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FOX News Reporter Defends 'Duck Dynasty' Star from Attacks by 'Anti-Straights'


FOX News reporter Todd Starnes defended Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson today after Robertson's anti-gay remarks in GQ began making headlines, Media Matters reports.

StarnesSaid Starnes on Twitter:

Intolerant, Anti-Straight groups are targeting Duck Dynasty ... Mainstream Media STUNNED to find out that Duck Dynasty staff believes in the teachings of the Bible...It was only a matter of time before intolerant, anti-Christian haters targeted Duck Dynasty...Shouldn't Americans be allowed to hold personal beliefs -- even if you don't agree with them?...The Mainstream Media and militant gay rights groups will try to destroy Duck Dynasty. Just watch....At what point do all these bigots demand that the Bible be outlawed because of what it says about "you know what"?

In addition to comparing homosexuality to sex with animals, Robertson also said homosexuals would be going to hell like drunks and terrorists, adding:

“It seems like, to me, a vagina—as a man—would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”

Media Matters writes, of Starnes:

Starnes is one of Fox News' most rabid purveyors of homophobia. He has urged fans to donate to anti-gay hate groups, endorsed anti-LGBT business discrimination, promoted the conspiracy theory that President Obama is secretly gay, and blamed "heterophobic bigots" for the withdrawal of an anti-gay pastor from Obama's inaugural ceremony. While Starnes is keen to malign supporters of LGBT equality as "intolerant" "bigots," his history of hateful commentary exposes his virulent bigotry.


Bill O'Reilly Defends Megyn Kelly: 'Santa Was a White Person' — VIDEO


Bill O'Reilly has Megyn Kelly's back on Santa, and also wants a piece of this year's biggest 'War on Christmas' headline. Although it doesn't matter that Santa was a white person, O'Reilly insists, "she's right, Santa was a white person."

And it's a big deal, according to O'Reilly because it's just the latest attempt by liberals to kill the all-powerful Faux News.


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Media Studies Interactions Between Obama and Raul Castro, Danish PM Helle Thorning Schmidt: VIDEO


Forget the stunning speech or the remembrance. Mandela's memorial provided ample opportunity to study Obama's interactions with world leaders, and the media, both social and traditional, are having a field day.

First, Obama shook hands with...a dictator! In honor of the Raul Castro moment, DailyKos has posted 10 photos of Republican presidents and VPs shaking hands with dictators.

The NYT wonders:

Was Mr. Obama trying to signal a new effort by the American government to reach an accommodation with Cuba 50 years after the Communist revolution that put Fidel Castro, Raúl’s brother, in power? Or was Mr. Obama simply trying to avoid delivering a diplomatic snub at a memorial dedicated to forgiveness?

The president’s aides would have known in advance which world leaders would be at the podium when the president approached for his own remarks. But White House officials declined to offer any explanation of the handshake or confirm that there had been a discussion about whether to offer one.

Still, Mr. Obama’s own remarks, delivered just moments afterward, offer tantalizing possibilities about what was going through the president’s mind when he approached Mr. Castro.

FOX News, of course, has its eyebrow arched over the exchange.


Meanwhile, another story is being weaved over a set of photos showing interactions between Obama and Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt, while Michelle Obama looks on with an unamused stare.


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Richard Simmons Paid an Insane Visit to FOX News: VIDEO


While you were traveling to wherever you needed to go for the Thanksgiving Day holiday, this can't-change-the-channel Richard Simmons spectacle was taking place on FOX News.


(via omg blog)

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FOX News Anchor Shepard Smith's Boyfriend is Reportedly Strapping and Affectionate

Gawker called FOX News anchor Shepard Smith out in a post yesterday for a gin-fueled tantrum at a bar in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood last March, further shattering Smith's glass closet with a nugget dropped in the middle of its item:

S_smithSmith had arrived earlier that night with a straight couple and his own regular date, a muscular 6-foot-2 30-something white male, whom Bathtub Gin employees refer to as “his boyfriend.” Like most other nights—Smith frequents the bar, located behind a coffee shop on 9th Avenue, about once a week—the anchor’s attention fell on his date. According to Minskova and one other source, who have seen Smith and his date drink there on multiple occasions, the couple frequently holds hands and rests them in each others’ laps under the table. Nobody we spoke with, including several Fox insiders, knew the name of Smith's date.

Smith, who has been listed in OUT magazine's 'Power 50', inspiring calls by anti-gay conservatives for him to come out of the closet, is not out.

Fox News Reporters Claim Vicious Anti-Gay Hate Group is a 'Well-Respected Christian Ministry': VIDEO


On Fox & Friends on Tuesday, reporter Todd Starnes critiqued a military training session on domestic hate groups which included the American Family Association (AFA) alongside the KKK, neo-Nazis, and the Nation of Islam.

Starnes referred to the training as "anti-Christian activity" and claimed it represented increasingly hostile military environment for Christian service members. The other reporters, along with Starnes, said the AFA's anti-gay marriage beliefs were the sole reason for its inclusion in the hate group training.

South Florida Gay News points out the reality:

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) designated AFA as a hate group for promoting anti-gay attacks that harm individuals and threaten human rights. 


Bryan Fischer, the American Family Association’s unofficial spokesman and the group’s director of issues analysis, has previously called on the government to prohibit mosques from being built anywhere in the United States, suggested “the most compassionate thing” America can do is deport all Muslims, and wrote that “gay sex is a form of domestic terrorism.”

The American Family Association has also enthusiastically endorsed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s draconian anti-gay laws, with Fischer stating that the country isn’t being homophobic but “homorealistic.”

The AFA also touts "reparative therapy" for gay people, believes in punishment for homosexual sex, and has linked homosexuality as a cause of the Holocaust.

Watch the maddening clip, AFTER THE JUMP...

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