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Fatal Shooting of Gay NC College Print Shop Manager Under Investigation as Hate Crime: VIDEO


Kenneth Stancil III was arrested on Tuesday and charged with the murder of Wayne Community College print shop manager Ron Lane, for whom he had once worked before being fired.

Ron-laneStancil killed Lane (right) on Monday near the campus library with a pistol-grip shotgun as part of what authorities say was a calculated plan. Ron Lane was gay and the murder is now being investigated as a hate crime.

Stancil's extensive face and neck tattoos honor the Aryan brotherhood and a face tattoo said to be completed as recently as last week features an '88', said to symbolize 'Heil Hitler'.

Stancil was arrested on a beach in Daytona Beach, Florida shortly after midnight early Tuesday morning after fleeing there following the shooting.

WNCN reports on some of the background and accusations in the case:

A relative of Lane's said that Lane fired Stancil for bringing drugs to the workplace. School officials, however, said Stancil was dismissed from the school's work-study program for too many absences.

Stancil's mother, Debbie Stancil, additionally claimed Lane "made inappropriate sexual advances toward him," which upset her son.

"He was very upset when the person that's deceased was making advances to him. He told him to stop and he kept on," she said. "I urged him to go to a counselor to tell them and ask to get switched to another work-study before this happened -- the firing."

A spokesperson for Lane's family said any allegations that he made sexual advances toward Stancil are "slanderous."

Stancil accused the victim of molesting his younger brother at a hearing on Tuesday:

"I just want you to know, I ridded one less (expletive) child molester from the (expletive) earth that (expletive) with my little brother. All right? That's all I got to say."

Stancil's mother has denied those claims, and says that Lane never had contact with the brother, according to the AP:

"He had a moment of insanity. I don't know. He just snapped. That is not my son," she said. "He's probably out of his mind. I think he needs mental help."

At least one school administrator does not think Lane was killed because he was making advances:

Brent Hood, coordinator of education support technology at the college, was Lane's supervisor for the past three years. He said he didn't think Lane was killed because he was gay. He said Lane was in mourning because his partner of 12 years disappeared in July and his remains were found months later. Police said Chuck Tobin killed himself.

Lane insisted that Tobin be described as his long-term partner in an email Hood sent to other staffers announcing the discovery.

Stancil appeared at an extradition hearing on Wednesday in Florida's Volusia County and signed documents without protest.

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Florida Teen Arrested For Hacking School Computer To Play Gay Prank On Teacher: VIDEO


An eighth grade student in Florida has been charged with a felony after changing the background image on a teacher’s computer to one showing two men kissing, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office has charged Paul R. Smith Middle School student Domanik Green with an offense against a computer system and unauthorized access.

SheriffAccording to Sheriff Chris Nocco (right), one of the computers Green accessed had encrypted 2014 FCAT questions stored on it. The 14-year-old did not access those files, but Nocco warned ominously although this was “just a teenage prank, who knows what this teenager might have done.”

However, Green - who had previously received a three-day suspension for accessing the system inappropriately - said that students would often log into the administrative account to screen-share with their friends. He explained that many students were able to access administrator accounts because the password is a teacher's last name.

Spokeswoman Linda Cobbe said the school district is now in the process of changing the network password.

Green received a 10-day suspension from school and will likely be granted pretrial intervention by a judge.

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Man Faces 155 Years in Prison for Gay Sex Slave Prostitution Ring Run from Miami Home

VassAndras Janos Vass, a Hungarian national, was convicted of human trafficking and racketeering on Thursday for imprisoning young gay men in a north Miami home and forcing them to prostitute themselves for up to 20 hours each day, the Miami Herald reports:

According to authorities, the ringleaders met two victims in Hungary through a website called Another victim was “living with gypsies” as a male prostitute in Hungary when he met one company representative through Facebook.

The three victims testified during the four-day trial in Miami-Dade. Jurors deliberated just 30 minutes.

In 2012, the company flew the three victims — in their early 20s — to New York City, where they lived in a cramped one-bedroom apartment while performing sex acts around the clock, sometimes with johns, other times on live web cameras, according to the arrest warrant.

The trafficking ringleaders held travel documents and threatened the families of the young men, the paper reports. Vass faces from 21 to to 155 years in prison. The sentencing is June 2.

Man Charged for Sending 'Anthrax' to Iowa Gay Bar: 'This is Your Punishment for Sinning' - VIDEO


Eric Reece Wiethorn (right), a 49-year-old man from Ames, Iowa was arrested for first-degree harassment for a letter he sent to Blazing Saddle, a gay bar in Des Moines, Iowa containing a death threat and a white powder that Wiethorn had said was the deadly poison "anthrax" but turned out to be Gold Bond Medicated Powder.

WiethornWiethorn's letter said: “This is your punishment for sinning against God, and hopefully you’ll die from the anthrax on this letter.”

Fire, police, and hazmat crews were called to the scene.

Wiethorn, who was arrested on an anonymous tip and admitted to the crime, is being held at the Polk County Jail on $2,000 bond.

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Dallas-Area Firefighters Arrested For Using Sausage To Sexually Assault New Recruit


Five volunteer firefighters in a Dallas suburb are charged with aggravated sexual assault after they forcibly inserted a sausage into a new recruit's anus, according to police. 

A sixth person was arrested for videotaping the incident, which occurred in January at a volunteer fire station in Waxahachie, about 30 miles south of Dallas. 

The firefighters initially planned to use a broomstick to assault the victim, but instead decided on a "chorizo" — a Spanish pork sausage.

After the victim came forward on March 31, Texas Rangers arrested Keith Wisakowsky, 26; Casey Stafford, 30; Alec Miller, 28; Blake Tucker, 19; Preston Peyrot; and Brittany Leanne Parten, 23. 

The Dallas Observer reports: 

SausageWisakowsky retrieved the sausage, and the trainee was bent over the couch while Tucker and Stafford held him down and the sausage was inserted into his anus, the Rangers say. Then Wisakowsky cut the sausage out of the package and attempted to reinsert it, but the sausage broke up.

The trainee told the Rangers he was then released and he crawled into the nearby restroom with "smashed up sausage still between his butt cheeks." He removed the sausage, threw up and took a shower to clean up. While he was showering, he says, someone took his clothes from the restroom. He came out of the restroom in a towel to look for his clothes. When he did, he says, Tucker took his towel. The man covered his genitals with his hands and ran to his truck to get some shorts, he says.

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Sean Cody Model Jarec Wentworth Held For Extorting $500,000 from Wealthy GOP Donor

Screenshot 2015-04-07 11.52.01

Teofil Brank (better known as Sean Cody’s Jarec Wentworth) is facing up to two years in prison for blackmailing and extorting hundreds of thousands of dollars from Donald Burns, a high-profile Republican donor financially connected to the MagicJack internet phone service. Burns's history of giving to GOP campaigns includes making donation to Mitt Romney, Scott Brown, Jeb Bush, and Rudy Giuliani, The Smoking Gun reports.

The men met in 2013 when Burns began expressing interest in investing in the gay adult film industry. According to court documents the two entered into a sexual relationship where Burns would pay Brank for sex and in time Burns would enlist Brank to recruit other young men willing to have sex with him for money. For every man that Brank brought back to Burns, he received a commission of about $2,000.

Two years into their arrangement, things turned sour and Brank seized the opportunity to use his intimate knowledge about Burns's sex life to his advantage. Threatening to tell people that Burns was gay and paying for sex Brank demanded that he be paid $500,000 in cash and be given Burns's Audi sports car valued at over $100,000. Burns was quick to agree to Brank's demands in hopes of ending their interaction and maintaining his reputation. Brank, however, wanted more. He demanded that Burns give him access to a downtown Los Angeles apartment as well as $1 million in cash. Burns, once again, agreed, but also turned to the FBI for help.

After coordinating with FBI agents Burns set up a sting operation at a local Starbucks coffee shop where Brank was eventually arrested. Upon searching Brank’s car, police found a loaded magnum revolver, the purpose of which is currently unknown.

As the case has progressed Brank's legal team has made a concerted effort to have Burns's identity officially attached to the case, citing that his identity is a matter of public interest given the fact that he made interstate transactions to buy sex. Brank's attorneys have also strongly alluded to the possibility that some of the men he brought to Burns may have been underage--something that Burns's legal team firmly denies.

(h/t LA Times)


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