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What has happened to Colin Farrell?


The UK tab Daily Mail recently spotted a man they claim is Colin Farrell looking like a ghost of his former self:

"The emaciated 32-year-old was snapped during a night out in Spain at the weekend. It was impossible to miss his hollow cheeks, sunken chest and stick-thin legs as he puffed away on a cigarette. There was speculation that Farrell had shed weight because of the demands of the film he is currently shooting in the southern Spanish city of Alicante. He is starring alongside Spanish actress Paz Vega and British film veteran Christopher Lee in a thriller entitled Triage. It tells the story of a war photographer who loses his best friend during a harrowing assignment in war-torn Bosnia during the early 1990s."

Other recent shots show him looking thin but with some sort of belly.

Let's hope it's all for the movie role.

Colin Farrell to Serve as Best Man at Gay Bro's Civil Partnership [tr]
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News: Madonna, Underoos, Grand Canyon, Colin Farrell, Tunisia

road.jpg Researcher: Moses was high on psychedelic drugs when he heard God deliver the Ten Commandments and when he saw the 'burning bush'. "As far Moses on Mount Sinai is concerned, it was either a supernatural cosmic event, which I don't believe, or a legend, which I don't believe either, or finally, and this is very probable, an event that joined Moses and the people of Israel under the effect of narcotics."

Madonnaroad.jpg Madonna opens wide: "I really enjoy writing with Justin...We had psychoanalytic sessions whenever we wrote songs first. We'd sit down and we'd start talking about situations. And then we'd start talking about issues or problems or relationships with people."

road.jpg MAPS of the electorate: "Survey USA's data shows both Clinton and Obama beating McCain on electoral votes, but they win in different ways."

road.jpg Colin Farrell smokes up British GQ.

road.jpg Anti-gay lawyer Robert Skolrood is dead at 79: "He fought against gay rights by helping to word an initiative on the Colorado ballot in 1992 that would have barred any special protection for homosexuals. The amendment to the state’s constitution passed but was struck down by the United States Supreme Court four years later. Mr. Skolrood helped to draft an amendment to the Cincinnati City Charter to similarly deprive homosexuals of specific legal protections; voters approved the measure in 1993. A federal appeals court upheld the result, and the United States Supreme Court in 1998 refused to hear an appeal."

Supercockroad.jpg 'Underoos' for Men sales bulge: "It seems that the Y-front, bikinis, wild prints and Underoos style underwear has made a huge comeback in contributing to a $1.1 billion men's knit-underwear market. (Knit underwear excludes the traditional boxer) John Sievers, co-owner of International Jock, calls it an 'explosion' in his business in the last 3 years that has doubled his revenues."

road.jpg Gay Malaysian pleads with Canada for asylum: "Amirthalingan moved to Montreal in 2003 and applied for refugee status in Canada on humanitarian grounds, arguing his life was in danger because his homosexuality made him a target of Malaysian police who detained him for five days, and abused him, physically and sexually. 'They were punching me, pushing me down to the floor and putting their leg on me to confess that I am a gay,' he told CBC last week. Being gay in Malaysia is difficult, and he is "a bit afraid for my safety" if he's forced to go back. 'I don't have family support too, because my brothers and sisters are against [me] because I'm gay.' Amirthalingan lost his refugee status case because the judge was not convinced he was gay. He filed for a humanitarian appeal and a pre-removal risk assessment, which were both rejected by the Quebec Immigration Board."

road.jpg Capitol Hill offices receive letters containing photos of man standing in front of military recruiting station targeted in yesterday's Times Square bombing: "Happy New Year, We Did It."

road.jpg Amy Winehouse now using her face as an ashtray.

Grandcanyonroad.jpg Grand Canyon FLOODED in effort to recharge the ecosystem — PHOTOS.

road.jpg Liev Schreiber's Sabretooth stalks Sydney.

road.jpg San Francisco gift shop Given re-opens after month-long stint as its prior occupant, Harvey Milk's Castro Camera shop, with an art show.

road.jpg HIV+ and gay in Tunisia: "'At the beginning, I was furious. I hated everything. But afterwards, I thought that it's better to be hopeful than crying.' He decided to face up to the illness, sensing that a positive mental attitude would translate into stronger physical health. Also, he is on anti-retroviral medication. 'I'm quite good. My health situation is stable. HIV-positives who can't move or even walk are people who refuse the fact that they're infected with HIV. They suffer because they're in very low spirits and not because of the virus. I have a principle in my life which says we must make the most of life while we still have its advantages. So, I still enjoy my life. I consider AIDS a flu.' He lives with his Tunisian boyfriend, who is uninfected. They have protected sex. 'I was sincere. I told him the truth and he accepted. His attitude really moved me,' said Karim."

Colin Farrell Addicted to Baths with Strange Russian Men


The Daily Mail reports: "Hollywood hellraiser Colin Farrell has admitted he is hooked on taking Russian-style steam baths while covered in honey. The star, who kicked a deadly drug habit, found his new addiction while filming in New York. He was a daily visitor to the 10th Street Russian and Turkish Baths where guests are smothered in honey before steaming."

Said Farrell: "There's something very basic about rubbing honey on your skin and going steaming with a bunch of strange Russian men."

Colin Farrell to Serve as Best Man at Gay Bro's Civil Partnership [tr]
Colin Farrell is one of New York's Finest [tr]

Colin Farrell to Serve as Best Man at Gay Bro's Civil Partnership

Colin Farrell's brother Eamon and his boyfriend Steven are planning a civil partnership, and Colin has agreed to be the best man, according to reports.

Colin_eamonAccording to Pink News, "Eamon Farrell, 35, is planning to marry his 23-year-old boyfriend Steven Mannion after a proposing to him in New York last year. According to the Mirror: 'Eamon proposed before Christmas. The pair share a love of art and this is what brought them together. Eamon is a respected dance teacher who set up the National Performing Arts School in Dublin more than 10 years ago. And Steven is a really talented artist who has been welcomed into the Farrell family.'...It is rumoured Colin, 31, helped Eamon choose a diamond and sapphire-studded ring for his boyfriend. The brothers are very close, and have bought houses next door to each other in Sandymount, South Dublin."

Where the civil partnership will take place is still in question: "The couple have not yet decided where they will exchange vows - but it won't be in the Republic. The insider told the Mirror: 'With Irish legislation the way it is at the minute, the wedding can't be here. But the couple could go to the North or England for a civil partnership ceremony there. It's more likely though that they'll get married in the States so Colin's whole family can be there."

News: PETA, Star Trek, NYC Waterfalls, Bugs, Shock Therapy

road.jpg Gay, Jewish students targeted by hate threats at Stanford: " Jireh Tan ‘11 was sitting in his Resident Assistant’s dorm room the week after Thanksgiving break when his RA passed him an envelope. In it was his door sign. On it, someone had written 'die fag fag fag fag.' 'When I saw it my blood was chilled,' he said. 'I felt really scared.'"

Britneyspearsroad.jpg Claim: Britney Spears has multiple personalities. "Sources have told them that the fake British accent is more than just a fake accent. When Brit stops using the accent she has no idea what she did during the time she was using it. Britney apparently was the 'British girl' when she didn't show up to her deposition and has no recollection of it whatsoever."

road.jpg Consumer group asks Virginia’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) to offiically reclassify PETA as a "slaughterhouse" following the revelation of the hundreds of pets they euthanized in a single year: "An official report filed by PETA itself shows that the animal rights group put to death nearly every dog, cat, and other pet it took in for adoption in 2006. During that year, the well-known animal rights group managed to find adoptive homes for just 12 animals."

road.jpg The first real shot of the USS Enterprise from JJ Abrams' Star Trek film has been released along with a teaser trailer.

road.jpg Gay and lesbian ex-pat bankers overseas still facing plenty of discrimination.

Waterfallroad.jpg Don't go chasing waterfalls: NYC to get aquatic public art project this summer. "There will be four illuminated waterfalls in all, ranging from 90-120 feet in height, and one will be located off the coast of Governors Island. Yep, they somehow found a way to make Gov's Island even more creepy at night!"

road.jpg Iowa Supreme Court hands down ruling in gay adoption case, sends it back to district court: "The case involves Heather Schott and Jamie Schott, the children's natural parent. After they ended their relationship, Heather Schott asked a district court to determine child custody, physical care and support for the children. The court ruled an unmarried adult can't adopt without terminating the rights of both natural parents, and that since Jamie Schott's rights weren't terminated the adoptions weren't valid. The Supreme Court says the adoptions are similar to stepparent adoptions and that the district court has jurisdiction. The high court sent the case back to district court."

road.jpg Richard Hatch miserable in prison: "The openly gay ex-Army man, doing four years for tax evasion, is 'having such a hard time in prison. To be honest, I think he's starting to lose it. I don't think he'll make it and he looks horrible,' former 'Survivor' contestant Jenna Morasca told Steppin' Out's Chaunce Hayden at Hawaiian Tropic Zone. 'He's really going out of his mind . . . He blames ['Survivor' creator] Mark Burnett for all his troubles . . . He literally hates Mark and he claims he's going to write a tell-all book when he gets out.'"

Shocktherapyroad.jpg Box Turtle Bulletin takes a look back at electric shock aversion therapy for gay people: "In experimental psychology electric shock has been widely used both in animals and in humans. In clinical treatment, however, it has been less often used. The technique is simpler, more accurately controlled, and more certain in producing an unpleasant effect than drugs. This article describes a simple apparatus designed by one of us (R. J. McG.) and its use in the aversive treatment of sexual perversions, alcoholism, smoking, and neurotic symptoms. Apparatus. — The components are cheap (under £1) and fit into a box approximately 6 in. (15 cm.) square and 2 in. (5 cm.) deep (Figs. 1 and 2). It is powered by a 9-volt battery and is therefore completely portable. The shock is administered through electrodes on a cuff around the patient’s forearm."

road.jpg Hillary Clinton campaign denounces Spanish language ad from one of Obama's labor allies. Ad: "Hillary Clinton does not respect our people. Hillary Clinton is shameless. Sen. Obama is defending our right to vote. Sen. Obama wants our votes. He respects our votes, our community, and our people. Sen. Obama’s campaign slogan is 'Si Se Puede.' Vote for a president who respects us, and who respects our right to vote."

road.jpg The five most HORRIFYING bugs in the world.

Afroad.jpg Those naughty Abercrombie zombies are back for Spring.

road.jpg Scotland's only gay football club prepares for first game: "The Edinburgh-based HotScots FC now boasts 75 members, less than a year after it was set up. They are going to take on Haddington Select in a friendly match at Aubigny Sports Centre. Chairman and founder Kevin Rowe said: "This will be instrumental in our preparation for the Gay World Cup in August. 'By playing local teams, we can break down barriers surrounding homophobia in sport and dispel a few myths that gay people and football simply do not mix.'"

road.jpg Colin Farrell turning into a silver fox.

road.jpg Scientist clones himself? "In a breakthrough certain to provoke an ethical furore, Samuel Wood created embryo copies of himself by placing his skin cells in a woman's egg. The embryos were the first to be made from cells taken from adult humans. Although they survived for only five days and were smaller than a pinhead, they are seen as a milestone in the quest for treatments for diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's."

News: Mars Glacier, Tobey Maguire, Royal Blackmail, Lakota Tribe

road.jpg New York radio host Steve Malzberg says gays don't care about the hangings going on in Iran or the statements of Ahmedinejad.

Tobeyroad.jpg Tobey Maguire steps out in a military buzz-cut.

road.jpg Royal blackmailers Ian Strachan and Sean McGuiganplead not guilty The junior member of the Royal Family, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was not directly involved and is not due to be a witness. The two men were charged that "between January 1 and September 12, this year, with a view to gain for yourselves, made an unwarranted demand for £50,000 from a male with menaces".

road.jpg Remember the battle over the estate of dead hedge fund manager Seth Tobias and his go-go boy pal Tiger? Well, a new porn star has come forward to discuss his relationship but his interview sheds no light on the banker's mysterious death: "'Seth was a really good guy, a great guy. I had a lot of fun,' Parker, 24, told The porn star from Memphis, Tenn., said he met Tobias 3½ years ago at Micky's, a gay bar in West Hollywood. They met four or five times over the next year and a half at Parker's house in the Hollywood Hills. 'Seth knew I was a hustler and knew how much I charged . . . I did what I got paid to do . . . I was very well taken care of.'"

Marsglacierroad.jpg Active glacier found on Mars: "We have not yet been able to see the spectral signature of water. But we will fly over it in the coming months and take measurements. On the glacial ridges we can see white tips, which can only be freshly exposed ice."

road.jpg Ted Haggard photo found in home of New Life Church gunman: "Among the items taken from a search of gunman Matthew Murray's home was a picture of former New Life pastor Ted Haggard, according to police documents released Wednesday. Murray lived in the Englewood home in with his father, mother and brother. The family was very devout and the parents had home-schooled both children, neighbors said. According to the police documents, officers confiscated a Beretta, ammunition, a pamphlet entitled 'Fall of America,' literature on Youth With A Mission, a Bible, a journal, a pistol, a homicide investigation manual, prescription pills, several hard drives, gun cases and boxes of ammunition."

road.jpg Uruguay's new civil union law offers hope to Brazilians.

road.jpg Apple settles lawsuit with Think Secret rumor site. Site shuts down.

Maneroad.jpg Colin Farrell's mane event.

road.jpg Lakota tribe withdraws 150-year-old treaty with the United States, secedes: "We are no longer citizens of the United States of America and all those who live in the five-state area that encompasses our country are free to join us. This is according to the laws of the United States, specifically article six of the constitution. It is also within the laws on treaties passed at the Vienna Convention and put into effect by the US and the rest of the international community in 1980. We are legally within our rights to be free and independent."

road.jpg MSNBC: Larry Craig a winner, Mike Huckabee a loser.

road.jpg You can still vote for the Hottest Brazilian of 2007.

Knockeduproad.jpg He may be an irresponsible turd like K-Fed but at least Jamie Lynn Spears picked a cute one.

road.jpg She's lucky he's dead because Mr. Whipple might have squeezed her to death.

road.jpg I never did trust those calorie-counters on the cardio machines at the gym: "Even if you wanted to get a rough estimate of the calories an average person your size might burn at the gym, you might not want to trust the displays on cardio machines, with the possible exception of treadmills, said William Haskell, an exercise physiologist at Stanford. And with treadmills, the calories are not accurate if you hang on the bars. Dr. Haskell once studied people using treadmills. Hanging onto the rails reduced the number of calories burned by 40 to 50 percent. The same thing happened with stair-climbing machines. 'I’ve seen people hanging on stair climbers who think they are doing 1,200 calories an hour,' Dr. Haskell said. 'They probably are doing 600 calories an hour.' As for the calorie counts on machines like stationary bicycles and elliptical cross trainers and stair climbers, all bets are off, researchers said."


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