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Suspect Identified in Beating of Gay Man in Denver: VIDEO


Last week, Towleroad reported on the brutal attack on 23-year-old Jared Olson of Denver, and now police say they have identified a suspect:

SandovalAccording to police, 20-year-old Tilo Sandoval is the suspect in that attack, which reportedly took place near Sam’s Hookah Lounge on the corner of Alameda Avenue and Zuni Street over Labor Day weekend. Jared Olsen, 23, was the victim in the attack, and told police he and his friends had been out at a club before going to the hookah lounge. That’s when he said two men approached the group and called them names, including gay slurs.

“They were just cussing at us and slurring, then one guy walked to my door and opened it and hit me in the face,” Olsen said. “We drove off right after that.”

Jared’s injuries were not life threatening, but he reportedly lost several teeth and says he may need surgery to treat painful injuries to his face.

Watch KDVR's report on the attack and new information, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Denver Man Brutally Beaten in Labor Day Anti-Gay Attack: VIDEO


Police in Denver are investigating the brutal attack on 23-year-old Jared Olson as an anti-gay hate crime, ABC7 reports:

The 23-year-old Olson told 7NEWS he and two friends were leaving Sam's Hookah Lounge at 2370 W. Alameda Ave. about 2 a.m. Monday when he and a gay friend were attacked by a man in a group of men in the parking lot calling them gay slurs.

Olson said one man followed the trio when they got in their car, then pulled open the door to the back seat where Olsen and his friend, who's also gay, were seated. The attacker repeatedly punched Olson in the face and also struck his friend. The male friend who was in the driver's seat was not harmed.

Olson said the beating left him covered in blood, with broken bones in his face that will require reconstructive surgery. He also had several teeth knocked out and chipped.

Reconstructive surgery could cost Olson $50,000, he says, and he doesn't have insurance. Friends have created a Facebook page to support Olson.


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'Denver Post' Surveys Readers on Decision to Run Photo of Gay House Speaker Kissing Partner After Civil Union Bill Passage


The Denver Post is polling its readers about running the above photo by their photographer Craig Walker of House Speaker Mark Ferrandino kissing his partner Greg Wertsch after passage of the civil unions bill in Colorado.

But getting even more commentary than the poll is the headline they originally accompanied the survey with, which now reads:

"Picture of Mark Ferrandino kissing partner shows the truth, even if it offends some"

Here's how the questionnaire was originally positioned:

Update 3:28 p.m.: After reading the comments, I’m altering the headline from “no matter how objectionable,” to “even if it offends some.” I’ve certainly dealt with some callers who are upset with the use of the photo, but my intent was not to label the photo (or the act) objectionable. As I’ve often said, everyone needs an editor, and I appreciate the comments. — Lin

Kudos to the Director of Newsroom Ops for changing it. Folks will also be happy to know that the comments are overwhelmingly in support of the photo, the couple, and pro-equality.

Shot Fired At Obama Campaign Office In Denver: PHOTOS


A front glass window was shattered but no one was hurt when a single gunshot was fired at President Obama's reelection campaign office in Denver yesterday afternoon.

The shot came at about 3pm and though they have no leads on a person at the moment, Denver police say they're looking into a specific vehicle description that may lead them to the man or woman responsible.

Denver, as the AP notes, was the site of Obama and rival Mitt Romney's first presidential debate as well as where a gunman killed 12 people during a shooting at a movie theater in July.

More images AFTER THE JUMP.

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Denver Sheriff Unveils Trans-Friendly Policy: VIDEO


The Denver Sheriff's Department this week rolled out a new set of guidelines for dealing with gender-variant inmates. It's a long and subtle document that in no way qualifies as riveting reading. But it's heartening.

The new Denver policy is designed to help law enforcement account for a wide variety of factors when determining where to lodge newly-arrived inmates -- and, acknowledging the vastness of the gender spectrum and the confusion that may arise from trying to locate individuals upon it, designates a 72-hour interregnum during which inmates may be placed in "Administrative Segregation" while something called the "Transgender Review Board" meets to discuss the inmates' accommodations.


People behind this policy say it's about basic human rights ...

"It's very much about equality," said Courtney Gray with the LGBT Community Center of Colorado. "It's about respecting people, although someone may have broken the law."

"This is definitely the most progressive policy in the state," Gray said. "Nationally, it's definitely one of the most progressive and comprehensive in the country."

Gray says more than one in five transfolk who interact with law enforcement report experiencing harassment, and more than one in three who spend time in jail are harassed or threatened by their fellow inmates. The Denver Sheriff's Department reports that it "deals with" one to three trans inmates each month. 'Til now, those inmates have been placed on "23-hour lockdown" for their own protection -- a practice which is not only isolating, but has become prohibitively expensive. The new policy will save money, while hopefully providing transfolk a less traumatizing experience in jail. From News9:

"In the State of Colorado, I would say it's very unique," Denver Undersheriff Gary Wilson said. "We believe it was important for us to not just protect the persons from physical harm but also from psychological harm while they're with us inside the jail."

See New9's coverage of the policy change AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Activist Regrets Glitterbombing Romney, Discusses Incident: VIDEO


Peter Smith, a Democrat who attends the University of Colorado Denver, told Denver's CBS4 that he regrets glitterbombing Mitt Romney after a speech in early February.

Romney_ssHe also discusses the incident, which he said he did over Romney's stances on gay rights and his economic policies.

Smith said the plan to throw glitter on Romney on Feb. 7 was a spur-of-the-moment idea. He said he chose blue glitter because there’s “no other color he’d rather see on a Republican.”

“Would I do it again for the message and to protest him as an individual? Yes. Would I choose different means? Yes, definitely,” he said. “I should never had brought his security into question. That was my epic downfall and I’ll never do it again.”

Smith was fired from an internship at the Colorado senate for his actions. As for the other falllout:

Smith says he managed to work out an agreement with administrators at the University of Colorado Denver that led to no disciplinary action. In court he also ended up pleading guilty to disturbing the peace and the missile charge was dropped.

Watch CBS4's interview with Smith, AFTER THE JUMP...

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