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Mark Grisanti, Pro-Equality NY GOP Senator Targeted by NOM, Wins Primary in Landslide


Following last year's marriage equality vote in New York, the National Organization for Marriage made promises that it would exact revenge on the four GOP senators who voted in favor of the law.

NyNow, at least one of them, Mark Grisanti (second from left) has won his primary in a landslide following an ugly final month of campaigning which saw him targeted by a soft core homoerotic mailer.

According to unofficial results Thursday night, Grisanti beat lawyer Kevin Stocker, with about 60 percent of the vote and almost all precincts reporting.

Said NOM's Brian Brown after money began pouring in last January to the senators from pro-equality donors:

“All the money in the world isn’t going to buy them out of the fact that they’re about to lose an election. People are outraged by what they’ve done, and they are going to be held accountable."

One of the senators (top left), James Alesi, retired. The other two were in primaries yesterday but the results are still too close to call.

Stephen Saland (top, right) leads his opponent Neil DiCarlo by just 42 votes with 100% reporting. Roy McDonald (third from left) lags behind his opponent Kathleen Marchione by 138 votes with 99% reporting.

Both races will be decided by absentee ballots.

Graphic Homoerotic Mailer Attacks NY GOP Senator Mark Grisanti for Marriage Equality Vote


A piece of political attack mail attacking New York Republican state senator Mark Grisanti for his vote in favor of marriage equality last year has been circulating, Politico reports:

GrisantiThe piece, which appears as an attachment as if it's a direct mail piece but so far hasn't been reported as landing in in-boxes, says it was paid for by the Committee to Save the Erie County Republican Party. A Google search revealed nothing about the committee, and it wasn't immediately clear who is sponsoring the group.

To view the (work-unfriendly) piece of mail click HERE (front)
and HERE (back).

(image via buzzfeed)

Conservative Party Dumps NY Senator Mark Grisanti for Democrat Over Marriage Equality Vote

New York state Senator Mark Grisanti, one of four GOP senators to vote for marriage equality last June, has lost the support of the Erie County Republican Party over his vote, the NYT reports:

GrisantiRalph C. Lorigo, the chairman of the Erie County conservatives, said Mr. Grisanti had lost his party’s trust after twice telling party executives, in 2008 and 2010, that he was not in favor of gay marriage, and then voting in 2011 to legalize it.

“A lot of people felt betrayed by that commitment that he broke,” Mr. Lorigo said in an interview on Friday.

The party instead endorsed Charles M. Swanick, a former member of the Erie County Legislature who once changed his affiliation to Republican before returning to the Democrats. Mr. Swanick has told the county conservatives that he was against gay marriage and abortion, and in favor of fiscally conservative policies, Mr. Lorigo said.

 Senate majority leader Dean Skelos says he is confident of Grisanti's reelection.

Hundreds of Gay Voters Join NY Conservative Party to Save Pro-Equality GOP Senator Mark Grisanti: VIDEO


Kitty Lambert-Rudd, part of the first lesbian couple to be married in New York state, is marshaling forces to save pro-equality GOP Senator Mark Grisanti, who took a risk as one of four Republican senators to vote "yes" for marriage equality earlier this year.

WGRZ reports:

Lambert organized the drive to register voters as conservatives. She succeeded in convincing 250 Erie County Residents, plus more than 50 in surrounding counties, to switch their registration to vote for Grisanti. The Conservative Party in Erie County has approximately 11,900 registered voters.

"This is one of the most concentrated efforts we've seen in a long time," Erie County Republican Elections Commissioner Ralph Mohr said.

Watch WGRZ's report on Lambert Rudd's efforts, AFTER THE JUMP...

GrisantibillboardGrisanti is also speaking out about efforts by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) to target him. The group has spent $40,000 on a single billboard in Grisanti's district. Grisanti spoke out earlier this week about the gay fundraiser held for him in NYC by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other major donors, and says NOM is hypocritical:

"If I had voted no on this marriage equality bill," said Grisanti, "I'd probably be getting money from the other side as well. So I don't see why it's such a big issue."

And while Grisanti maintains that he did not do it for the money, and did it because it was the right thing to do, his campaign bank account is about to get bigger.

Grisanti stated, "I don't know personally how much I will get, but I'm hearing what was raised was between $1 million and $1.2 million. I don't know how much I'm going to get out of that."

Buffalo News adds:

The fundraiser at the Union League Club in midtown Manhattan was expected to raise a total of about $1 million for the four senators to divvy up. Before the event, Grisanti's re-election account contained only about $72,000, according to a filing this week with the state Board of Elections.

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