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Check Out This Irish Senator's Awesome Smack Down of Russia's Anti-gay Propaganda Ban: VIDEO


Senator David Norris, Ireland's first openly gay person elected to public office, appeared on RT's Worlds Apart program this week to dissect Russia's ever-increasing crackdown on LGBT citizens and their rights. 

Explaining that Russia's attitudes towards gay rights are "30 years behind" Western sensibilities, Norris wasted no time in bringing up the "dishonest" campaign that the Russian Orthodox Church and lawmakers have led in trying to "protect children" with the country's anti-gay 'propaganda' ban. 

When host Oksana Boyko explained that perhaps Russia's anti-gay efforts were related more to protecting its cultural "heteronormativity" rather than criminalizing homosexuality or perpetuating discrimination, Norris fired back:

Russia with love"What about parades, marches banned by the mayor of Moscow? Why was that? What about the people being beaten up, being dragged out of their homes, being tortured, being subject to vicious, brutal attacks by thugs in Moscow with the police standing by. That's hardly equality...what we should be doing is making sure that our family structures are more rational and they reflect the views of everyone in society and that we protect everyone in society. We don't just do lip service for the individual's rights and say "Oh you can be homosexual in a hole in the ground somewhere as long as nobody knows about it, but we're perfectly alright with you being clobbered and battered to death on the streets of Moscow with the police turning the other way'" 

It's a 30 minutes segment, but well worth a full watch - especially towards the end when Boyko gets all flustered after being asked about Vladimir Putin's own sexuality in light of his fondness for "galloping around with little small beady eyes, half-naked on a horse."


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David Norris, Other Irish Candidates Graceful In Defeat

MichaelDHigginsMichael D. Higgins, of Ireland's Labour Party, won yesterday's presidential election. The race's much-publicized gay candidate, the independent David Norris, was the first to call Mr. Higgins with his concession.

Norris, a one-time front runner whose campaign was undone by a series of minor scandals, was gracious in defeat. According to Independent.ie:

"When you have such a concentration of power in the hands of the Coalition I think it's good to have somebody who will be in a position morally and intellectually to speak out on behalf of the marginalised," [Norris] said. "I know that Michael D. will do that. So I'll be very happy to be an Irishman under the presidency of Michael D. Higgins."

Mr. Norris's good cheer and fellow-feeling was echoed by the other candidates. Note: In the Independent's video reportage, the defeated candidates manage to refrain from calling the victorious Mr. Higgins a Marxist, socialist, Nazi, or tyrant.

Gay Candidate David Norris Back in Irish Presidential Race, and Leading

Could Ireland soon have a gay President? It appears that way.

Norris Sen. David Norris, who left the race in August following the disclosure of letters to Israeli authorities asking for clemency for a former partner in a statutory rape case, is back, in and leading the pack, CNN reports:

Sen. David Norris completed an extraordinary comeback Tuesday, securing the political backing he needed to get onto the ballot after withdrawing over a sex scandal in August, then changing his mind and jumping back into the race.

He leads the field, according to an opinion poll published in the Sunday Business Post this week, followed by Michael D. Higgins of the Labour Party and McGuinness, the Sinn Fein politician who stepped down as deputy first minister of Northern Ireland to run for president of the republic....

...Norris -- tipped to be the country's first openly gay head of state -- got onto the ballot, thanks to an 11th-hour intervention by his rival Higgins.

Ahead of a vote by Dublin city councilors, Higgins recommended to Labour colleagues they facilitate the entry of Norris to the presidential race "in the interests of democracy."

There are seven candidates in the election, which takes place October 27.

Gay Candidate David Norris to Re-Enter Irish Presidential Race


David Norris a former frontrunner who dropped out of the Irish presidential race last month following the disclosure of letters to Israeli authorities asking for clemency for a former partner who had been convicted of the statutory rape of a 15-year-old boy, will re-enter the race, according to Irish Central:

Norris Norris is expected to confirm his latest decision to run when he appear on Irish television’s flagship show The Late Late next Friday night.

The Norris u-turn has come about after he featured prominently in a number of opinion polls.

Independent members of the Irish parliament and some County Councilors have also confirmed that they will back a new Norris bid.

Gay Irish Presidential Candidate David Norris Drops Out of Race: VIDEO

David Norris, a gay candidate once considered the front-runner in Ireland's presidential race, has bowed out of the race, following the disclosure of letters to Israeli authorities asking for clemency for a former partner, the Irish Times reports:

Norris It emerged last weekend that Mr Norris wrote a letter in 1997 to the Israeli authorities pleading on behalf of Ezra Yitzhak Nawi, who had been convicted of the statutory rape of a 15-year-old boy.

Mr Norris’s campaign suffered a serious blow last night when three Independent TDs withdrew their pledge to support the Trinity Senator’s nomination. Other members of the Dáil and Seanad who had pledged support for Mr Norris are also considering their position in the light of the disclosure that the Senator wrote a letter pleading for leniency for his former partner.

Said Norris: "I deeply regret the most recent of all the controversies concerning my former partner of 25 years ago, Ezra Yitzhak Nawi. The fallout from his disgraceful behaviour has now spread to me and is in danger of contaminating others close to me both in political and personal life...It is essential that I act decisively now to halt this negative process. I do not regret supporting and seeking clemency for a friend, but I do regret giving the impression that I did not have sufficient compassion for the victim of Ezra’s crime..."

Watch the Norris press conference, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Croatia, Ryan Philippe, EastEnders, IRS, David Norris

 road Unusually long lunar eclipse to be visible this week.

 road Chaz Bono to be grand marshal of San Francisco's pride parade.

Rp  road Ryan Philippe almost in disguise at his son's football game.

 road Croatian President Ivo Josipovic blasts the anti-gay protesters responsible for the violence at yesterday's pride parade saying that it was "not Croatia's real face."

 road IRS sends out letters with language that excludes same-sex couples: "How the errant letters started is unclear. Tax experts who brought the letters to the attention of the I.R.S. weeks ago had wondered if anti-gay I.R.S. employees were acting out of malice. 'It’s either intentional or ignorance,' said Pan Haskins, an Oakland tax consultant who had been tracking the letters."

 road Extremists in Poland attacked gay pride participants yesterday with firecrackers and anti-gay chants. No injuries or arrests were made.

 road The BBC felt a need to issue a public statement about a scene in EastEnders which showed two men in bed together.

 road This woman is also very likely to steal candy from a baby.

 road Justin Bieber sends his get well card to girlfriend Selena Gomez via Twitter.

D  road Openly gay Irish politician David Norris is still eyeing the presidency in Ireland: "...I will say that I have represented Ireland on the world stage before. It was an honour then and it will be an honour if I am elected the ninth president of Ireland."

 road Joel Burns on Sam Maden, the 12-year-old who successfully petitioned to get the Boston Red Sox to create an "It Gets Better" video: "I'm proud of Sam and I think that his bold action is yet another example of people joining in this conversation about teenage bullying and suicide. All of our kids' lives have worth and even the children have a role in participating in that conversation."

 road Mitt Romney has already won the support of Matt Drudge.

 road Tonight's Tony Awards host Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka out on the town on the eve of the ceremony.

 road Dustin Lance Black wants to hear your stories.


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