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'Band of Brothers' Stands Up For Bullied Kid in Beautiful Gesture of Solidarity: VIDEO


Danny Keefe (center) is a Bridgewater, MA first-grader with speech issues who serves as the water boy for the school football team and gets picked on all the time. That is, until a "band of brothers" made up of his classmates came to his defense in the coolest way possible.

Reach for the kleenex on this one.



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Award-Winning Short Film Explores a Gay Teen's Quest For a 'Jackpot': VIDEO


"Jackpot," a short film from writer/director Adam Baran, follows fourteen-year old Jack Hoffman, a gay kid living in the pre-internet era (specifically, 1994) as he sets off on a quest for a stash of gay porn whilst being pursued by bullies. Tinged with a certain type of magical realism that featured prominently in teen films of the 80s and 90s, "Jackpot," attempts to balance the scale by telling an off-beat yet endearing coming of age story centered on a gay male teenage hero. Said Baran of his intent in making the film,

Mandate"I really made the film because i loved teen movies and never really saw one for gay kids that both addressed their sexuality in the way that straight movies like Weird Science or American Pie or Superbad did, and let them get what they want. Jack in my film learns that he has to fight back for what he wants, even if it means he has to take a couple of licks. I think that's a resonant message for gay kids everywhere."

The film has already shown at numerous festivals and won Best Short Film at the 2013 Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Baran hopes to expand the short into a feature and is currently seeking funding.

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Study Finds Teens Who Bully Others More Likely to Engage in Casual, Risky Sex


A new study published in Pediatrics has found a link between teens who bully other kids and sexual risk-taking. The study, which surveyed almost 9,000 high school students from 24 schools, also found that bully-victims, children who are both bullies and bullied themselves, are prone to engaging in risky sexual behavior as well. Reuters breaks down the report's findings: 

About 80 percent of the students said they had not bullied other kids or been bullied themselves.

Seven percent of those teens reported ever having casual sex with someone they just met or didn't know very well. And 12 percent said they had had sex under the influence.

The numbers were similar for students who said they had been bullied, but hadn't bullied others. 

But among the six percent of kids who claimed to have acted as bullies, one quarter had engaged in casual sex and just over a third said they'd had sex while drunk or high.

Another six percent of students said they had both acted as bullies and been the victims of bullying. Of those teens, 20 percent had had casual sex and 23 percent reported having sex under the influence.

Melissa Holt, lead researcher and an assistant professor of counseling and human development at Boston University, said the relation between aggression and sexual risk-taking was unsurprising considering previous research.

"Findings from this study add to our understanding of the ways in which bullying affects youth and provide preliminary evidence that bullies and bullies who are also victims might be at heightened risk of sexual risk-taking behavior," she said. 

Holt noted that the report did not directly address why bullies and bully-victims engage in risky sexual behavior, it merely captured the correlation.

"It may be that bullying and sexual risk reflect a coping response to stressors not captured in the study, such as harsh parenting," she said.

Researchers also looked at students' sexual orientation, but found the link between bullying and risky sex was strongest among heterosexual teens. However, LGBT youth were twice as likely to report being bullied as their straight peers and were also more likely to say they had experienced dating violence or been sexually abused. 

Leaving No One Behind: VIDEO


With all the recent momentum in favor of LGBT rights and equality it would be easy to think that many of the struggles that LGBT individuals traditionally face are dwindling.

However, as the GLBT Hotline points out in a new video, though "we've made great progress,"...

"For so many teens and adults their real world is about what happens at home, church and school. What happens to us in our daily lives affects us profoundly and it can be difficult to join in our community's success when so many are still being bullied, or rejected by family and friends."

If you need help, no matter what your age, call the GLBT National Hotline at 1-888-843-4564.

If you are age 25 or younger, you can also call the GLBT National Youth Talkline at 1-800-246-PRIDE.

You can also chat privately online, one-to-one with a volunteer at

Watch the video from GLBT Hotline AFTER THE JUMP...

"We know our community is only as strong as the most vulnerable among us, that's why we're here to listen and to help. One person at a time."

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GOP Candidate For New Jersey's General Assembly Confronted with Homophobic Past


John Campbell Jr., a Republican running for New Jersey's General Assembly representing the 22nd District, has come under fire for his homophobic actions while he was in high school. After he announced his candidacy on social media, he received a less than favorable post from a former classmate, Raphael Eidus, who claims the now twenty-three year old targeted him while they were in high school together because Raphael is bisexual. PolitickerNJ reports:

“Mr. Campbell is a homophobe,” Eidus wrote of the Republican businessman from Plainfield. “I went to high-school with John in Edison NJ (the Wardlaw-Hartridge School). In our senior year I came out of the closet as bisexual. At this point John began harassing me and even led a group of his friends to harass me at every possible chance. He even went out of his way to make sure that I suffered on a daily basis.”

Campbell was captain of the tennis team.

“Before I came out every practice began with a stretch with our coach then the team would jog around the school led by the team captain John,” Eidus claimed. “After I came out, halfway through the jog, John stopped the team for a second stretch so that, out of the eyes of any faculty, he could lead his friends in homophobic taunts and even some minor physical assaults on me. To clarify the physical assaults were throwing tennis balls at me and making comments along the lines of "he likes balls in his face". This is minor and no physical damage was done, only mental.”

Eidus wrote that if he did not go on the team jog, he would be kicked off the team, and claims Campbell made sure that he had to endure the punishment every day simply because he wasn't straight.

“At the time John was 18. Since then multiple of the student[s] who harassed me reached out and apologized, John never did,” Eidus wrote.

When asked to respond to Eidus's allegation, Campbell's response was only to say that he did not remember the incident in question:

“I'm being asked to recall something that happened when I was in high school, seven-eight years ago,” said the Republican candidate. “I don't remember the incident.  As captain of the tennis team, I was expected to exhibit leadership at all times.  If I made anyone feel as if they were less than at any point and didn't step up as a leader, I apologize.”

Asked to comment on the response, Eidus objected to Campbell’s recollection of the time frame, claiming it happened five years ago, but added no further elucidation of the event he alleged occurred.

(Photo via Facebook)

Man Walking Cross Country To Remember Bullied Son Is Killed

Since this past April, Joe Bell had been walking across the country to educate young people about the effects of bullying. His own openly gay son had been a victim bullying and hanged himself earlier this year. Tragically, just a few days ago, Bell was killed while on his nation-wide walk.

The Denver Post reports:


Joe Bell, 48, of La Grande, Ore., was walking on the eastbound shoulder of U.S. 40 in Cheyenne County, about 20 miles northwest of Kit Carson, when he was hit by a semi truck, said Trooper Josh Bell, a Colorado State Patrol spokesman.

Bell died at the scene about 5:10 p.m. Wednesday.

The driver of the truck, Kenneth Raven, 49, of Bryan, Texas, has been cited for careless driving resulting in death. He was not injured.

According to NBC News, Bell had planned to speak to a group of youths that evening.

Sheriff's deputies were scheduled to pick Bell up later in the evening to take him to The Methodist Church of Hugo, where he was supposed to speak to the youth group. We send prayers to his family and friends," the sheriff's office said Thursday in a statement on Facebook, adding that even though Bell had been in the county for just one day, he left an important impression "with everyone who has ever talked with him."

Bell began his walk in Oregon and planned to finish in New York City in 2015.

The Facebook page set up to track Bell's journey has now transformed into a memorial page. A post on the account asks for donations that would help cover the cost of his funeral.

A memorial service will take place at the Utah Pride Center in Salt Lake City at 6PM MST tonight.

In April, Bell shared his objective for the walk with KATU: "My goal is to get my son's word out there, his name, his experiences that he went through, just get our story out there. And for any young people that are having any trouble, we want to be able to share with them to hang in there. It will get better."

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