights was a bad idea. Mr. Eich apparently felt otherwise.

By all means, defend Mr. Eich's actions and criticize his treatment. But stop lying about who was supposedly his compatriot in the Prop 8 battle. Barack Obama—who also opposed DOMA, backed ENDA and hate crimes legislation, and vowed to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell—was not on his team.

In other news, Brendan Eich's Twitter account has gone dark:

“Sorry, that page doesn't exist!” is all that remains of where Eich once connected with his more than 31,000 followers.

Eich's final tweet was a March 26 link to a blog post in which he discussed his commitment to diversity. “Inclusiveness at Mozila [sic],” he messaged.

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