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News: Hugh Jackman, Kalamazoo, Submarines, Michael Savage


Friend and activist David Mixner is hospitalized. We wish him the best for a speedy recovery.



U.S. Military developing super-fast submarine.


Hugh Jackman to star as P.T. Barnum in a musical circus film with pop songs written by Mika.


Angie Zapata's murderer has a MySpace page, created by killer Allen Andrade's brother.


SPOILER? Ugly Betty's makeover.


Siew Kum Hong, former Singapore NMP, honored: "Siew was named the winner of the 2009 Dignity Prize, a biennial award presented by gay advocacy group, People Like Us, on Saturday evening at the opening reception of Indignation, Singapore’s annual gay pride festival. Organisers say the prize serves to recognise the contributions of an individual in Singapore who has spoken up for equal rights for LGBT people."


Racist, homophobic Laguna Beach actor Jason Wahler arrested in shoe attack.



Tentacled creature washes up on Welsh beach.


Two Beluga whales pregnant at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago: "Shedd officials say the belugas should be pregnant for between 14 and 16 months. They'll still be on public display at the aquarium."


Kalamazoo, Michigan anti-discrimination ordinance back on the ballot in November: "The Kalamazoo City Commission voted unanimously Monday to reaffirm its support for the ordinance that was officially suspended Friday when challenge petitions were certified by City Clerk Scott Borling. City Attorney Clyde Robinson now will draft ballot language that will be presented to the commission at its Aug. 17 meeting. Commissioners must approve the language for it to appear on the Nov. 3 ballot." The Stonewall Democrats executive director Jon Hoadley has stepped down from his position to fight this ballot measure.



Domestic partners register across Wisconsin: "About 20 people had lined up in the hallway outside Dane County Clerk Robert Ohlsen's office by 7:30 a.m., but the promise of long-awaited legal benefits didn't appear to draw an immediate flood of applicants elsewhere in the state. Milwaukee County Clerk Joe Czarneki said his office had taken about a half-dozen applications. Winnebago County had 18 applications, and Outagamie County had 16."


Matt Maggiacomo visits the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.


Homophobic attacks in London's East End going unreported, police say.


Gay former NFLer Esera Tuaolo comments on Hawaii coach Greg McMackin's "faggot" slur: "These are the things that we are fighting so hard to get rid of and to have someone of his stature to say something like that is not right, not right at all."



Posters: AIDS is D.C.'s Katrina.


Bollywood superstar Saif Ali Khan not afraid to play gay.


Gay man wins landmark case in Poland: "The Regional Court in Szczecin has ruled that a homosexual Polish man should receive zł.15,000 in damages from a female neighbor who called him a 'fag' (pedał). The man, identified as Ryszard G., decided to sue his 50-year-old neighbor, Anna S., after she repeatedly called him 'fag,' including at a grocery store in the presence of customers and on the stairwell of their residential block."


Chaz Housand, an assault victim who believes he may have been attacked over his sexual orientation, is attacked by Town Hall columnist for suggesting it might possibly be a hate crime.


Artist takes on Damien Hirst.


Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears dominate VMA nominations. Partial list.


Just a couple more Brazilian beauties.


The New Yorker embraces hatemonger and birther nut radio host Michael Savage. Media Matters: "Savage doesn't preach hate. (That's so cliché, people.) Instead, the host merely engages in some old-fashioned 'rabble rousing.' Sure, he broadcasts an 'antipathy for liberals.' And yes, he does show flashes of an 'immoderate' and 'incendiary style.' But deep down, Savage is really just a throwback to 'garrulous old-school New York radio personalities.' In fact, Savage isn't all that much different than famed shock jock Howard Stern. Besides, The New Yorker loves the 'counter-culture feel' of Savage's program."

News: Cher, New England, Richard Gasquet, Space Shuttle Atlantis

 roadAllen Andrade gets life sentence plus 60 years for Angie Zapata murder.

Cher  roadCher turns back time to get back into black bodysuit.

 roadGay athletes to get 'Pride' safe house at 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

 roadJust Jared interviews Katy Perry.

 roadActor Steve Gideon dies at 52: "Gideon died May 1 at his West Hollywood home of complications from colon cancer, said Bernard Vyzga, his longtime companion...musical theater career included staging and starring in the first authorized gay version of Stephen Sondheim's 'Marry Me a Little'."

 roadMaine Catholic Bishop Richard Malone calls same-sex marriage "a dangerous sociological experiment."

 roadWhy so many marriage equality advances in New England? "Liberal politics clearly plays a part, but the reasons for the rapid transformation are more finely shaded than simple blue-state, red-state color coding, according to analysts. The distinctive thinking of religious New Englander... their view of religion as private and personal, and their separation of their own beliefs from politics - has enabled change, said Mark Silk, a professor of religion in public life at Trinity College in Hartford."

 roadFive years on: Same-sex marriage debate fades in Massachusetts.

 roadTennis pro Richard Gasquet tests positive for cocaine.

 roadMale model fix: David Gandy.

Shuttle  roadSpace Shuttle Arlantis reaches orbit on dangerous Hubble mission: "Five spacewalks will be needed to accomplish everything. The work is so tricky and intricate that two of the repairmen are Hubble veterans, John Grunsfeld and Michael Massimino. Grunsfeld, the chief repairman, is making an unprecedented third trip to the telescope. Altman, the commander, also has previously flown to the telescope.""

 roadTwo men sought in Madison, Wisconsin gay bashing, the second in as many weeks.

 roadHungary to allow domestic partnerships for gays and lesbians: "The official bulletin says a new law will allow the partnership if both partners are at least 18 years old. The law will prohibit same-sex couples from adopting children together, but will require partners to provide care for each other’s children from earlier relationships if the children are recognized as belonging to the partnership."

Hirst  roadDamien Hirst retrospective opens in Kiev.

 roadAustralian man describes escape after 4-meter shark attacked his dinghy.

 roadNew 'Montauk monster' washes up on Southhold, Long Island.

 roadCitizens gather in Grifton, North Carolina to discuss concerns about same-sex marriage.

 roadMegan Fox says High School Musical is really about a coach who molests his basketball team.

 roadStudents protest school's report to parents of student's same-sex kiss after it was captured on school surveillance video: "The controversy arose after the school's dean of students, Keith Nelson, saw the two kissing and holding hands and found video of it on the surveillance system. He showed it to the parents of one of the girls because they had asked to be kept apprised of her behavior. The parents moved the girl to a different school district after watching it."

News: Chile, Gavin Newsom, Connecticut, Marcia Brady, Sharks

road.jpg Majority in Connecticut support same-sex marriage ruling: "Fifty-three percent of Connecticut residents support Friday's historic ruling by the state Supreme Court that legalizes gay marriage, while 42 percent of residents polled said they do not."

Onearchivesroad.jpg ONE Archives to open first museum dedicated to LGBT history in West Hollywood: "The museum -- really a micro-museum at 600 square feet -- has set a macro goal for itself: to bring little-known aspects of gay history out of the library closet and into the public sphere. The museum is an offshoot of the ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives, which is affiliated with USC. The old magazine covers dedicated to gay marriage come from ONE magazine, the first gay publication in the country."

road.jpg Marcia Brady's tell-all confession: I was addicted to coke and quaaludes, had sex for drugs, dated Michael Jackson, had two abortions, bulimia, and almost lost my virginity to Greg Brady.

road.jpg Karl Lagerfeld just bought a six-bedroom, 1840 landmark house on an island on Lake Champlain, Vermont.

road.jpg Bush supporter Dennis Hopper: I pray Obama wins.

road.jpg MEAT: Gerard Butler opens BBQ in Hollywood.

Hirstroad.jpg Damien Hirst tops list of powerful people in the art world: "Hirst is also a good example of how contemporary art reflects modern life. Like our shopping centres, our art world is dominated by superbrands: Hirst in Europe, Jeff Koons in America and the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami (whose recent American retrospective included a Louis Vuitton boutique selling Murakami-designed fashionwear)." [LIST]

road.jpg Shark blood offers hope for cancer.

road.jpg Kenya's elephants now text message conservationists before raiding villages: "Kenya is the first country to try elephant texting as a way to protect both a growing human population and the wild animals that now have less room to roam. Elephants are ranked as 'near threatened' in the Red List, an index of vulnerable species published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature."

road.jpg Australia debates the merits of mantyhose.

road.jpg SF Mayor Gavin Newsom has become the single-best tool for same-sex marriage ban backers: "His pictures have become the rallying cry for Prop. 8. It's unfortunate for him, and it's unfortunate for the anti-Prop. 8 campaign. I don't know that I would change his behavior, because he's representing his constituency, and he's been totally consistent in his position. But he's become everyone's worst nightmare."

road.jpg L.A.: Stars come out to Skybar to defeat Prop 8. "Chad Allen, Eric McCormack, Dana Delaney, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Thomas Roberts, Katherine Joosten, Loni Anderson, Heather Tom, and Eduardo Xol who were among the celebrities there to raise money for 'No on 8 - Equality California.'"

road.jpg TOUR: Britney Spears will take her show on the road this spring.

Chileroad.jpg Chilean gay rights group steps up against Catholic bishop and Evangelicals: "MOVILH strongly criticized Bishop Juan Ignacio González Errázuriz, whose San Bernardo Diocese is located just south of Santiago, for writing a public letter urging Chileans not to vote in this month's city elections for candidates who support granting certain rights to gay and lesbian couples...MOVILH also is up in arms about a Saturday conference held by the Isacar Movement, a network of Evangelical professionals. Isacar called the conference to address the so-called Anti-Discrimination Law currently under consideration in Chile's congress."

road.jpg The least attractive photo of The O.C.'s Benjamin McKenzie you'll likely ever see.

road.jpg SPOILER: Meet Mad Men's new gay character.

road.jpg Producing duo acquire rights to French-Canadian comedy Taxi 0-22: "The two will be shopping an American version of the series, which centers on Rogatien Dubois, an outspoken and politically incorrect taxi driver. A modern-day Archie Bunker type, Dubois wrestles with his many prejudices and the fact that his 20-year-old son is gay."

News: Bolthouse Farms, Diamond, Emmys, Transgender Win

road.jpg Transgender woman wins groundbreaking sex discrimination suit brought by ACLU: "A federal district court judge in Washington, D.C., ruled today that the Library of Congress discriminated against Diane Schroer when it offered her a job and then rescinded it after learning she was transgendered...Other courts that have considered the issue have said Congress only intended for the anti-discrimination statute to protect men and women, but not people who change their sex, the ACLU said."

Diamondroad.jpg Record-breaking white diamond found in Lesotho.

road.jpg Till Death: Portia de Rossi to become Portia DeGeneres.

road.jpg India high court sets deadline to hear arguments from government on decriminalization of homosexuality: "That the government appears to be running out of time to take a final stand on this issue also became clear on Friday when HC made it clear that it would go ahead with its verdict without reference to the stand of the Union Cabinet if it continues to sit on the issue later than the date fixed by the HC."

road.jpg A complete list of last night's Emmy Award winners...

road.jpg Christina Aguilera opts for futuristic astronaut vibe on new album.

road.jpg Anti-gay attack at Belgrade Gay Fest: "A group of 20 or so youths, wearing surgical masks and hooded tops attacked festival participants on September 19, seriously injuring one U.S. national, who suffered a broken arm and concussion, while several participants from Serbia also received minor injuries. The police, it is added, reacted quickly, one attacker was arrested, and a number of others taken in for questioning."

Cahbolthouseroad.jpg Californians Against Hate holds protest against Bolthouse Farms outside Ralph's supermarket in L.A.: "...because of a $100,000 contribution by William Bolthouse, Jr. to the Protect Marriage – Yes on Proposition 8 Campaign. William Bolthouse’s huge financial support was one of the main reasons that this constitutional initiative qualified for the November 4th ballot. His money helped enable Protect Marriage to hire hundreds of paid professional petition circulators to collect the signatures necessary to qualify this initiative for the November ballot. If passed on November 4th, Proposition 8 would eliminate same-sex marriage in California."

road.jpg Producer David Zucker on his new right-wing comedy An American Carol and being Republican in Hollywood: "Most political comedies say both sides are bad. We're saying, 'F— it.' We're taking a side...{in Hollywood] you sort of feel like you have to hide [your conservatism]. When you meet, you give each other a secret look — 'Are you a Republican, too?' It's the new gay."

road.jpg Joan Rivers addresses leather crowd at Folsom Street Fair benefit gala.

Sharkroad.jpg Damien Hirst paid $200 for the shark he sold last week in formaldehyde for $21 million.

road.jpg Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka hit the Emmy red carpet.

road.jpg Goldmine: Beckhams net $202 million on perfume line.

road.jpg Sarah Palin draws crowd of 60,000 25,000 in Florida, far exceeding the number of people Bush attracted four years ago.

road.jpg Vancouver-area high school pulls course with gay content: "The elective course, which deals with issues ranging from homophobia to animal rights, has caused controversy amongst religious groups that worry it's too malleable to the individual beliefs of teachers."

News: Ant, Ellen DeGeneres, Golden Calf, Prop. 8, Jamaica

road.jpg Barclays to purchase portions of Lehman Brothers.

road.jpg U.S. Circuit Court: Gay man from Jamaica eligible for asylum due to persecution of gays in that country.

Goldencalfroad.jpg Damien Hirst's "The Golden Calf" sells for £10,345,250: "This was the first time a modern-day artist has offered a new exhibition of work directly for sale at auction, which effectively breaks the link between artist and gallery. But it has already provoked fears that the market will be dominated now by money rather than art, and by auction rooms and 'celebrity artists' rather than galleries. All the signs last night were that the fears were well founded. One of Hirst's celebrated shark-in-a-tank works, entitled The Kingdom, sold to a telephone bidder for £9.56million, more than double the estimate of £4million." Records smashed...

road.jpg Easy, breezy, beautiful: Ellen DeGeneres is the newest Cover Girl.

road.jpg Wilde: Dorian Gray shooting in central London...

road.jpg Prop 8: Interactive map tracks donation for and against.

road.jpg Donations in support of California gay marriage ban pouring in from Mormons: "Church members, mostly from California, have made individual donations close to $5 million in support of Proposition 8, counting only donations of more than $1,000, according to one Web site...In June, California church authorities read a statement from Salt Lake City leaders over the pulpit that church members 'do all [they] can to support the proposed constitutional amendment.' That has resulted in a mass of donations, said Nadine Hansen, who runs the Web site MormonsFor8.com."

road.jpg Phyllis Lyon gives first interview following the death of her longtime partner Del Martin: "I’ve gotten cards from people we knew, and then some from people we didn’t know from anywhere. This response just goes to show that there were a whole lot of people who knew about her even if they didn’t know her.

Foxroad.jpg GQ throws a bone to the straight men with lesbian fantasies. Cover girl Megan Fox: "Look, I’m not a lesbian. I just think that all humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes. I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl - Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands. She’s mesmerizing. And lately I’ve been obsessed with Jenna Jameson, but … oh boy."

Antroad.jpg Scientists discover ancient ant in Amazon rainforest: "It represents an old lineage of ants that appeared very early in ant evolution. This shows that tropical soils are widely unexplored and may not only harbour many undiscovered species, but among them also relict species that keep traits from early evolutionary times."

road.jpg Brighton is top UK city for civil partnerships: "A total of 1,184 ceremonies were held in the city between December 2005 and September this year."

road.jpg Sarah Palin stonewalling in "troopergate" investigation: "Spokesman Ed O'Callaghan initially said Palin, the Republican nominee for vice president, would not testify as part of the probe 'as long as it remains tainted.' He later clarified his statement to say Palin is 'unlikely to cooperate' with the inquiry."

road.jpg L.A.'s Outfest to honor Milk, American Beauty producer Bruce Cohen.

road.jpg Bob Costas talks gays in sports...

road.jpg Census of same-sex couples in Germany doubles in a decade.

road.jpg Hotel in Ireland ordered to pay gay couple €3,000 after being found guilty of discrimination: "The case arose after a 'gay-friendly' social was organised by Peter McGuffin and Enda Harte at the hotel for June 5th, 2005, a bank holiday Sunday. The men had previously organised similar events in the Victoria Hotel in Galway, a sister hotel of the Eyre Square Hotel and owned by the same proprietor. They complained that the manager of the Eyre Square Hotel told them 'out of the blue' on June 3rd, 2005, that the hotel owner had said the social could not proceed. The manager said the owner was very angry such an event was being held in his establishment, they claimed."

road.jpg MTV's TRL signing off...

Damien Hirst Cuts Out the Middleman


The Times Online wonders if the upcoming Damien Hirst auction heralds the death of the gallery:

Hirst1"To understand what Hirst is doing by putting 223 new works up for auction at Sotheby’s, I suggest you go along to one of the presale viewings - daily until September 15, admission free - and search out his latest shark piece, The Kingdom. It’s a huge black case featuring an 8ft tiger shark suspended, as always, in formaldehyde...Once you have found the shark, imagine that it represents Sotheby’s. No, go further than that. Imagine that it represents the entire art world and the manner in which it pursues its business. See how predatory it is, how cunning, how fixated on its prey, how implacable and ruthless."

Damien Hirst Unveils New Formaldehyde Menagerie [tr]
George Michael and Kenny Goss Show Off Preserved Carcasses [tr]
Damien Hirst Skull Fetches Asking Price of $100 Million [tr]


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