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Fox's Keith Ablow Doesn't Understand Marriage Equality, Warns Of Man-On-Dog Marriage: VIDEO

Keith Ablow on California marriage law

Isn't this the very thing that led to Rick Santorum's "Google problem"?

Fox News talking head and quack psychiatrist Keith Ablow weighs in on California Governor Jerry Brown's decision to replace the terms "husband" and "wife" with "spouse" in the state's marriage laws, with the predictable level of absurd misinformation that even other Fox hosts have called him out for:

Here's the thing, the states need to get out of the marriage business. There's no way that the state of California can deny a marriage license to four spouses now. Eight spouses, or I would say three human spouses and the canine they absolutely love because if love is the foundation of marriage, they can love their dog, too.

Because in his diseased mind, equitable and reciprocated love between two sentient humans who happen to be the same gender engaging in a legal union that requires informed consent is the same thing as an orgy with a corgi - or "corgy", if you will.

You can watch Ablow make a fool of himself AFTER THE JUMP...

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Fox News Commentator: Transgender People Don't Exist

FOX News's resident transphobe Dr. Keith Ablow is back with another column denouncing the California law protecting transgender students that conservatives are currently trying to repeal via the ballot.

AblowWrites Ablow:

...I believe that children have enough to deal with as they struggle to feel comfortable with their bodies, with the notion of privacy and with later changes involving puberty without urging them to grapple with the notion that their souls may have been born into the wrong bodies.  

What’s more, I don’t believe we have definitive data (although many psychiatrists with very impressive credentials, who seem to mean well, assert that we do) that any male or female soul has ever in the history of the world been born into the wrong anatomic gender.

Let me put that more clearly:  I am not convinced by any science I can find that people with definitively male DNA and definitively male anatomy can actually be locked in a cruel joke of nature because they are actually female. 

You see, the law, according to Ablow, is all a plot by Governor Jerry Brown to "disempower people":

And shaking the certain knowledge in boys and girls of whether they can count on not being seen naked by the opposite gender, not to mention whether they are themselves actually the gender they thought they were, is a powerful, devious and pathological way to weaken them by making them question their sense of safety, security and certainty about anything and everything.

That way they’re less likely to be in a position to want to be autonomous.  

That way they’ll keep on thinking they need people like him to build them a government that suffocates them and deprives them of liberty.

FOX News' Commentator Dr. Keith Ablow Not Surprisingly Calls a Mom 'Nuts' for Giving a Doll to a Boy: VIDEO


Fox & Friends lobs its resident transphobe a real softball.


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Lou Dobbs Hosts Hater Summit on Gay Marriage with Tony Perkins and Dr. Keith Ablow: VIDEO


Leading haters Dr. Keith Ablow and FRC's Tony Perkins join Lou Dobbs to 'psychoanalyze' the President's decision on same-sex marriage, and ignore research on gay adoption.

Ablow calls it narcissistic to allow gay adoption, and suggests polygamy will soon follow after same-sex marriage.


(via good as you)

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FOX News Columnist Keith Ablow Finds a New LGBT Target: Hilary Rosen

FOX News Columnist Dr. Keith Ablow, the guy who warned that kids would want to change their gender after seeing Chaz Bono on Dancing with the Stars, has found a new LGBT target: Hilary Rosen.

Hilary Rosen vilifying women who choose to be stay-at-home wives and mothers is particularly ironic, given that she has chosen an alternative lifestyle raising twins with a female partner, meaning no father-figure is present in her home. To enjoy the benefits of her alternative lifestyle while denigrating the lifestyle of Ann Romney shows that her seemingly infinite bandwidth for alternative lifestyles flows in one direction: only alternative.

RosenRosen is a "hater who can't handle [a] feminine role" according to Ablow:

These “anti-gender” women have it in for anyone who embraces her femininity, maternal instincts and capacity to nurture as their highest priority -- postponing or passing up other laudable opportunities to work at, say, a law firm or as a marketing executive.  They despise the notion that some women may indeed be drawn -- instinctively and happily -- toward creating special and loving environments in which to raise their children, while spending all their available time sustaining and enriching those environments and those children. 
They despise the parts of themselves that may be drawn to such roles, as well.  That’s why women like Hilary Rosen make such outlandish statements, to begin with.  They’re essentially talking to themselves -- albeit, with the rest of the world forced to listen -- trying to reassure themselves that their own choices in life weren’t only equally as good as those of other women, but better.

Nasty comments toward Ann Romney cast light on haters who can't handle feminine role [fox news]

Fox Psychiatrist On Newt Gingrich: Infidelity A Sign Of Awesomeness

Picture 23South Carolina's big primary is today, and Newt Gingrich is the most talked about man in America. He's been up, he's been down, and then he was up and then down and now up again, and the caprices of fate have given some Newtwatchers cognitive whiplash.

Dr. Keith Ablow is the most recent and obvious example. He's a pop psychiatrist on retainer with FOX News, and so devoted is he to to unraveling the mysteries of the human mind that one of his three tattoos features hands prying open a man's skull. One week ago, before his reason was destroyed by presidential politics, Dr. Ablow published a brief, rather murky essay at entitled "America is drunk," in which he opined:

My theory is that Americans are on a flight from reality. Faced with painful facts—including the precarious state of the economy, the gathering storm represented by militant Muslims, in general, and Iran, in particular, the crumbling state of marriage in this country, the fact that our borders are being overrun, and the fact that our health care insurance system is in shambles (to name just a smattering of the troubles we desperately need to address)—we as a nation are drinking, drugging, gambling, smoking, Facebooking, YouTubing, Marijuaning, Kardashianing, Adderalling, Bono-ing (as in thinking of Chaz’s sad flight from reality as good), Prozacking, Twittering, and Sexting ourselves into oblivion.

The fact that we are doing this as a culture is the single most ominous psychological trend we have ever faced. I am not exaggerating. [Emphasis added.]

But now Dr. Ablow's changed his mind about the marriage thing, at least when it comes to Newt Gingrich. In an article published yesterday -- just five days after he declared the "crumbling state of marriage in our culture" a harbinger of the "single most ominous psychological trend we have ever faced" -- Dr. Ablow explained that Newt Gingrich's infidelities make him more qualified for the presidency than his competitors:

I want to be coldly analytical, not moralize, here. I want to tell you what Mr. Gingrich’s behavior could mean for the country, not for the future of his current marriage. So, here’s what one interested in making America stronger can reasonably conclude—psychologically—from Mr. Gingrich’s behavior during his three marriages:

1) Three women have met Mr. Gingrich and been so moved by his emotional energy and intellect that they decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with him.

2) Two of these women felt this way even though Mr. Gingrich was already married.

3 ) One of them felt this way even though Mr. Gingrich was already married for the second time, was not exactly her equal in the looks department and had a wife (Marianne) who wanted to make his life without her as painful as possible.

Conclusion: When three women want to sign on for life with a man who is now running for president, I worry more about whether we’ll be clamoring for a third Gingrich term, not whether we’ll want to let him go after one.

4) Two women—Mr. Gingrich’s first two wives—have sat down with him while he delivered to them incredibly painful truths: that he no longer loved them as he did before, that he had fallen in love with other women and that he needed to follow his heart, despite the great price he would pay financially and the risk he would be taking with his reputation.

Conclusion: I can only hope Mr. Gingrich will be as direct and unsparing with the Congress, the American people and our allies. If this nation must now move with conviction in the direction of its heart, Newt Gingrich is obviously no stranger to that journey.

... So, as far as I can tell, judging from the psychological data, we have only one real risk to America from his marital history if Newt Gingrich were to become president: We would need to worry that another nation, perhaps a little younger than ours, would be so taken by Mr. Gingrich that it would seduce him into marrying it and becoming its president. And I think that is exceedingly unlikely.

He goes on and on, but his message can be summed up as: 1) Newt Gingrich is awesome; and 2) therefore Newt's divorces must reflect his awesomeness; and 3) since even the Newt's divorces reflect his awesomeness, then 4) Newt Gingrich must be awesome. Dr. Ablow's just begging the question, and as a psychiatrist he ought to know it. If Newt had been a faithful husband, Dr. Ablow would be just as keen to interpret his fidelity as a valid qualification for the presidency. And if Newt was asexual, Dr. Ablow would be praising the man's monastic devotion to work. With this kind of reasoning, literally nothing could falsify Dr. Ablow's initial assumption.

One could look at the questionable grammar of Dr. Ablow's screeds (as in the first line of the second excerpt) or their wonky formatting (such as Dr. Ablow's switch from a bullet point format to an evidence/conclusion format midway through the above list) and conclude that he's a bit of an idiot. Except it's not just him. In South Carolina, a lot of people are thinking this way -- if the polls have it right, the trad-fam-loving Republicans of South Carolina are about to hand Newt Gingrich an enormous victory. It's Saturday, January 21st, one month into the primaries, and everyone's a little mad.



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