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Florida Teen Arrested For Hacking School Computer To Play Gay Prank On Teacher: VIDEO


An eighth grade student in Florida has been charged with a felony after changing the background image on a teacher’s computer to one showing two men kissing, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office has charged Paul R. Smith Middle School student Domanik Green with an offense against a computer system and unauthorized access.

SheriffAccording to Sheriff Chris Nocco (right), one of the computers Green accessed had encrypted 2014 FCAT questions stored on it. The 14-year-old did not access those files, but Nocco warned ominously although this was “just a teenage prank, who knows what this teenager might have done.”

However, Green - who had previously received a three-day suspension for accessing the system inappropriately - said that students would often log into the administrative account to screen-share with their friends. He explained that many students were able to access administrator accounts because the password is a teacher's last name.

Spokeswoman Linda Cobbe said the school district is now in the process of changing the network password.

Green received a 10-day suspension from school and will likely be granted pretrial intervention by a judge.

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Des Moines Catholic Students Stage Walkout Over Discrimination Against Gay Teacher: VIDEO

Grace Mumm Des Moines

Students, alumni and staff at a Catholic High School in Des Moines, Iowa staged a walkout on Wednesday following a decision to not hire a substitute teacher full time once it was discovered that he was gay, reports the Des Moines Register.

DCHS Logo2-1On Tuesday, Des Moines Catholic Schools administrators sent a letter to parents explaining the decision was because the applicant's personal life "was at odds with Church teaching."

The letter further stated:

"Our contracts contain specific language that outline the expected code of conduct in accord with long accepted Church teaching. The Catholic faith is central to our mission, and in order to deliver on that mission, it is our expectation that staff and teachers support our moral beliefs."

16-year-old sophomore and event walkout organizer Grace Mumm said:

"I just want the community to know that this is a really important topic, and that just because our school officials or diocesan leaders might have made this decision, it does not directly reflect what we believe as students.”

Watch Mumm explain the reasons for the walkout and read the school's letter to parents, AFTER THE JUMP...(warning: autoplay)

Yesterday, we reported that Oregon's 2014 Teacher of the Year Brett Bigham alleged that he was fired by his school district  after speaking openly about being gay.

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Oregon 2014 'Teacher Of The Year' Says He Was Fired For Being Openly Gay: VIDEO

Brett Brigham

Oregon’s 2014 Teacher of the Year Brett Bigham has alleged that he was fired by his school district last Friday after speaking openly about being gay, reports

Special education teacher Bigham, who was already on administrative leave, says that the district’s response to his openness has been less than positive. He claims that he was told to stop speaking publicly and has been threatened and blackmailed with termination more than 30 times.

Bigham said:

“So basically it comes down to two choices. I can be the gay teacher who came out, who was told by his district not to speak and was crushed, or I could be the teacher who came out and was told by his district not to say he was gay and fought back for my First Amendment rights and the honest truth is, the gay part of this is very small. It's one person making three statements to me, the retaliation is the issue.”

Although a district investigator has found no proof of allegations of discrimination, Bigham says he has proof in emails.

According to the district, Bigham was dismissed because he had missed class time.

Multnomah Education Service District says although he was given extended paid leave to speak at Teacher of the Year events, he continued to miss class time after he was expected to return to work in the fall of 2014. The district also says he declined mediation with the school when they tried to remedy the problem.

In a statement, Interim Superintendent Jim Rose said:

“It was a difficult decision and not what we hoped for. Brett is a great teacher. Unfortunately, it became clear over time that Brett's focus was no longer his classroom and students.”

Watch a report and interview with Bigham, AFTER THE JUMP...

In January, Charlotte Roman Catholic diocese, North Carolina fired teacher Lonnie Billard after he announced his engagement on Facebook.

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Louisiana High School Bans Lesbian Student From Wearing Tuxedo To Prom

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 1.55.42 PM

A Louisiana high school banned one of its premier gay honor students from wearing a tuxedo to prom, claiming that she would violate dress code reports USA Today. Monroe High School Senior Claudetteia Love, who participated in the school’s high-achieving medical magnet program and is considered an academic superstar, was crushed at the news that she couldn’t attend her prom on April 24 if she wore a tuxedo.

Said Love: 

"I told my mom, 'They're using me. They put me in all these honors and advanced placement classes so I can take all of these tests and get good grades and better the school, but when it's time for me to celebrate the fact that I've accomplished what I need to accomplish and I'm about to graduate, they don't want to let me do it, the way I want to.'"

Love is set to represent her school at the annual Scholar’s Banquet; an event for the top students in Ouachita Parish. Geraldine Jackson, Love’s mother, discussed the issue with Principal Patrick Taylor, and received a different explanation as to why her daughter was banned from wearing a tuxedo to the prom.

Said Jackson:

"He said that the faculty that is working the prom told him they weren't going to work the prom if (girls) were going to wear tuxes. That’s his exact words. 'Girls wear dresses and boys wear tuxes, and that's the way it is.' 

"I feel like he's taking his values and throwing them on my daughter because of what her preference is and what she represents."

Love intended to attend the prom with a group of friends, but didn’t plan on bringing a date with her. Love’s friends have since chosen not to attend the prom because of the no-tux rule imposed on Love. Several members of her senior class launched a petition to change the rule but faculty have yet to act on it. However, Monroe City School Board President Rodney McFarland contacted The News-Star to announce that he is personally taking action on Love’s behalf, and that he will contact Superintendent Brent Vidrine and request that he discuss the rule with Principal Taylor.

Said McFarland:

"As school board president, I don't agree with Carroll banning her from her prom just because of what she wants to wear - that's discrimination. As far as I know there is no Monroe City School Board policy saying what someone has to wear to attend the prom. You can't just go making up policies."

The ACLU of Louisiana has also stepped in and written a letter to Superintendent Vidrine letting the district know that prohibiting a female student from wearing a tux "violates not only the laws against sex discrimination but also the First Amendment's right to free expression."

Dad's Video Goes Viral: My Boys are Being Assaulted at School Because I'm Gay— WATCH


Joshua Alameda Franklin, a 31-year-old gay dad in Hilo, Hawaii posted a video this week to Facebook which is going viral on the social network. In the clip, Franklin talks to his 10- and 9-year-old sons Alae'a Stevens-Alameda and Joshua Poha Stevens-Alameda about the bullying, harassment, and physical assaults they endure at school because their dad is gay.

2_franklinSays Alae'a: "People would ask me about my father if he was gay and I would say, 'Yeah, there's nothing wrong with that.' I tried to walk away from this kid; he jumped on me and he slammed my face to a pole and gave me a black eye...They would call me gay, they would call me stupid, retard..."

Franklin's younger son Josh later tells a horrifying story of his own:

"I was walking up the stairs and someone called me gay and then I was trying to walk away, but they kept on talking and then I turned around and I said, 'Why are you calling me gay?' I knew he was going to cause a fight, so I was trying to walk away and he choked my neck and slammed me to the ground."

Franklin says he has witnessed the kids being called "faggot" and other names while teachers and supervisors stood by and do nothing. He says they have already had to change schools because of the harassment and inaction by administrators.

Franklin told KITV4: "The school is telling the perpetrators that are doing this to my children that they need to tolerate us, and they're using the word tolerance or tolerate in a way where it's very exclusive. So, basically what's being stated is that they're not willing to tell the kids that are doing this to my children, 'Hey, you know what, there's nothing wrong with being gay.'"

The news station adds: "A phone call to Hilo Union Elementary School Principal Erin Williams was not returned Thursday, but Department of Education communications director Donalyn Dela Cruz said the alleged bullying is being looked at."

Franklin said he's ready to start homeschooling his children, and made the video to make people aware of the issue.


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Student Discovers His Engineering Lecturer Is An Italian Male Model: Photos


Let’s talk about engineering.

Screenshot 2015-03-31 06.51.21Pietro Boselli is a teaching assistant and mathematical modeling lecturer at University College London. He’s also a ridiculously attractive male model who got his start in the fashion industry working with Giorgio Armani at the age of six.

Earlier this year one of Boselli’s students stumbled upon Boselli’s Instagram account whilst in class and soon realized that the man responsible for making him an engineer was also an in-demand high-fashion model.

The 26 year-old Italian's academic achievements belie the assumptions that one typically makes when thinking about models. Not only does Boselli holds a Ph.D in mechanical engineering (with honors,) but he graduated with distinction and a specialization in computational design.

Perhaps you’re on the fence about picking up a copy of Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems; we understand. Then again, Boselli might just be able to convince you to reconsider giving STEM a second chance.

Check out a selection of his Instagram shots AFTER THE JUMP...

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