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Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor's French Kiss Celebration


Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor, in Paris to promote their gay prison romance I Love You Phillip Morris, were made knights in the National Order of Arts and Letters at the Ministry of Culture, Celebrity Gossip reports:

"During the knighthood session, French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterrand proudly declared, 'I love you Jim Carrey! I love you Ewan McGregor!'"

Watch: Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor's Gay Prison Love Story


A new one-sheet and trailer for the Jim Carrey - Ewan McGregor prison romance adaptation I Love You Phillip Morris, which is on its way, finally, this Spring.

Watch the new trailer, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Brooklyn, Jim Carrey, Asteroid, Jodi Rell, Subway Drama

RoadThis is how an American soldier is made.

Starlite RoadBrooklyn's oldest gay bar, The Starlite Lounge, in danger of closing: "The Starlite Lounge has been a Crown Heights fixture since the 1960s, serving gays and non-gays. In recent years, the venue has become a destination for neighborhood folks looking for a casual daytime hangout, as well as revelers who frequent the dance parties and karaoke nights, according to Leviticus."

RoadWATCH: Drunk Boston woman almost gets run over by subway.

RoadJim Carrey's new website is pretty fantastic.

RoadGay man running for Toronto mayor.

RoadRhode Island domestic partners bill awaits anti-gay governor Carcieri's signature: "An opponent of gay marriage, Carcieri has not yet stated whether, he will sign, veto or allow to become law without his signature a bill to provide domestic partners with the right to make funeral arrangements for their partners."

RoadHow same-sex marriage has worked in The Netherlands.

RoadExcellent chart on same-sex marriage and age.

RoadGays are not welcome at Vatican City, but what about all the gays who are already there?

RoadMadonna is in Brazil to meet Jesus Luz's mother, who is 14 years her junior.

Seaver RoadAndy Warhol's "jock" Polaroids are on display in NYC.

Road A previously-undiscovered asteroid came within 14,000 km of Earth last week and it was only noticed 15 hours before its closest approach: "This is the third-closest known non-impacting Earth approach on record for a cataloged (sic) asteroid."

RoadDavid Beckham got a post-Halloween buzz.

RoadConnecticut Governor Jodi Rell says she's not running for reelection: "Rell choked up while listing her favorite memories while in office, including meeting those affected by the passage of public health insurance for the poor, updates to mass transit, and improvements to the state's education system. She cited a gay couple who hugged her at Stafford Motor Speedway after she signed the nation's first voluntarily passed civil union bill."

RoadWestboro Baptist Church protests outside of Sasha and Malia Obama's school in D.C..

RoadJames Franco's General Hospital role: graffiti artist?

Vacant RoadParis Hilton threatening to sue for being made the spokesmodel for vacant space - literally.

RoadNew York Army specialist in Baghdad being discharged under 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell': "Nathanael Bodon of Marlboro is a specialist in the Army Reserve stationed in Baghdad, Iraq. He has been in the reserves for about a year-and-a-half and in Iraq for some four months. The Army found out about Bodon when a fellow soldier found his blog with a picture of him kissing a former boyfriend and tipped off the Army brass."

RoadSally Kern's husband to join religious groups for Monday rally in D.C. against marriage equality.

RoadBrazilian model Miro Moreira lowers his rate.

RoadN.Y. Posts' Andrea Peyser defends cabbie who kicked out gays for hugging: " Mohamed faces the indignity of having his cab license yanked by the Taxi and Limousine Commission. He's already lost his job. But Medhat Mohamed is no bigot, and he's not a disgrace. He's also not a prude, a gay basher, a homophobe or the more colorful invective that's been lobbed in his direction by a chorus of yuppies with a large bone to pick."

Ewan McGregor: I 'Quite Like' French Kissing Jim Carrey


Ewan McGregor was spotted greeting a man with a kiss yesterday in New York. A friendly kiss.

However, he's not opposed to the more intimate kind. The L.A. Times recently asked McGregor if he thinks America is ready for his prison romance film I Love You Phillip Morris.

Said McGregor: "It seemed to go down very well there at Sundance. It's a love story, an escape movie and a comedy, all about this man who goes to incredible lengths to be with the man he loves. I like it because it's a gay film, which is to say it's a film about two men in love, and I think that's an important element of it. But it's not a film about them being gay. They just happen to be gay. I also got to French kiss Jim Carrey a lot, and I quite like that too."

That film is due out in February.

Ewan McGregor: 'Of Course' Phillip Morris is a Gay Movie


Ewan McGregor knocks down discussion at Sundance (perhaps to try and sell it) that I Love You Phillip Morris isn't a gay movie:

"Y'know there was a lot of talk about it at Sundance about it not being a 'gay movie.' Well, I think it is a gay movie. Of course it's a gay movie. It's about two gay men or three gay men, y'know? And a man whose relationships are with men. And although the humor isn't born out of the fact it's about gay men, it's a funny movie.  Y'know, I never wanted to be worried about the fact that it's a gay story because it is.  I hope they locked it that way. You can imagine that the people who deal with such things going, 'Oh, let's make sure people don't think it's a gay movie and y'know that won't sell.' But of course it is, and it's a good film."

The gay prison romance is set for release on Valentine's Day.

News: Daniel O'Donnell, Up, David Geffen, Twitter, Amazing Race

 roadRhode Island House Judiciary Committee to hear same-sex marriage bills tomorrow.

Odonnell  roadNYT profiles New York Assemblyman Daniel O'Donnell and the battle for marriage equality.

 roadGuess who's losing their house now?

 roadJim Carrey-Ewan McGregor prison romance I Love You Phillip Morris gets distributor, to open on Valentine's Day.

 roadRihanna and Lady GaGa team up for new track - listen.

 roadIs my marriage gay?

 roadACLU pushes for marriage equality nationwide.

Playguy  roadGay adult print world suffers hit.

 roadDavid Geffen wants to buy the New York Times: "Mr Geffen, a co-founder of DreamWorks SKG, made an offer in the past two months for the 19.8 per cent stake in the New York Times Company held by Harbinger Capital Partners, the activist US hedge fund controlled by Philip Falcone. His offer was rebuffed, two people familiar with its details said. One of these said the offer was made at the prevailing market price but Harbinger wanted a premium, adding that Mr Geffen remained interested in owning the company and would be 'a patient buyer'."

 roadThe official trailer for Pixar's Up, the first animated film to debut in Cannes.

Lukemargie  roadAfterElton interviews gay and deaf contestant Luke and his mother Margie from The Amazing Race.

 roadNew Eating Out film is looking to discover you!

 roadCharges dropped against man who threatened gay Connecticut lawmakers Michael Lawlor and Andrew McDonald: "A Connecticut man arrested for sending a threatening e-mail to state lawmakers has completed an anger management course and has had all charges against him dismissed. The lawyer for 26-yer-old Timothy Kane said Monday that Kane deeply regrets sending the e-mail and wishes no harm to the legislators." Background.

 roadDuet: Leighton Meester and Cobra Starship?

Banksy  roadA Banksy self-portrait?

 roadABC and Nightline to produce Twitter-fueled weekly news show.

 roadParents of slain Liverpool gay teen Michael Causer to receive book of condolence: "On a day that will see a rainbow flag fly above Liverpool Town Hall for the first time, Lord Mayor Cllr Steve Rotheram will present Marie and Michael Snr with the book. The flag will become multi coloured to celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia, celebrated each year on May 17."

 roadNYT opinion: Obama faking left. "Four months in, the Obama administration does seem to have a plausible strategy for turning the “social issues” to liberalism’s advantage. The outline is simple: Engage on abortion, and punt on gay rights."

 roadTennessee marries same-sex couple: "The two have been married for more than a year but they recently found out their marriage is invalid, because both are considered men. Phillips and Rittenberry are the first same-sex marriage in Tennessee. Rittenberry, 46, and Phillips, 33, met through a hot-line service and legally wed in November 2007. Rittenberry was born a man but identifies as a woman and claims to have had sex reassignment surgery."


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