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Hot Gymnasts Have Epic Flipping Session on Flexible Seesaw: VIDEO

David Rimmer teeterboard

Nothing to see here, just two hot men practicing some jaw-dropping acrobatics on a "teeterboard", a seesaw-like device that functions in the exact way that Loony Tunes always promised. This is part of the training regimen for British gymnast and trampoline athlete David Rimmer, and he posts videos from his training on his own YouTube channel.

You can see the video of the teeterboard training AFTER THE JUMP...

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Paralyzed Out Gay World Champion Gymnast Kalon Ludvigson Returns Home, Seeks New Rehabilitation Center


Back in October we told you about Out Gay World Champion gymnast Kalon Ludvigson and his embattled recovery after suffering an injury at a gymnastics camp that left him paralyzed. In September Kalon was moved to Craig Hospital in Colorado to seek special rehabilitative care. Now, according to an update posted to his Facebook page earlier this week, Kalon will be leaving Craig Hospital and returning home while he searches for other rehabilitation centers:

KalonHe will be leaving Craig Hospital on December 13th, and after traveling to a couple different cities, he will be returning home to Idaho, just in time for Christmas. Kalon is looking at a couple different rehabilitation centers throughout the country to possibly start in January 2014. But, that has not been finalized. [...]

Kalon is in a manual wheelchair with power assisted wheels. He is able to transfer in and out of his chair with minimal assistance. Which is a huge improvement from when he arrived at Craig. 

Is there still a hope for more recovery? Sure, there is always hope! Kalon is a fighter, and hopefully he can keep his fighting spirit as times are getting tougher. 

As things change and life continues to move forward, its difficult to look towards the future and know what it holds. Kalon will have to build a new house that is adaptive to his needs as a quadriplegic [...] Kalon wishes everyone a very happy holiday season and big thanks to everyone for continuing to support him!

You can contribute to Kalon's recovery be helping his GoFundMe account HERE. You can also check out Kalon's Facebook page for more information about how to support Kalon.

The Purdue Gymnastics Team Shows Off on Campus: VIDEO


The Purdue Gymnastics team does some showing off on campus.


In other Purdue news:

The Purdue University Senate has approved a resolution opposing Indiana's proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

The senate's members approved by a wide margin Monday a resolution that says the body "strongly urges" the General Assembly and Gov. Mike Pence to oppose adoption of the proposed constitutional amendment. If state lawmakers approve that measure it would go before Indiana voters on a referendum.

The Journal & Courier reports that Purdue's senate was originally planning to only discuss the matter, but senators temporarily suspended the rules so that the resolution could be voted on. The university senate includes faculty, students, staff and administrators.


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Out Gay World Champion Gymnast Kalon Ludvigson Paralyzed: VIDEO


Back in August, out gay gymnast Kalon Ludvigson, America's most decorated Trampoline & Tumbling athlete in history, suffered a serious injury while training at a gymnastic camp for kids in Pennsylvania that left him paralyzed from the elbow and chest down. From USA Gymnastics:

Ludvigson, who sustained a cervical spine injury during training on August 6, dislocated his C5 vertebrae at C6, causing spinal cord compression. This spinal cord compression and stretch injury has left him with multiple neurologic symptoms, many of which have shown improvement to this point. He has movement of his upper extremities, as well as improving sensation of upper and lower extremities. Ludvigson is still challenged without movement to his lower extremities, and therapy continues with the goal to further improve his fine motor skills of his upper extremities.

IncompA gymnastics wunderkind, Kalon first joined the US gymnastics team nine years ago at 16, becoming the youngest member on the team. He holds 20 World Cup and World Championships Medals and set the World Record for Difficulty in 2008 and 2011.

In September, Kalon was moved to Craig Hospital, a rehabilitation center in Englewood, Colorado that specializes in treating patients with spinal injuries. After two surgeries he has shown signs of improvement and has "begun feeling his toes, feet and legs, but he has not regained movement as of yet." While the future is uncertain for Kalon, his friends, family and supporters remain hopeful:

"We realize Kalon's friends and teammates want to know his long- and short-term prognosis," said Dr. George Drew, USA Gymnastics trampoline and tumbling team physician. "These types of injuries are extremely variable, both in the amount of recovery and the time required to do so. Kalon is in excellent physical condition and is blessed with the support of his friends and family to take this recovery to its best possible result. We are all very happy he is at Craig Hospital, one of the foremost spinal injury recovery centers in the USA."

Said Kalon's coach and husband Justen Millerbernd (pictured below) of Kalon's recovery:

Couple"Kalon is improving on a daily basis...but no major breakthroughs have happened yet. There is still a lot of time for even a small change to happen. Kalon is working hard and pushing through obstacles every day."

Kalon himself spoke out, thanking his supporters for their encouragement:

"I want to thank everyone for the love and support they have shown during this difficult time," said Ludvigson. "The messages, thoughts and prayers mean so much and is so appreciated."

Unfortunately, Kalon has had to battle not just his injury but also his insurance. For that reason Millerbernd has created a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for his husband's recovery. You can contribute to help Kalon HERE.

You can also watch a news report about Kalon's injury AFTER THE JUMP...

(Photos via Facebook)

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Fabulous Robot Gymnast Lands Quadruple Backflip, Shows Up The Competition: VIDEO

Robot #4

Just in case technology wasn't threatening to outshine humanity enough, this gymnast robot has appeared to show us who's boss. Sure, it might be more aesthetically pleasing to watch muscular guys in singlets fly between bars or flip over the vault, and their athletic skill is impressive. But this little guy is a reminder of the power of the human brain, too.  

Gizmodo reports:

We've seen this bot before. Just this past March, we witnessed it stick a near impossible landing. And now it's stuck a quadruple backflip, which by all accounts appears to be it sixteenth feat of heroism. What can't this little guy do? Nothing.

Watch robo-gymnast kick butt, AFTER THE JUMP...

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U. of Nebraska Men's Gymnastics Do the Harlem Shake: VIDEO


Good morning.


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