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Ryan Reynolds Sits Down With Mario Lopez For A Proper 'Deadpool' Interview: WATCH


There are some actors whose casting in certain roles makes it feel as if they were born to play them. Hugh Jackman was born to play Woverine and Chris Hemsworth was born to play Thor, but Ryan Reynolds? Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool. Outside of superhero circles Deadpool isn’t exactly as big a name as any of the Avengers or the X-Men, but ever since word first began to spread that Fox was interested in producing a film centered around the ‘merc with a mouth,’ Reynolds has been most fans’ number one pick for the part. 

After a widely panned (and horribly written) appearance as the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and a much better received appearance as Deadpool in leaked test footage for a solo film, Reynolds finally signed on to play the character in his own film last year. The early promotional press for the super-flick has been promising, if vastly different from that of most big budget action movies. Reynolds’s latest interview with Extra isn’t the same fourth-wall breaking fan service as his last but it definitely gives you an idea of just how our live action Wade Wilson is going to be wearing that iconic suit. (Hint: he wears it well.)

Check out Ryan Reynolds’s latest Deadpool interview AFTER THE JUMP...

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Jimmy Fallon Reunites 'Saved by the Bell' Cast for Screech-Inducing Bayside High Skit: VIDEO


Jimmy Fallon made last night's Tonight Show a blast from the past as Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Elizabeth Berkley, Mario Lopez, Dennis Haskins, and Tiffani Thiessen reunited to reprise their roles from Saved by the Bell — with plenty of jokes inserted from everything that's happened in the actors' lives since the show ended in 1993.

Unfortunately Dustin Diamond did not make an appearance in last night's late night must-watch moment, but there was plenty of screeching done anyway.



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Does Mario Lopez Taste as Good as He Looks? — PHOTO


Mario Lopez appears captivated by the image of himself in dark chocolate at the launch of a new product from Dove that claims to "taste as good as it looks."

"#DoveMint dark chocolate bust of me... Ha!" he tweeted on Thursday.

Mario Lopez to 'Streak' on 'Extra': PHOTO


I've just been sent this preview shot of Mario Lopez disrobing for a 'streak' on Extra tonight. I assume it's related to the Super Bowl given his attire. I'm also assuming that given his propensity for stripping down and showing off he doesn't really mind that he lost the bet.

Mario Lopez Frustrated He Can't Get Chick-fil-A on Sundays


The new X Factor co-host tweeted this 10 days ago but a reader just passed it along to me so I thought I'd share for the record. Maybe somebody should tell Lopez hate chikin isn't good for the soul.

Mario Lopez Strips to His Underwear for 'Ellen': VIDEO


Mario Lopez has a new line of underwear coming out. Ellen gets straight to the point.


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