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Russell Tovey's Shirtless Training Session: PHOTO


Thankfully for us, Looking actor Russell Tovey managed to squeeze in an Instagram photo-op prior to his final training session down under.

Writes Tovey:

Last days in Sydney, squeezing in final training sesh @manly_beach_health_club with @nathkelly400 #bestgyminmanly #manly #manlybeach #mbhc #sydney #australia #personaltraining #gymmanly #butch #haveit :-)

ABC News Interviews Chloie Jonsson, Trans Woman Suing Crossfit for Millions: VIDEO


JonnsonLast week we reported on Chloie Jonsson (right), a transgender woman from California who is suing Crossfit, the fitness enterprise, because they would not allow her to compete in the women's division at an annual competition.

Jonsson has filed a $2.5 million lawsuit against Crossfit.

ABC News anchor Dan Kloeffler interviewed Chloie, as well as her lawyer, discussing her newfound (and unappreciated) notoriety, the future of her participation in Crossfit, and the next steps in her lawsuit.

Watch the news coverage, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Chris Pratt Explains the Importance of 'Nip Shadow' to a Good Shirtless Selfie: VIDEO


Chris Pratt, aka the Selfie King, who has delighted viewers with his Greek physique, showing off his hard work prepping for roles in Zero Dark Thirty and also Guardians of the Galaxy, the trailer for which also makes good use of Pratt’s torso, shared some tips with MTV News’ Josh Horowitz on how to get the perfect selfie:

"It's important to gaze at your own image in the phone rather than make eye contact with yourself," said Pratt…Otherwise, you'll look "too self-aware.”

It has to look natural, almost like a mistake. Or as Pratt put it, "You just tripped, fell, and landed on some abs.”

Asked what was going through his head when taking his most recent selfie, Pratt said it was like "seeing the Loch Ness Monster captured on film. You may never see it again."

And the key to the art of the shirtless male selfie? "Nip shadow is a huge part.”

Learn more about the fine art of the selfie from Professor Pratt, AFTER THE JUMP…

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Which of These Gym Stereotypes Are You? - VIDEO

Dude Perfect Gym Stereotypes Selfie

YouTube comedy group Dude Perfect have added to their "Stereotypes" series with "Stereotypes: Gym" and absolutely nails the different types of guys you see when you work out.

DpYou've seen them: "The No Idea What I'm Doing Guy" misusing every piece of equipment; "The Screamer" whose reps can be heard across the gym; "The Mirror Magnet" who spends more time posing than lifting; "Talkative Timmy" carrying on conversations with absolutely everyone.

Dude Perfect was thorough in their listing, however. Not only do they list the guys you've seen, they list the guys you've been. Personally, I've been "The Treadmill Sprinter" and "The Justifier" a few times...and even "The Sweaty Guy" once or twice. Oops.

See how many stereotypes you recognize — and how many you identify with — AFTER THE JUMP...

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Joe Manganiello's High School Photo Gives Hope to Every Skinny Geek Who Wants Muscles: PHOTO


Joe Manganiello has a new fitness book out today called Evolution.

Appropriate title.


Here’s how Manganiello went from scrawn to brawn:

1. Challenge the impossible. “I’m not asking people to work as hard as they can. I’m asking you to go beyond what you thought was possible for yourself. That’s how you get in the best shape you’ve ever been, instead of just okay shape.”

2/ Double your muscle groups for twice the results. Work chest and back on Monday, legs and triceps on Tuesday and shoulders and back on Wednesday. Then restart the cycle after a rest on Sunday.

3. Eat high-protein, low-fat meals every few hours. “You’re training your body not to store anything, and that in conjunction with a fat-burning cardio program raises metabolism.”

4. You get what you give.
“I can’t think of anything else in life that gives you back a direct return the way training does. Focus on each breath, each rep, and you will see results.”



Pat Robertson Reveals the Secret Behind How He Stays Fit: VIDEO

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 4.18.14 PM

On a segment related to exercise and ageing on today's 700 Club, televangelist Pat Robertson shared with his viewers his very own fitness "secret."

Said Robertson:

"A few years ago I did some pretty heavy stuff, I used to, my leg presses, warm up with 500 lbs. and I went up from there, I did 30 reps of 1,000 lbs."

Right Wing Watch reports that back in 2006, Robertson made similar outlandish claims that he could leg press 2,000 lbs even though he was 76 years old at the time and the current world record for that age is 1,335 lbs.

Robertson, as usual, remains blissfully unaware of any delusions of grandeur on his part.


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