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Watch: Carl Paladino Brandishes Bat, Makes Premeditated Violent Concession Speech Threat


New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino went out in typical Paladino style last night conceding to Andrew Cuomo and brandishing a bat on stage.

Said Paladino: "You can grab this handle and bring the people with you to Albany, or you can leave it untouched, and run the risk of having it wielded against you. Because make no mistake. You have not heard the last of Carl Paladino."

These people are disgusting. They can't even go out with some modicum of respect and dignity.


Read my full wrap-up of the evening and key races, HERE.

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NOM's Carl Paladino Ads Blocked by Federal Judge


The National Organization for Marriage has been blocked from running ads in support of anti-gay teabagger gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, WIVB reports:

"Federal Judge Richard Arcara has rejected a challenge to New York's election law from the National Organization for Marriage. The group wanted to run its pro-Paladino ads without reporting the names of its donors. In New York, the group would be required to register as a political committee, and election law requires a political committee report the names of its donors. The group wanted the judge to rule the law unconstitutional, but Judge Arcara ruled against the group, calling the case pre-mature."

The Washington Post adds:

"The lawsuit had asked the judge to declare the political committee definition unconstitutional because it would interfere with NOM's free speech rights by imposing so many burdens that it wouldn't be worth it to NOM to run the ads. New York requires a political committee to register its treasurer and bank and submit periodic disclosure reports. NOM, a major financial backer of campaigns opposing same-sex marriage, has said it wants to use radio and TV ads and direct mailing in governor races and legislative elections in New York and elsewhere. It's pursuing similar legal challenges in several other states."

Watch: A Gay Carl Paladino Supporter Speaks Out


Earlier this month, NY GOP Tea Party gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino made headlines after telling a group of Jewish leaders, "I just think my children and your children would be much better off and much more successful getting married and raising a family, and I don’t want them brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option — it isn’t."

On his Friday show, Michelangelo Signorile wondered if there were any gay people who would possibly support a candidate who would say that.

Apparently, there are.


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Shoe Marriage, Brothels, High Rent Feature in NY Governor Debate

(image via buzzfeed)

Jimmy McMillan stole the show at last night's New York gubernatorial debate, which featured a kooky cast of characters, from Eliot Spitzer's madam to teabagger Carl Paladino to ex-Black Panther and NY City Councilman Charles Barron.

McMillan was representing the "Rent is Too Damn High Party". See a clip of his moments, AFTER THE JUMP...

Gay marriage was addressed in a lightning round. The WSJ blog has the details:

The debate moderators, for some reason, chose to limit the candidates to five-word response on the question of gay marriage. Here's where some of the candidates stand:

Paladino, who went first, misunderstood the lightning round format: "Gay marriage is an issue that’s very important to the people today," he began, before the moderator cut him off. Then, following the rules, he said, "I do not support gay marriage."

Cuomo put it more bluntly: "Strongly support gay marriage."

Barron cited the platform of his Freedom Party ... which has not yet taken a stand on gay marriage, apparently.

The Rent Is Too Damn High Party, on the other hand, has weighed in on the issue. According to McMillan, his party would support people who want to marry a shoe.

Kristen Davis, Eliot Spitzer's madam, got in the first laugh line of the night:

The former madam denounced any increase in taxes, calling the stock-transfer tax a job killer.

"Businesses will leave this state quicker than Carl Paladino at a gay bar," she said, referring to Paladino's remarks from a week ago that were widely viewed as anti-gay.

The debate "verged on farce," wrote the NYT. Read its report here.

Watch McMillan, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Paladino Attacks Cuomo's Gay Rights Record, Wife Speaks

Carl Paladino has released the first in what he says will be a series of vibrantly-named attack ads aimed at Andrew Cuomo. The first so-called "Cuomo Land" ad lambastes the gubernatorial candidate for being hypocritical in his stance on marriage equality in New York state.

The New York Daily News points out how the ad might be a bad idea for Paladino:

Paladino, who staunchly opposes gay nuptials, accused Cuomo of being a hypocrite for touting his support for same-sex weddings now - but being "all but invisible" when the issue was before the Legislature last year. "He was asked by those pushing for the measure to call three wavering senators," the Paladino campaign said in the first of what it promises will be daily "Cuomo Land" attacks.

Political pros were puzzled that Paladino would attack Cuomo on gays, given that the Tea Party darling's campaign unraveled this week after he delivered an anti-gay diatribe. Veteran Democratic operative Hank Sheinkopf called it a "bad choice of a first issue" for the "Cuomo Land" attacks. "All it will do is reinforce the fact that he looked like a bigot last week," Sheinkopf said.

Paladino lifts some of his attack information from this New York Times article, published earlier this summer, that focused on Cuomo's support of the gay community.

Meanwhile, taking a different approach than Laura Bush did during her husband's run in the White House, Mrs. Paladino has publicly stated her opinion on marriage equality. She told the New York Times: “I have gay friends, and they’re some of the most generous, loving people you ever want to meet. If they want to live together and be together and share a life, that’s their business.”

She also commented on his controversial remarks last weekend: “I don’t know how it came out. Probably badly — it usually does.” When someone says, "There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual," I'd say "badly" is an understatement.

Mrs. Paladino also revealed that her openly gay nephew is upset by her husband's critical views on the LGBT community. Sounds like that's why he went AWOL earlier this week.

Read the full e-mail, via Talking Points Memo, AFTER THE JUMP.

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Watch: Teabagger Carl Paladino's Campaign Gets Animated


Taiwan's Next Media Animation takes on the campaign of New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino.


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