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Baltimore Protester Fires Back at MSNBC's Thomas Roberts Over Media Coverage of Riots: VIDEO


The media's reporting (and framing) of the unrest in Baltimore has been frustrating for many city residents, as evidenced by heated exchanges between protesters and talking heads like Fox News' Geraldo Rivera and MSNBC's Thomas Roberts. 

On Tuesday, Roberts interviewed protester Danielle Williams about whether rioting and looting were the best way to represent a community searching for justice. Williams said it wasn't before quickly putting the spotlight back on Roberts and the wider media coverage of the Freddie Gray case:

"My question to you is, when we were out here protesting all last week for six days straight peacefully, there were no news cameras, there were no helicopters, there was no riot gear, and nobody heard us. So now that we've burned down buildings and set businesses on fire and looted buildings, now all of the sudden everybody wants to hear us. Why does it take a catastrophe like this in order for America to hear our cry? I mean, enough is enough. We've had too many lives lost at the hands of police officers. 

Watch the tense exchange, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Baltimore Set Ablaze with Riots After Funeral of Freddie Gray; National Guard Called, Curfew Set

As you are probably aware, Baltimore erupted in riots following the funeral of Freddie Gray yesterday, the 25-year-old man who died while in police custody.

RiotsAt least 15 police officers have been injured, and the National Guard has been called in. Businesses have been destroyed and looted, and vehicles set ablaze.

A 10 pm - 5am curfew has been instituted starting on Tuesday by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the Baltimore Sun reports:

She drew a distinction between peaceful protesters and “thugs” she said engaged in rioting Monday intend on “destroying our city.”

“It’s idiotic to think that by destroying your city, you’re going to make life better for anybody,” Rawlings-Blake said.

At Rawlings-Blake's request, Gov. Larry Hogan signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency and activating the Maryland National Guard. The order does not affect citizens' rights, but is required to activate the Guard and authorize federal assistance, Hogan spokeswoman Erin Montgomery said. It is not "martial law," Maryland National Guard Adjutant General Linda Singh said.

The governor is sending 500 state troopers to Baltimore and requesting as many as 5,000 officers from neighboring states, he said in a press conference.

Let's hope for peace.

This Transman Is In Prison For Shooting The Man Who Raped Him: REPORT


On October 28th in 2011 Ky Peterson, then a 20 year-old transman living in Americus, Georgia, was followed on his way home, knocked out, and raped by Samuel Chavez, a Honduran immigrant. It was the second time that Peterson had been sexually assaulted while living in the small town. Peterson awoke to find his attacker naked and assaulting him both sexually and verbally. In a lengthy interview with The Advocate, Peterson describes how his rapist took him back to a trailer park near his own home and that his two brothers managed to find him during the attack:

He stood up, now on one side of the trailer with his two brothers flanking him. He saw the shadowed figure of the naked stranger charging forward. He didn't have time to think as his fingers grasped the smooth metal of the gun he'd started carrying in his backpack as a nighttime precaution ever since his first rape.

Then Peterson made a decision he'd hoped he’d never have to. He pulled the trigger.

Peterson killed his attacker in self defense that night, and he’s been dealing with the fallout of the events ever since. Peterson, who had been raped previously, found himself in a morally complicated situation. He was summarily ignored by the police after reporting his first assault, and feared that calling them again would prove to be an even worse experience. What would a police force who refused to even acknowledge that he’d been raped once do in response to finding out that he’d taken the law into his own hands when confronted by another attacker?  

"I tried to explain my story to [the police] and they didn’t listen, and that was the main reason I attempted to cover up what had happened," Peterson says. "It was because I knew they wouldn’t listen — that’s just the way the system is."

Disillusioned by his experiences with local law enforcement, Peterson did the only thing he could think of and attempted to dispose of the body on a nearby country road--a decision that would ultimately land him in prison. He’s now serving a 20 year-long sentence for involuntary manslaughter. 

Though Peterson insisted that he had been raped and shot Chavez in self-defense, police were doubtful of his story even after a rape kit corroborated his claims. According to Peterson his being a black, transgender man was one of the main reasons that his case was so grossly mishandled.

"What this case highlights, is from both a legal and a public perspective, how difficult it is for trans people of color to claim the status of victim," ACLU staff attorney Chase Strangio explained to the Advocate. "In so many ways, our conception of victimhood has always been taken away from people of color and taken away from gender-nonconforming people and taken away from women."

Peterson would eventually plead guilty to manslaughter charges, but as the Advocate found in the course of its investigative reporting, his sentencing contained a crucial technical error. According to court transcripts Peterson and his legal defense agreed to a deal in which he would cop to voluntary manslaughter, a crime that carries a maximum sentence of 20 years. The written court documents to Peterson’s case, however, list his having pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years.

"I have always said that all of these sentences need to be reviewed before they're submitted to the court to sign," said Assistant District Attorney Donald Lamberth. "I'm not sure, at this point in time, that we know what the ramifications could be from a sentence reconsideration, or reevaluation, but it does open a lot of interesting conversations."

NYPD Seeks Suspect in Anti-Gay Attack on Two Men in Times Square


Police are seeking a suspect in an alleged anti-gay hate attack in Times Square in midtown Manhattan, ABC7 reports:

Around 2:30 p.m. April 12, a 27-year-old male and a 32-year-old male, were walking near Broadway and West 48th Street when the suspect began to shout anti-gay slurs at them. The suspect then assaulted them, and fled.

Police released this image of the suspect. No further information on the victims is available except that they refused medical attention at the scene.

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS (8477).

'Beer Pong Rapist' Sentenced To 150 Years In Prison For Sexually Assaulting Numerous Male Victims: VIDEO

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 1.51.19 PM

A Maryland man was sentenced to 150 years in prison on Wednesday after he was found guilty earlier this year on 11 counts of second- and third-degree sexual offenses reports the AP. Prosecutors say 40-year-old Joey Poindexter, dubbed the "Beer Pong Rapist," who met his victims in beer pong tournaments and bars, was convicted of assaulting five men, but prosecutors believe there are at least two dozen more unidentified victims after police found that Poindexter recorded and took dozens of photos on his phone of himself assaulting several unconscious, incoherent men; prosecutors believe that Poindexter assaulted an additional 30 men. Ramon Korionoff of the Montgomery County State Attorney’s Office stated the series of rapes began in 2011 and expressed disgust with Poindexter’s actions.

Said Korionoff:

"Completely heinous and terrible sexual assaults. He did this knowing full well that he was taking advantage of people that were intoxicated."

Other reports state that the series of assaults may have occurred over the span of the last 10 years. Surveillance video from one bar in College Park, Md. shows Poindexter, a property appraiser, buying a Long Island Iced Tea for one of his victims, which the victim consumed, with Poindexter escorting the drugged victim outside. The victim awoke the next morning in Poindexter’s home to find himself wearing a pair of Poindexter’s shorts and found his clothes in a pile next to him on the floor. The victim, who had no memory of the previous evening, approached police with the suspicion that he was sexually assaulted. The victim questioned Poindexter, while wearing a police wire, about the night’s events with Poindexter responding, "If it makes you feel any better, I don't have any (expletive) AIDS, if anything did happen."

Additional victims later came forward after investigators issued a public appeal for the case; some victims had no inclination they had even been assaulted until they were shown photo and video evidence. Poindexter’s lawyer says her client intends on appealing the 150-year sentence.

Watch CBS Baltimore's coverage of the sentencing, including a statement from Poindexter's lawyer, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Fatal Shooting of Gay NC College Print Shop Manager Under Investigation as Hate Crime: VIDEO


Kenneth Stancil III was arrested on Tuesday and charged with the murder of Wayne Community College print shop manager Ron Lane, for whom he had once worked before being fired.

Ron-laneStancil killed Lane (right) on Monday near the campus library with a pistol-grip shotgun as part of what authorities say was a calculated plan. Ron Lane was gay and the murder is now being investigated as a hate crime.

Stancil's extensive face and neck tattoos honor the Aryan brotherhood and a face tattoo said to be completed as recently as last week features an '88', said to symbolize 'Heil Hitler'.

Stancil was arrested on a beach in Daytona Beach, Florida shortly after midnight early Tuesday morning after fleeing there following the shooting.

WNCN reports on some of the background and accusations in the case:

A relative of Lane's said that Lane fired Stancil for bringing drugs to the workplace. School officials, however, said Stancil was dismissed from the school's work-study program for too many absences.

Stancil's mother, Debbie Stancil, additionally claimed Lane "made inappropriate sexual advances toward him," which upset her son.

"He was very upset when the person that's deceased was making advances to him. He told him to stop and he kept on," she said. "I urged him to go to a counselor to tell them and ask to get switched to another work-study before this happened -- the firing."

A spokesperson for Lane's family said any allegations that he made sexual advances toward Stancil are "slanderous."

Stancil accused the victim of molesting his younger brother at a hearing on Tuesday:

"I just want you to know, I ridded one less (expletive) child molester from the (expletive) earth that (expletive) with my little brother. All right? That's all I got to say."

Stancil's mother has denied those claims, and says that Lane never had contact with the brother, according to the AP:

"He had a moment of insanity. I don't know. He just snapped. That is not my son," she said. "He's probably out of his mind. I think he needs mental help."

At least one school administrator does not think Lane was killed because he was making advances:

Brent Hood, coordinator of education support technology at the college, was Lane's supervisor for the past three years. He said he didn't think Lane was killed because he was gay. He said Lane was in mourning because his partner of 12 years disappeared in July and his remains were found months later. Police said Chuck Tobin killed himself.

Lane insisted that Tobin be described as his long-term partner in an email Hood sent to other staffers announcing the discovery.

Stancil appeared at an extradition hearing on Wednesday in Florida's Volusia County and signed documents without protest.

Watch several reports, AFTER THE JUMP...


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