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George Takei to Lead Upcoming Seattle Pride Parade as Celebrity Grand Marshal

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Seattle is in for a real treat this June as organizers for the city’s Pride Parade have just announced that gay icon George Takei will serve as Celebrity Grand Marshal. 

Writes Seattle Out & Proud:

George_Takei_Chicago_Gay_&_Lesbian_Pride_2006With a career spanning more than five decades, Takei is known around the world for his founding role in the acclaimed television series Star Trek, in which he played Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the Starship Enterprise.  Takei starred in three seasons of Star Trek and later reprised his iconic role in six movies.  As an actor, social justice activist, social media power, author of “Lions and Tigers and Bears: The Internet Strikes Back” and “Oh Myyy! There Goes the Internet,” and star of upcoming Broadway musical Allegiance, Takei has used his roles and public persona to advance LGBT and human rights around the world. reports Takei is the most-influential person on Facebook, with more than 6.4 million likes. Takei has more than one million followers on Twitter.

The Seattle Pride Parade is scheduled to take place Sunday, June 29 at 11:00am on 4th Avenue, downtown. 

Gay Iconography: From Mr. Sulu To Takei Icon


George Takei has become such a prominent LGBT figure in popular culture, it's easy to forget he's only been out since 2005. Best known for his iconic portrayal of Mr. Sulu on Star Trek, Takei has re-established himself as a vocal LGBT advocate, affable comedian and beloved curator of webjunk.

Happydance_takeiIn addition to his work on the seminal sci-fi series, Takei is a cultural institution. He's appeared on HeroesCelebrity Apprentice and even has an asteroid named after him. He's been a regular voice on Howard Stern's show on Sirius XM Radio, winning over listeners with his honesty, openness and humor.

It's not all fun and games. Takei lived in Japanese-American internment camps from ages four to eight, and has been actively involved in politics since the '70s. (He even ran for Los Angeles City Council in 1973.) As one of the most recognizable people (with one of the most recognizable voices) in popular culture, Takei has used his celebrity to champion a variety of LGBT causes.

Learn more about Takei's contributions, relive some of our favorite Takei memories and share your own, AFTER THE JUMP …

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George Takei Slams Arizona's Anti-Gay Bill in Talk with Ronan Farrow: VIDEO


Actor and activist George Takei joined Ronan Farrow yesterday to offer his articulate assessment of SB 1062, the Arizona bill that would allow businesses to discriminate against gays, and other bills like it under consideration in other states.

Said Takei:

"The health of the economy is what politicians are supposed to protect. Not this phony religious freedom. That argument is just a veil over personal prejudice and you cannot write personal prejudice into civil law and you certainly cannot write religious values into civil law. And so these legislators don't know the constitution. They apparently don't listen either because in the legislature they were told that this is going to do serious damage and stain the reputation of a beautiful state."


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George Takei: Boycott Arizona If Anti-Gay Bill Becomes Law

George Takei has taken to his blog to blast lawmakers in Arizona for passing the state's anti-gay SB 1062 bill. Takei and husband Brad Altman own a home in the state.

In his open letter, Takei promises to boycott the state should Governor Jan Brewer sign the bill into law:

Brad and I have strong ties to Arizona. Brad was born in Phoenix, and we vacation in Show Low. We have close friends and relatives in the state and spend weeks there annually. We even attended the Fourth of July Parade in Show Low in 2012, looking like a pair of Arizona ranchers.

The law is breathtaking in its scope. It gives bigotry against us gays and lesbians a powerful and unprecedented weapon. But your mean-spirited representatives and senators know this. They also know that it is going to be struck down eventually by the courts. But they passed it anyway, just to make their hateful opinion of us crystal clear.

So let me make mine just as clear. If your Governor Jan Brewer signs this repugnant bill into law, make no mistake. We will not come. We will not spend. And we will urge everyone we know–from large corporations to small families on vacation–to boycott. Because you don’t deserve our dollars. Not one red cent.

And maybe you just never learn. In 1989, you voted down recognition of the Martin Luther King holiday, and as a result, conventions and tourists boycotted the state, and the NFL moved the Superbowl to Pasadena. That was a $500 million mistake.

So if our appeals to equality, fairness, and our basic right to live in a civil society without doors being slammed in our face for being who we are don’t move you, I’ll bet a big hit to your pocketbook and state coffers will.

Read the entire letter here.

The First Gay Bachelor, with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and George Takei: VIDEO


The first gay edition of The Bachelor is here, and George Takei and the contestants (including NFL player Scott Fujita and Lance Bass) have a few surprises for Jesse Tyler Ferguson in this new twist on the reality show.

Check out all the wooing as Jesse finds the man of his dreams, AFTER THE JUMP...


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George Takei Reads Star Trek Sulu Erotic Fan Fiction: VIDEO


Oh my! On Watch What Happens Live last night, George Takei read some eyebrow-raising Star Trek erotic fan fiction about his character Mr. Sulu.


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