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Jordanian Police Arrest 10 Gays and Lesbians for Holding Gathering

Police in Jordan have arrested 10 people at a party hall in east Amman who were reportedly at a 'gay and lesbian' gathering, AFP reports:

Jordan“The administrative governor of the Marka area, Adnan Qatarneh, ordered the arrest of the 10 gays and lesbians after they held a reception at a party hall on Wednesday to get to know each other,” he told AFP.

“The arrests were made to prevent a disturbance of the peace,” he added, without elaborating.

Homosexuality is not illegal in the conservative desert kingdom, although it is widely seen to be unacceptable.

“There are no laws in Jordan to deal with homosexuality cases,” another security official said. “It is up to administrative governors to decide how to handle such issues, including any period of detention.”

Egyptian Authorities Turn Away Transgender Passengers, Send Them Back to Jordan

Two post-op transgender passengers were barred from entering Egypt over the weekend after officials were presented passports bearing their previous genders, Al-Masry Al-Youm reports:

Egyptair Officials noticed a 22-year-old passenger of "outstanding beauty" embarking from a plane coming from the Jordanian capital Amman, holding a passport under the name Ahmed. The passenger said she had undergone a gender reassignment operation and become a female six weeks ago, but hadn’t yet been able to modify her passport data.

Arriving on the same plane, a 19-year-old male passenger held a passport with the female name Israa. He said he had undergone surgery to became male, but also wasn’t able to update his passport.

The passengers were then examined, and their accounts proved to be correct. However, customs authorities banned them from entering Egypt and put them on the same plane back to Jordan.

Authorities deny Arab transsexuals access to Egypt [Al-Masry Al-Youm]

Gay Middle East Reports on My Kali, First Gay Magazine in Jordan

Mykali  posts a new interview with Khalid, the first gay Jordanian Idol, about My Kali, the first gay magazine in Jordan, which launched quietly in February 2008. They discuss the magazine, hate crimes in Jordan, gay nightlife in Amman, and the gay community there.

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