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Gay Iconography: The Twisted Tales of John Waters


Before Mitch and Cam charmed Middle America and even RuPaul relished relative widespread notoriety, openly gay artist John Waters was pushing boundaries with unapologetically queer cinema.

“I always appealed to gay people that couldn’t even fit into the gay world, and I still do,” he told Dallas Voice earlier this year. “My crowd has always been minorities. My core crowd is minorities that can’t fit in with their own minorities.”

The Baltimore-born Waters has worn many hats — writer, director, actor, comedian, artist — but, his signature pencil mustache and camp aesthetic, his work has maintained his subversive sense of style. Responsible for some of the most shocking, transgressive moments on film, Waters has worked with everyone from legendary drag queens to today’s brightest Hollywood stars. From his most controversial films to even his most mainstream works, Waters has never lost touch of his unique sensibilities.

“I don't understand what gay people want to be like everybody else," he told BigThink in 2011. “To me, we were outlaws, we used our wit for fighting words, you know, Act Up — ‘Act Bad,’ I wanted.”

When he isn’t making movies (or hosting TV shows about married couples turned murderers or hitchhiking across America), Waters has been an advocate for gay rights, including campaigning for marriage equality in his home state of Maryland. He shared more of his political beliefs with BigThink:

“I understand that people... straight, gay, people want to get married, they want to have children. I'm for that, I'm all for that. I'm for like, why would anyone be against gay adoption? I can't understand it, or when celebrities get babies. Madonna's child won the lottery, if you ask me. The one she just got in Africa. I'm for anybody getting any kid, if they can love it. And I'm for abortion. If you can't love your kid, don't have it because it will grow up and kill us.”

Check out some of our favorite moments from John Waters’ films, AFTER THE JUMP

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FIRST LOOK: 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Ru-Turns For Season 7


Get ready, hunties, RuPaul's Drag Race is coming back for its 7th season and it promises to be the the most 'raggedy' season ever according to Ru. This year Ross Matthews and Carson Kressley will be joining as judges on the show. The 7th season will also see Jessica Alba, Ariana Grande, Kathy Griffin, Demi Lovato, Olivia Newton-John, Alyssa Milano, Jordin Sparks, Kat Dennings, Mel B and John Waters guest judge, according to

Watch the preview for yourself, AFTER THE JUMP...

Season 7 kicks off Monday, March 2, at 9 P.M. ET on Logo.


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John Waters Talks to the NYT About Hitchhiking Across the Country: VIDEO


John Waters spoke with the New York Times about his new book Carsick, full of embellished tales about a real-life adventure he took recently hitchhiking across the country.

J_waters"Something could have happened but I'm not scared of people. Staying home is scary!"


Carsick is one of the books we'll be giving away all summer to Towleroad readers who are visiting Provincetown and sign up for our POP-UP GAY SUMMER CAMP.

Tonight we'll be drawing the lucky winner of Platinum Passes for 4th of July week at the Crown & Anchor so if you're going to be there next week and haven't signed up, get to it!

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John Waters Talks to Stephen Colbert About Hitchhiking Across America: VIDEO


Film director John Waters (Hairspray, Pink Flamingos) has a new book out called Carsick about hitchhiking across America, which, he tells Stephen Colbert, is something everyone should do.

"It's an adventure, it's a reality show, it's a soap opera, and you'll meet new people. You don't need to go on dating sites, just go hitchhiking."

You might even "have sex in a demolition derby in a car in the race."


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RuPaul Drives John Waters…Part 2! – VIDEO

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 3.07.04 PM

Turns out there was so much good banter between these two divas that a second video was in order.

Find out Waters thoughts on the future of gay bars, Broadway, and getting mistaken for Steve Buscemi.


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RuPaul Drives John Waters: VIDEO


RuPaul drives film legend John Waters in the latest episode of his automotive interview series.

Waters recently hitchhiked across the country (looking for perverts). He wrote a book about it that's coming out sometime in the future. Ru and Waters talk about his films, his casting, the movies he loves now, his favorite television shows, childhood's blown illusions, how kids rebel today, being an outsider, show business, and rejection.

"A no is free. It doesn’t cost you anything to ask for what you want.”


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