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News: Bullying, Scott Brown, Fin Whale, Golden State Warriors

 road Golden State Warriors announce first 'Gay Night'.

Zegers  roadKevin Zegers emerges from the underbrush for Flaunt.

 roadEllen Degeneres and Simon Cowell sitting on different ends of the table for a reason.

 roadMassachusetts Senator Scott Brown dined with teabaggers and anti-gay hate group before voting with Harry Reid.

 roadHUD seeks help with anti-gay discrimination study: "Starting Thursday, the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department will enlist residents in three cities with large gay populations - Chicago, New York and San Francisco - to offer ideas on how such a study should be conducted."

 roadMadonna gets Jesus a record deal.

 roadCitibank blocks account of gay start-up Fabulis because of "objectionable content." "Do I think Citibank or Citigroup is a homophobic malicious company? No. Do I think some compliance officer is a moron who made a really stupid decision? Yes. Three hours of trying to sort this out provided even more comedic insanity than I even revealed on the blog post. Including a bank manager who didn’t want to talk about this because she was uncomfortable talking about the content of our blog over a recorded phone conversation." TechCrunch weighs in. Citi responds. Chapter ends.

 roadWatch: The NSFW trailer for Showgirls 2.

Finwhale  roadMassive fin whale washes ashore in England.

 roadEvita revival coming to Broadway.

 roadPresbyterians to ordain gay minister: "A regional governing body of the largest Presbyterian denomination in the country has voted to ordain a gay Madison man with a long-term partner, bucking national church policy that bars gays and lesbians in open relationships from the ministry and perhaps setting a precedent. The decision Saturday in Madison by the John Knox Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church (USA) is expected to have a national impact and be challenged by opponents."

Olly  roadX-Factor contestant Olly Murs enjoyed playing "gay chicken" with fellow contestant Danyl Johnson: “Gay chicken is this game where you lean in to kiss someone and you await to see who turns away first.  We were leaning in and laughing, but then Danyl actually closed his eyes! I’ve always been really open-minded. I don’t judge people.”

 roadJ Lo to host SNL this Saturday.

 roadUK gay man wins discrimination claim against company that tried to "de-gay" his pub: "The former assistant manager said he had been ordered to put up a sign outside that said 'This is not a gay pub' and made to reprimand a homosexual couple for their overtly romantic behaviour, before being told he was 'another kind of gay'...The firm was ordered to pay Mr Lisboa £4,593.75 in compensation."

 roadThe New York Post's Andrea Peyser is not interested in a sexy firewoman.

 roadHomophobic bullies in UK taking their conquests to YouTube: "It is the most recent development in the ongoing problem of homophobic bullying, which remains a major issue even as Brent Council has begun a concerted effort to tackle it. Youth worker, Lukasz Konieczka said the latest way in which some youngsters were being bullied was through group attacks known as 'rushing,' which are then broadcast on the internet."

Dannii Minogue Under Fire for Calling Out X-Factor Contestant's Sexuality


British media watchdog Ofcom has reportedly received nearly 4,000 complaints over an episode of X-Factor during which judge Dannii Minogue brought up contestant Danyl Johnson's sexuality.

In August, the UK Mirror reported that Johnson had told them he is a bisexual "free spirit" who dates women and men.

Minogue's X-Factor remarks came after Johnson's performance of "And I Am Telling You" in which he had changed lyrics in the song from "You’re the best man…” to “You’re the best girl…”. Remarked Minogue to boos from the audience and a shocked "what did you say?" from Simon Cowell: "If we're to believe everything we read in the paper maybe you didn't need to change the gender reference in it."

Cowell slammed Minogue: "You can forget playing any of those games with him. I'm not having that. This guy sang his heart out. Give him some credit."

Since the episode, there have been calls for Minogue to be dumped from the show. Johnson and Cowell have come to Minogue's defense, and the judge has apologized.

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Danyl Johnson, X-Factor's Overnight Star, Says He's Bisexual


Danyl Johnson, a teacher from Reading, UK, gave what Simon Cowell called, "singlehandedly, the best first audition I have heard" on Britain's X-Factor talent show over the weekend. In the subsequent clamor from the press, Johnson talked to the UK Mirror, and told the tabloid he's bisexual.

The Mirror reports: "The 27-year-old dance and drama teacher gave the two girl judges a cheeky wink during his mind-blowing performance in last night’s live show. But he said he’s a 'free spirit' who dates women AND men, admitting that he thinks all the judges are good-looking...even Louis Walsh. He said: 'I don’t like to conform or be put into one box or another and if I’m honest all the judges are good-looking. If I like someone’s personality it doesn’t really matter what they look like or what sex they are.'"

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