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What To Watch This Week on TV: Solve Halle Berry's Space Case; See Some 'Johnsons,' 'Sex' - VIDEO


Check out our weekly guide to make sure you're catching the big premieres, crucial episodes and the stuff you won't admit you watch when no one's looking.

— Bravo is going to keep making shows about shrill women screaming at each other, and I’m going to keep telling you about them. This time it’s adult women who compete in pageants, aptly titled Game of Crowns. It debuts Sunday at 9 p.m., and it's got all the best/worst hallmarks of reality trash TV. Immobilized faces! Drama! Sequined gowns! Death threats! It’s like Amber Atkins and Becky Ann Leeman, all grown up.

More picks and clips, including Halle Berry's spooky space series and the returns of Masters of Sex and The BridgeAFTER THE JUMP...

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'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Star Porsha Williams Apologizes For Anti-Gay Sermon


Porsha Williams, one of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta — who recently went to jail after brawling with another housewife during the show’s reunion episode — has apologized for a three-year-old sermon in which she lists homosexuality alongside other “inequities” like prostitution, drug dealing and attempted suicide.

Porsha_williamsIn the video taken from High Praise Christian Center Ministries in Lithonia, Georgia, Williams said:

“God was gonna send his son, his holy son — don’t take that for granted. How many of y’all would just give somebody your son, or your daughter? But he did that for us. And he did that because of our inequities. So don’t let the devil tell you ain’t worth your God's blessings. He wants to use you no matter what.

“That’s why we Christians supposed to be telling the hooker on the street, the drug dealer, the person who in the hospital for trying to commit suicide, the gays, the lesbians. We’re supposed to be trying to save them and tell them 'You are worthy! God can use you, God can use me.' He gonna use humility!

“You need to tell the world how you lived your life at first. Y’all ain’t perfect. But you gonna pay for it if you do. Live for God, stand on his word. Don’t just read it and keep it for yourself.”

Williams soon apologized in a video-recording, saying:

"I woke up this morning disturbed and I felt that my heart was heavy and it was imperative for me to address the issue at hand. First let me say that God loves all his children. And although discriminate against other because of their race, their religion, their sexual orientation, their status in life, that we’re all worthy of God’s love. The sermon that was shown was shown not in its entirety therefore the message was omitted. I apologize that those words hurt the LGBT community, my fans and my supporters. Life is a journey and I’m growing every day. And I continue to encourage everyone to love each other unconditionally."

Housewives co-star Cynthia Bailey had criticized Williams' sermon, saying, "To put gays and lesbians in the same category as drug dealers, hookers, and people who attempt suicide is ignorant and insensitive. Especially when she just recently profited from performing at a popular gay club in NYC." The NYC club in question was the gay Harlem nightclub El Morocco where Williams performed on May 2.

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What To Watch This Week on TV: 'Real Housewives' Returns To NY - VIDEO


Check out our weekly guide to make sure you're catching the big premieres, crucial episodes and the stuff you won't admit you watch when no one's looking.

— Hold on to your lace-fronts, because tonight's RuPaul's Drag Race promises to be hair-raising. Guest judges Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) and Linda Blair (The Exorcist, duh) are guest judges on the third episode of season six, titled "Scream Queens," tonight at 9 p.m. on Logo.

More picks and clips, including TV's funniest family and some young love on Modern Family, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Five Outlandish Moments From 'Princesses: Long Island'


There’s a very specific type of non-competition Bravo reality show that chronicles the truly insufferable. Among the usual stories of excess and big personalities are unique studies of characters that are so widely unappealing, it’s a wonder they ever make it to air.  

Don’t get us wrong, many (some might say most) Bravo reality shows feature characters who are some combination of out of touch, overindulgent or obnoxious (or, in the case of The Real Housewives of Miami’s Lea Black, all three). However, most series redeem themselves with even-tempered charmers (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Lisa Vanderpump), self-aware quipsters (Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis) or deliciously compelling drama (season one of The Real Housewives of New Jersey).

Then there are shows like NYC Prep and Gallery Girls, which appear to exist solely to showcase the utterly detestable. 

I’ll let you guess how to best categorize Princesses: Long Island, which wraps its first (and, please, let it be only) season Sunday on Bravo. 

Although the ladies of Long Island aren’t the most likable, their adventures have been compulsively watchable. After having spent the last several weeks following Amanda, Casey, Chanel, Erica, Joey and (especially) Ashlee as they exist in a world largely devoid of any real consequence or personal responsibility, the epic meltdown that appeared in last Sunday’s penultimate episode was immensely gratifying. It may go down in history as one of television’s most satisfying sources of schadenfreude ever (trailing just behind Alexis Neiers’ sobbing voicemail fiasco on E!‘s Pretty Wild). 

Get acquainted with this summer’s best show to hate-watch below. We’ve collected some of this season’s most outlandish moments before Sunday’s finale, so you’ll know what everyone is kvetching about come Monday morning.


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Cory Monteith Died of Overdose of Heroin and Alcohol: Coroner


Actor Cory Monteith died of an overdose of heroin and alcohol, according to the British Columbia coroner's office, the AP reports:

The British Columbia coroner's office says in a statement Tuesday that "there is no evidence to suggest Mr. Monteith's death was anything other than a most tragic accident."

Monteith was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room over the weekend.

Since his death, details have emerged about his last film role playing a street hustler addicted to drugs in the yet-to-be-released, McKanick.  The film's director, Josh C. Waller, spoke to The LA Times about Monteith's desire to delve into his troubled past for the role:

“In my mind, I was envisioning a teeny little drug guy [for the role], but Cory Monteith is this tall, strapping man,” Waller said in an interview on Sunday, hours after the actor was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room. “But when I met with him, he wanted to do it so badly. He was very vocal about his past, and said he wanted to tap into things from his youth that he hadn’t been able to use as an actor yet.”

Though the film has yet to find distribution, Waller hopes that people will get to see Monteith in a role that he took pride in:

"It's tricky, because you know there's a group of people that want to see the movie because it’s his last film — but by no means does anybody want to exploit the tragedy...I want people to see the movie, because Cory deserves that. People would ultimately see that he had a lot more to offer artistically, and it's a shame that this happened because now he can't explore that."

Watch a clip, courtesy of Yahoo Movies, of Monteith in his last role in McKanick AFTER THE JUMP...

Monteith2Bravo has announced it will re-air the episode of Inside The Actors Studio that features Monteith among the other cast members of Glee, The Huffington Post reports. Host James Lipton recalled his memories of co-starring on Glee and interviewing Monteth:

"Lipton also shared Monteith's surprisingly thoughtful response to his question, 'If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?' According to Lipton, 'Cory’s God said, ‘Uh, sorry I haven’t been around. There’s a good explanation.’ Lipton added, 'I certainly hope there is. We needed Cory’s gifts.'”

Never known to miss an opportunity for hate-mongering, Westboro Baptist Church has announced that it will picket Monteith's funeral because Glee features gay characters.

According to GossipCop, upon hearing of Monteith's death, the group declared, “PRAISE GOD for killing Cory Monteith — a wicked fag-enabler before the LORD!" They later tweeted, “Westboro Baptist Church is GLEE-ful over God’s righteous judgment to end @CoryMonteith’s life! Funeral picket soon!” Perhaps most appalling was Westboro's tweet to Monteith's girlfriend and co-star, Lea Michele: “Will @msleamichele kill herself as well? Then the wedding can go on as planned IN HELL! — invites for all their fans!” Westboro also posted a "eulogy" to Monteith (pictured at right).

Watch a clip, courtesy of Yahoo Movies, of Monteith in his last role in McKanick AFTER THE JUMP...

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Watch: 'Bullied' Beverly Hills Housewives Reunion Preview


The latest Housewives reunion special does not break with the series' catty tradition.


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