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Fire Island Pavilion Of The Future: IMAGES


The Fire Island Pines Historical Preservation Society today posted some pictures of what the Fire Island pavilion, which burned to the ground in a fire last November, might look like when construction wraps up next year. It's being designed by the firm HWKN.

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Is Fire Island Pines Properties and Pavilion for Sale Again?

(image and inset image fire island pines historical preservation society facebook)

An unconfirmed report sprang up online late last week that Fire Islands Properties, which was destroyed by fire last November, is for sale for $22 million. Writes the blogger with the report, MarkatLarge, who wrote:

PavilionThe sale of the Pines’ largest commercial property is fueled by the lack of progress being made on rebuilding the Pavilion; as of today it remains a plot of sand. An inside source tells me there have been discussions of holding High Tea, the popular early evening party, around the hotel pool area. The pool area with its one small bar will be a tight fit for close to 1,000 thirsty boys who gather for pre-dinner cocktails and dancing.

Photos above and right, of what the property looks like today.

Asked for a comment from the Village Voice's Michael Musto, co-owner Andrew Kirtzman said he had no comment: "I don't have anything for you, unfortunately, but wanted to get back to you. I hope to speak with you soon."

Kirtzman released a passionate letter about the owners' dedication to the properties following the fire.

In related news, the design for the building next door which also burned and which housed the Sip n Twirl bar, was shared over the weekend by Fire Island Pines realtor Bob Howard, on Facebook. According to Howard the foundation and girders are complete.


Gay Wedding Video of the Day: Aaron and Corvette


A September wedding on Fire Island turns into drag soup.

Our reader Sam writes: "They were married this fall in the Pines and it was really the best wedding I've ever seen.  And I'm not just saying that because I was the best man."


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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1066


CLEANSPACE ONE: Switzerland plans space junk garbage truck.

FRIENDS FOREVER: Bear cub and wolf pup.

SAM TSUI: I Will Always Love You.

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Architectural Firm Behind 'High Line' and Lincoln Center Renovation to Redesign Fire Island Pines Pavilion


An architectural firm has been chosen to redesign the Fire Island Pines Pavilion, which was gutted by fire in November, the NYT reports:

The selection of Diller Scofidio + Renfro, whose recent high-profile commissions include the the High Line and the redesign of Lincoln Center, was announced on Thursday by FIP Ventures — a partnership of Blesso Properties, Seth Weissman and Andrew Kirtzman — which owns 80 percent of the Fire Island Pines commercial district.

“The fire handed us an unexpected opportunity to create something far better than what was destroyed,” Mr. Weissman said in a news release. “We’re intent upon building something that will reflect the Pines’ reputation as a mecca of style.”...

...Charles Renfro, a partner in Diller Scofidio + Renfro who has spent several summers on Fire Island, said the designers are thinking in “broad strokes” about “heightening” the entire commercial district into something more theatrical.

“We’re rethinking it as the Theater of the Pines, a proper name,” he said. “It’s about the comings and goings, the glances, the meetings: all of those things that are particular to the Pines.”

In other words, drama.

Blaze Destroys Pavilion, Other Structures at Fire Island Pines [tr]

The Fire Island Pines Fire, from the Air: PHOTO


There's a more extensive gallery over at the Fire Island Pines Historical Preservation Society, on Facebook.

The New York Times:

Joseph Geiman, the spokesman, commissioner and former chief of the Fire Island Pines Fire Department, said the blaze was initially fought in pitch blackness because the Long Island Power Authority “killed the grid, the same as they did for Hurricane Irene.”

“So when I arrived,” Mr. Geiman said, “there were five or six local responders working in the dark. Until we got our lights set up, the fire was the only source of illumination. And you could hear propane cylinders exploding one by one, almost like missiles flying out of nowhere. We call that bleve: boiling liquid expanding vapor explosives.”

Mr. Geiman, 57, a Pines summer resident for a decade, said the fire, not thought to be suspicious, had wiped out a business and night-life destination “that was the bread and butter of this community.”


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